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  1. eyeper

    Where's "DTA" at?

    Our brave soul with the Laser, Aero, and a new RS and lots of videos... Are you still sailing, man?
  2. eyeper

    Square heads

    I've been using one of Intensity's "Power Head" square-top Laser sails for a couple of years now and love it. Shape holds up and has plenty of power.
  3. eyeper

    Which way the wind blows

    I must be "that old guy." In 40 years of sailing (almost all of it in my Laser) I don't even like yarn. My ears are perfectly good wind instruments, with a little bit of help from the eyes to see puffs, and keep track of the mainsail luff.
  4. Gouv, If you still have any "Cheat the nursing home...." stickers, I'd love one! My old Landcruiser has a "LASER" plate, and the sticker would go good. My email address is eyeper@sbcglobal.net so we can do this off the forum (which is now featuring a lot of good music!) - Dennis
  5. eyeper

    RS Aero - Bay Area California

    Tillerman, I think you explain it in words very well! And I'll wager that if I ever lift one (my Laser is getting heavier the older I get!) or sail one, my resistance will fade. Just like how I resisted buying a certain watch for many years - now that I own one, I'll never go back to another. - here's to keeping an open mind.
  6. eyeper


    That's a great rule (recovery zone) that I also follow when solo sailing in big wind at Tomales Bay, CA.
  7. eyeper

    RS Aero - Bay Area California

    Hi, Ben, So far, I have resisted the Aero. The more I look at them and consider the slight speed advantage vs the Laser, the more I continue my retro love of how a Laser looks more like a little yacht instead of a spacecraft. Now I know that's silly, but after my 36-year relationship with the boat, I think I'll keep her. (not saying I wouldn't pass up a test drive in an Aero, though!) Yes, I sail at Tomales Bay often, so if you ever plan to be there email me (eyeper@sbcglobal.net). Good chance I'll be out there tomorrow. Dennis
  8. eyeper

    Holy Crap! I own an RS700!!!!!

    - Ready to sell your Aero?
  9. eyeper

    new laser sail - availability

    No George didn't catch his boat. He ended up getting rescued by a salty power boat crew.
  10. eyeper

    new laser sail - availability

    George didn't have a shock cord on his centerboard. So it's in the air somewhere behind the hull. That was something to watch - a full forward roll.
  11. eyeper

    new laser sail - availability

    New sails get old in a hurry on Tomales Bay.
  12. eyeper

    Laser on Roof Rack

    About three decades ago, wasn't there a video of a Laser flying off a car roof and landing in a ditch, none the worse for wear? I can't seem to find it any more.....
  13. eyeper

    RS Aero - Bay Area California

    Gosh, Fred, It took me a minute, but I dimly recall that... Laser NA's or something on SF Bay, about 30 years ago?
  14. eyeper

    Good Clean Summer Fun on an RS Aero

    You are largely responsible for my interest in the RS Aero!