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  1. hughw

    RIP Fabio Buzzi

    The boat hit an artificial reef near the end of an attempt to break the offshore speed record from Monte Carlo. The crash took place near the finish line at the Lido di Venezia, propelling the boat over the reef and back into the water on the other side. Among the dead is Fabio Buzzi, 76, a champion speedboat racer who was attempting to set a new record. That's a huge loss, the guy is a legend in the world of really fast offshore power boats:(
  2. hughw

    IOR Legend Sighting

    ComplicatedBill - not Basic! Bill Edgerton...he built the boat in Oz - the UBute Boat Company!
  3. hughw

    IOR Legend Sighting

    pm me! Briggsy still has the boat...he's another legend:)
  4. hughw

    IOR Legend Sighting

    mmm...was hard work with Stumbles and was glad when it finished...mind you we had The Kid aka Peter Gilmour on board as the nipper, Beasho, Complicated Bill and some other Oz legends too to lighten things up.
  5. hughw

    IOR Legend Sighting

    Unfortunately not...that was the first mark...Noel thought he'd make it against the tide and I was saying not a chance...we had to bail out and follow them all round, They listened to me a bit more after that:)
  6. hughw

    Brexit, WTF

    Time the fishing industry got up on it's hind legs - the French would be blockading every port by now! The EU have history in asset stripping the fishing industries ( and many others ) - see current RINA Ship & Boat Int. on what happened in Greece, with all the traditional fishing caiques forced to break them up to get a derisory payment. Sound familiar? And then in the same issue the French building a nice big new seine set of rules for the French and Spanish and another for the rest of us. But thats the EU for you. Our pathetic politicians have no idea of what happens in the big wide world, or is it they don't care? Quite apart from the fishermen themselves, it's been the industry behind them supplying boats and equipment that has all but been wiped out. Diversify they said to the farmers and fishing industry. Fuckwits.
  7. hughw

    Brexit, WTF

    Excellent! Wollaston our local useless attention seeking MP and good riddance - would have been deselected anyway.
  8. hughw

    what is it?

    Actually its an Italian build - Diecipiedi class flying singlehander protoype. Ice tray construction means no moulds required and all flat panel. Family resemblance to the Q17 for sure!
  9. hughw

    what is it?

    closest so far:)
  10. hughw

    what is it?

    Nothing to do with Farr! It's my design through and through.
  11. hughw

    New imoca boats

    Near La Rochelle.
  12. hughw

    New imoca boats

    Not exactly true - this was designed for the Minitransat, so uphill wasn't an issue, but being quick downhill and in the light airs was what mattered. So yes, was lacking grunt upwind but was very quick indeed downhill on the few trials that it did against the then current crop. Would have done very nicely that year but funds and all the usual parked it up. Now the total beam issue has been revised would be a great platform for new foils - its the lightest mini of any of them, will always be quick in the light stuff, and can get all the stability it needs now. Add in the same foils I did for the SeaAir Mini and be off like the proverbial....but got improved foil configs now anyway that would really set it on fire.
  13. hughw

    Team UK

    " And no way Ben gets invited to the Buckingham if he wins this. He dumped Kate & William when he signed on with INEOS. " Should think it was the other way around - B££££A being dumped pronto by K@W!
  14. hughw

    shit show (front page)

    has all the signs of rudder letting go...which could be the tee foil trim control or failure as well as rudder itself. We know exactly what happens on the Q23 when the teefoil decides to part company with the rudder!
  15. hughw

    Login required suddenly ??

    tried that, NFG, and I rather think I can't be assed to login every time so its goodbye from me mostly, might log in every now and then but end of the road I reckon.