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  1. Hugo Kirby and ? ( can't remember his name! ) were the co- owners, Bob Fisher was asked to drive it, I got a call from Fish on the Monday and flew to Japan on Friday! Hugo would remember I'm sure - think I've got his email somewhere....also memorable was one of them throwing up over the back just before the start of race - big night it had been:) Hell of cast of entrants though - Hughie Treharne and other reprobates on SeaPly, John Kolius and many others... Careful there..that would be a Rule 26 infraction. SeaFlyer if you please. Correct - they had to change the name there:) Bit harsh with the Japanese full works teams well in evidence! We were all a bit envious to see their boats taken over by a team of white suited shore crew at the end of each race...
  2. Hugo Kirby and ? ( can't remember his name! ) were the co- owners, Bob Fisher was asked to drive it, I got a call from Fish on the Monday and flew to Japan on Friday! Hugo would remember I'm sure - think I've got his email somewhere....also memorable was one of them throwing up over the back just before the start of race - big night it had been:) Hell of cast of entrants though - Hughie Treharne and other reprobates on SeaPly, John Kolius and many others...
  3. Wings! Did the Sajima Worlds with The Fish and the two owners - was an epic series and very possibly the best ever. Long race was fun, racing between unlit islands in the middle of the night and full on thunderstorm...Fish comes back up having had a few hours off after just about getting knocked out...."where we going?"...pitch black and blowing a bit...bang and lightning flash showed up the islands..." head for the gap Fish!" Endless stories from that regatta - some repeatable, some best not:) Playing football with a lighted flare on top of the hotel at the end of the saki evening...low parapet...still got the saki barrel too! Wild racing though, Kolius nearly drowned trapped under the wires when the boat tacked on him, lots of retirements and general carnage.
  4. Maverick - mainsheet trimmer lost two fingers in a FU so they had to pull out and head for Nevis and land him.
  5. Excessive leeway?? Let me correct you, DSS foil has the lift vector arranged to be approx vertical at normal sailing angles, so has no effect on leeway.
  6. Send money first and join the waiting list:)
  7. Yes Michi has been racing lake of Zurich and doing very nicely thank you, check his website...
  8. Around and available, would be perfect base under new rules asits the lightest mini out there, v quick if it goes light, foils will do the work and could cant as wellif you wanted todo more than the transat. Tra sat only then fixed keel and keep it light light light.
  9. Pleased to say that this is the beginning of an ongoing collaboration for DSS with SeaAir, and foils derived from my Q23 developments.
  10. The deck spreaders are quite famous for catching stuff and getting damaged in the IMOCA fleet. They have ended several VG AFAIK. The IMOCA ones are all cable braced and the cable itself is low on the hull for the attachment and hence is vulnerable to passing objects. Brett has borrowed the idea for solid deck wings from the fully researched 100 I did way back as enc pic.
  11. You'll have to excuse me if I don't elaborate in detail on the foil geometry, but it's not that straightforward as to how and why it's configured in this way, and the 3d was an early look at how the geometries of boat/structure/foil might interact - a lot different in final build. However a key issue is that we don't try to combine lift/RM with sideforce as the Imocas have done, as this leads into some undesirable characteristics which they have certainly discovered by now! So structurally of course the loads are maxed at the hull exit and the foils themselves have to live with this and that is part of the loops you have to go around on foil sizing for structural as well as hydro reasons. Don't want taper as such as we want to maximise the RM. I don't care about a tiny portion of the foil being outside the hull when housed - even on the Q28 with quite a chunk exposed it was hard to see the speed cost in the lighter airs and there are more pressing reasons to keep as it is.
  12. This early development pic might make the foils a bit clearer as to how the are housed - these are simple line driven although for the Farr 53 they are intending to have the single classic DSS board drive power operated - which is what we did on the earlier the 36. My Infiniti 46 though is derived from the very effective Quant30 I did with this foil configuration some time back, and has some significant advantages for this particular boat and how it works. In practice these are extremely easy to deploy and retract as you can move them into position fully unloaded before you tack or gybe, and then deal with the other after that has been completed.
  13. 8 TWS is enough and can then be heading uphill at 12+ or so - water conditions permitting as ever - and from what we can judge so far then CMG is about 3-5 lower than a conventional boat doing its 6/7 knots or whatever. We don't have instruments on the boats as yet - one of them probably will get instrumented soon and then be good to know exactly what is going on. Almost impossible to really judge against normal boats as the speed differential is so high. Also depends whether sailing 2 or 3 up, wind gradient and all the other stuff so it's never a fixed number. Top speed that we know of from the boats so far was 26.8 but 20-25 knot range is commonplace - I had 25 pegged as the sort of top end we were after, could go faster if we took the bulb off:) Hull is almost all glass.foam.epoxy, about a kilo of carbon around wing exits/chainplates to get loads out into the rest of the structure.
  14. The boats can and do sit on moorings - and winds on the lakes can be be violent at times so you do need something on the bottom of the fin. Fin is fixed down, can be raised to get boat out of the water but not when sailing. Also, regulations depending on area and Cat requirements can often stipulate recovery from 90 degrees so we have enough keel moment to do that. Would we go faster without the bulb? Of course, but that's not what the boat is about - its designed so any reasonably competent sailor can go flying 10 mins after stepping into the boat for the first time without any of the hassle of having to adjust this or that - and safely too. Hence the scow form - good initial stability, good base to run the foil configuration, and being a scow then if it crashes then doesn't do the tent-peg dive to the depths. Also we don't want to fly too high for the same reasons - high flight on narrow hulls tends to end badly if you crash the thing while here we just bounce and carry on. If the sea state then calls a limit to proceedings, well its probably getting to the time when its all getting pretty hard in general - once you are up in the mid twenties it's all getting pretty intense, but the sheer pleasure of being able to fly in light winds at more than twice windspeed is something you have to experience.... We can and do reef to help in the upper wind ranges as well, and if it gets really nasty then partially retract the wings to keep the boat in the water and just sail along - still be quick but kinder to boat and crew too.
  15. Have to correct you here - we have a 65 kg bulb on the end of the fin - which is quite a deep one - so that we have 90 positive stability, which is required in several places. RM - confused here as with the lift centroid well outboard of the hull then all the boat weight plus crew which is roughly 550 kgs all up is then very much contributing to stability. And upwind foiling - as we get more boats on the water that can sail against each other then we will find out exactly what conditions it is worth foiling in or not - we can go upwind very nicely thankyou at between 12 and 13 knots, or in DSS mode then you can choose speed/height from 8-12. Foiling tacks I don't expect to see - not enough inertia to get around the air drag from the conventional rig, gybes you can do though with good crew work. Sea conditions - we have sailed and flown in the size of seas you mention - it's not the height but the distance between the crests that is the issue but as a scow then if you do pancake onto crest its no big deal as you bounce off. Mind you it is noisy and does rattle your teeth a bit!