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  1. In those days, the LAPD phone number was 1-800-###-####
  2. The conjunction of Venus, Jupiter, and Mars is approaching on 10/27. Took a peek this morning 5:00 AM Pacific in the eastern sky. All three of them visible in a line along the ecliptic, Venus on top, Jupiter in the middle, and Mars on the bottom. I could see the bands across the face of Jupiter and 4 moons. Venus is featureless due to its permanent cloud cover. Unfortunately before I could look at Mars, clouds rolled in blocking the view plus it was getting light.
  3. This is a warning sign at the archery range here in Carson City, NV. I've never seen a rattle snake at the range though. Probably because they would look like a pin cushion if they wandered in.
  4. I used to own an Olson 911. Still my favorite boat. There is a story floating around SF Bay that the "O" logo on the Olson sails came from tracing a toilet seat. Thus the O25 and O911 were called "Toilet Seat 25" and "Toilet Seat 911" by some people. Fair winds & flat seas George, you will be missed.
  5. If your C-30 has the old metal rimmed windows, then butyl tape is the best thing to bed them with. The fiberglass & metal have different expansion rates and butyl is the only thing that tolerates that difference over time. Catalina used butyl when the boat was originally built. Here is a link to the C-30 Intl Association fix for leaky windows. Clicky
  6. Sheesh, I had one of the Kool Cigarette model Super Snarks back in 1968! Fack, I am old! I remember the Kool green stripe on the lateen sail like it was yesterday. Sailed the crap outa that overgrown styro cooler boat.
  7. There was also an article penned by Gary that appeared in Latitude 38 many years ago. In the article Gary explained all about how Alcatraz was a floating island and was anchored in the bay by the Spanish. The article was complete with pictures of Alcatraz leaving "wakes" on the flood and ebb tides. Even detailed the anchor system. Funny as hell.