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  1. nolatom

    President Biden

    I'm glad for no "unusual" events overshadowing this succession. I wish him the best. It may be quieter here on PA going forward? Perish the thought... ;-)
  2. nolatom

    Fleet of optis end up in the impact zone

    Fortunately all sailors safe. Optis aren’t “optimal” for the breakers. It seems
  3. nolatom

    Random PicThread

    Indeed. Not a happy one either.
  4. nolatom

    Ummmmm. I don’t know, but wish him well

    I, an English major, know zip about Cape Horn. But it is summer there, so I looked ahead to Friday on the "Windy" app (because today it's around 33 out of the NW), and you're right, the wind close to shore all the way around the Cape is like 3 to 14 knots near the Cape and both coasts, inbetween two big lows. So it looks bad, then good, then bad, sometimes very bad. Or to quote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, I hope our fella gets one of the "very good indeed" couple of days at the right time, even though it might hurt his speed record a little.
  5. A local guy, don’t know him, or the boat, said to be a “Polynesian” trimaran. If I get any more from local media, will pass it along. But I don’t have a warm feeling about a tri making it to windward around the Cape itself. Hope I’m wrong..
  6. nolatom

    Trumpeachment Part Deux

    In elementary school., they taught us "CapiOl has a dOme, No dome, it's capital.
  7. nolatom

    Conception Charges against Captain

    We had discussed at some length the Seaman Manslaughter Act in connection with the California dive boat tragedy, and how mere negligence could result in a conviction. The CONCEPTION fire and sinking with great loss of life, has resulted in such a case. But the Act has its limitations, and two examples of this are recent. You'll recall the Duck boat sinking in the Lake of the Ozarks/ Table Rock, when a squall overcame it. One of the limitations in prosecuting under the Act is that, as a federal statute, it did not apply to this sinking, as Table Rock Lake was ruled not to be a "water of the United States", hence Federal Admiralty law, and the Statute, did not apply: Another limit on the Act's jurisdiction is noncommercial sailing or navigation. Remember the thread we had about a year ago, where a sailboat captain moving his charter boat from Maine to USVI was charged and went to trial in St. Thomas? He was tried in the Federal Court under the Act for not doing enough to react and search after an unruly and arguably delusional crewmember jumped overboard at sea during the delivery. As soon as the prosecution had finished presenting evidence and rested their case, defense counsel moved for acquittal, since there were no paying passengers, and no commercial cargo involved in the voyage. The federal judge granted the motion for a judgement of acquittal, based on lack of jurisdiction over this situation, a long but essentially "pleasure" trip: I had wondered at first why defense counsel didn't move for dismissal before trial, rather wait til mid-trial. Then my training kicked in and I realized what a tactically brilliant move it had been. Once you're acquitted, there's no appeal. But if it's a dismissal before trial (before "jeopardy has attached" in legal parlance), that finding could have been appealed by the prosecution, and theoretically overturned the Federal Appeals Court and sent it back "down" for trial. So--- there are both "activity" and "location" limits to the Statute. But please don't have to rely on them to get you off the hook after something awful resulting in death happens while sailing, okay? Just be safe, and all this will remain academic. Thanks
  8. nolatom

    Tommy Lasorda DTS

    The upside--there's baseball in Heaven, and even better, they aren't that good. Perfect for him.
  9. nolatom

    Trumpeachment Part Deux

    Only twelve days left. And impeachment has way too many moving parts to get it all together in time. And neither side did a particularly good job of it the first time. They will find, or stumble into, a way to F... this one up too. 25th Amendment is marginally simpler. But for reasons I can't even think of, they'll mess that up too. And everyone in any faction large or small, will end up hating each other even more than they do now. Just let the clock run out.
  10. nolatom

    Jonathan Pollard a free man, WTF??

    Might it be spying for friendly government, rather than Russia for the other two?
  11. nolatom

    Jonathan Pollard a free man, WTF??

    I recall it was really serious, but is all the outrage and emnity here just Trump-based? Or Israel-based? The guy did almost 30 years in jail, then on parole since.
  12. nolatom

    Random PicThread

    Ah the Outer Limits. And the theme supposedly from same, titled "Out of Limits" for copyright reasons. Excellent instrumental, the 'wrecking crew" in attendance:
  13. nolatom

    Random PicThread

    Me too. Wasn't it Carbon life cycle meets Nitrogen Life cycle?? Yet they both spoke English? Now where do I remember it from? Twilight Zone, or somewhere else?
  14. nolatom

    Young Pussy

    “Ship’s Cat” has a long history in the Merchant Marine, up to present day. Rodents dislike them.
  15. nolatom

    Maritime Art Anarchy

    Bow Art has a long and storied history. Pulpit Art?? Close enough..