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  1. nolatom

    Songs About Sailing

  2. nolatom

    Blood sacrifices - how it made you a better sailor

    Catalina 37, reefed so boom end a bit lower than I was used to. Was turned the wrong way and never saw the accidental jibe coming--unusual for me, but there you have it. Came to 15 minutes later, with my t-shirt having been used as the absorber of blood. It was rather red. ER and four stitches later and I was 70% okay and 30% confused. 13 years later I would put that at 90/10, but getting older makes it hard to parse out. This may not be what OP was shooting for, but anyway. Haven't been knocked out since. Woo hoo.
  3. If you are going to cruise offshore, then the outboard has the disadvantage of hobbyhorsing out of the water in a head sea, which can damage the motor (overspeeding, and water intakes come out of water and you'll overheat) and be ineffective at the worst time, if you're trying to get away from a lee shore for example. In sheltered waters, you'd probably be okay. I make no comment on the price. The boat looks very clean.
  4. Yeah, I know, "what is Front Page?", but glad I looked. What a nice reimagination of a classic, with hull and rig (i believe) left intact. The Graves Constellation, a sweet-sailing sloop, was the creation of Selman Graves and the family's boatyard(s) in Marblehead. I was the kid hanging around there while my dad was the broker-dealer for their sales division, and my mom was his secretary. And it was my after-high school hangout and place of "employment" (I use that term loosely, mostly I went sailing, or "bombed around" in our launch). But I got to cut my teeth racing on the Constellations, in the mid-60s. They raced as one-designs then, and in MORC. Very nice handlers, pretty fast for old-school hull, fine for local minimalist cruising. A friend's family owned one, and I got to race it some, and cruise a little. Very fond memories of the boat, the Graves family, the Yard, and growing up there, getting thrashed by the Doyle brothers and Dave Curtis in 110s. I got to do some deliveries too, and got to use the piloting I'd learned by taking Power Squadron at the ripe old age of 14. Then there was Frostbiting in the winter, during the "70s before I moved south. Best school I ever went to!! I was a lucky kid. Any old Constellation sailors out there??
  5. Last evening I borrowed a boat and took a good friend and his 5-year-old daughter out for her first sail, out on Lake Pontchartrain. Beautiful evening, brisk easterly, beautiful rain clouds around lit up by the sun where we were. I figured her attention span would be short, so after about 20 minutes close-reaching away from shore, we tacked back in. As we got closer to the breakwater, she said, "I wanna go back". Well, both her dad and I assured her we were going back, see the harbor? Not. She wanted to go back *out*. So we did. She loved it. One of my best sails in recent memory.
  6. nolatom

    Cool story~~~~

    No telling them it was a really dumb idea until they've been safe at home at least a month, 'kay??
  7. nolatom

    Cool story~~~~

    However they can get them out, whether draining the cave or via rescue divers, matters not to me as long as they get out safe. But, as a recreational diver, I take an interest in dive rescues though I would never enter a cave beyond its cavern opening. And if it's a long cave dive to "dive" them out, there's risk in that. I hope their last flashlight hadn't gone out. Waiting there in the dark for almost ten days?? Aaack. But what great news! I had hoped for the best.
  9. nolatom

    Big upset in the Bronx.

    Sorry to digress from the food fight, but-- If all the new energy in the Democrats is hard left, and hard right in the Republicans, one would think there would be room for a third party to occupy the middle? I never hear it discussed. Are we just too hooked on the entertainment value of divisive politics, and all the talking heads who make a living exploiting it?
  10. nolatom

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Wow, Mars is really bright in the predawn sky, very big, very pink. It's 'cause we are in the same neighborhood and getting closer, rather than far away on opposite sides of the Sun:
  11. nolatom

    Astronomy Anarchy

    I know nada about it, but for some it's Litha: For me, I celebrate not having to use lights on the bike on an early morning ride.
  12. nolatom

    Comey "Insubordinate"

    Bill's reaction: "I was just trying to be friendly. I thought she'd be delighted to see me!"
  13. nolatom

    Random PicThread

    "Put it on a plate,'ll enjoy it more." ;- Thanks, Hobot, great as always.
  14. nolatom

    Dear Dr. Rules

    Wasn't there last Saturday, but been there. It's a swing bridge, so you don't go "beneath" it, just through it. In the main span, there are wood fenders, designed to be rubbed against (okay, by steel barges mostly, it's a tricky bridge in a tideway). So as long as you don't "propel" yourself but just "fend", I kinda think a protest would neither be made, nor upheld.
  15. nolatom

    documentry on pbs last night