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  1. Actually, the kid's ride looks like an Indian, lacking mostly the Indian head front fender light, and, uh, an engine. And the tank shifter, suicide treadle clutch, left-hand throttle and right-hand spark. Had a fixer-upper '48 Chief in high school, along with two other idiots.. Ah, Springfield.
  2. Or Indians. But not BMWs. Hell, they don't even leak oil...
  3. You're probably correct in that conclusion. If so (and there are a lot if "ifs" in what I'm going to say), then assume CRYSTAL is making 16-17 knots on about 072, having altered about 10 degrees to port a few minutes earlier (per the trackline diagram Chasm posted), and FITZGERALD is making what, about 25 knots on (say) about 135 deg (working backward from the crushed steel angles of let's say 60 degrees, which ain't real precise--yet), it may be more of an overtaking situation, with the faster FITZ initially having initially been more than two points abaft CRYSTAL's beam, i e unable to see Crystal's red sidelight initially before gaining on her gradually until Fitz could see Crystal's port nav light, and no longer see Crystal's stern light. If so, it's an overtaking, and under Rule 13(d) (the Overtaking rule) it remains one, even as Fitz gains on Crystal ("..any subsequent alteration of the bearing between the two vessels shall not make the overtaking vessel a crossing vessel.." If the relative approach angles were greater, and Fitz was within the range of Crystal's sidelight, then it's a crossing situation. Either (theoretical) way, whether it's a crossing or an overtaking situation, FITZGERALD would be the give-way vessel. Crystal's approximate 10-degree alteration to port probably wouldn't make much difference. What I feel the worst about are the seven dead souls on FITZGERALD.
  4. The Times article seems to divvy up the "new" electorate into "smart party" versus "dumb party", based primarily on educational level. But the smarts (generally, globalists) seem more unmoored at present than the dumbs (generally, nationalists), and lately (France excepted) have been losing elections. Maybe the author is on to something. Are "left" and "right" breaking down in Trumpian-era confusion? Maybe it will take a couple of election cycles for the old political order to figure out what they are supposed to stand for, and become the "new" political order. Complicating this is the somewhat older trend (domestically in the US, but elsewhere too) of the loss of the "middle" in the political culture itself. Both sides prefer to dance out near their edge, while demonizing the other side. Gone are the old "moderate" Republicans and "Blue Dog" Democrats who, while catching low-grade flak from the margins, would get things done in the middle. Now nobody wants to cross the aisle. Media are polarized too, and put up a wall of overheated click-bait noise in order to fill up a 24-hour news day.
  5. Is obstruction of justice basically about.... Sure seems that way.
  6. Tonight, on a borrowed 34' plastic classic, with friends, an evening sail out on the lake to see sunset 2000 and Full Honey/Strawberry/Rose moonrise, 2010. Nice weather, way better than Friday night TV, and a much bigger screen.. Sis, we shall drink a toast at moonrise to you and Mainsheetgirl.
  7. Sol. Level head, who's provided us unlevel cleavage on GA.
  8. *28* gallons of gasoline, presumably straight into the bilge, before anyone noticed things weren't, uh, quite right?? Glad they all lived. Wonder what the BAC was.
  9. Whose bright idea was that strange, scary "press conference"?? Ms Griffin's? She just convinced even more of the country that needs mental health intervention. Her attorney's idea? Then she owes a refund to her client.
  10. What does the stock market think?
  11. Was she in Marblehead harbor in the '60s?? I remember pick-up dinghy races by us float-rats, where we used her as a mark of the, uh, "course" through the mooring field that was the harbor, because she was so easy to spot among the other less buxom girls.
  12. That's the "designed to look like a swan" thingy? (not "Swan", no, not by a long shot). Lack of beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  13. Now this is rich: http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/05/st_tammany_gop_group_to_vetera.html#incart_2box_nola_river_orleans_news Would they also like to tell themselves not to come to those, uh, "jobs" they have in New Orleans?? And the "fallen" warriors they refer to, are the soldiers who died in battle? Which, correct me if I'm wrong, would not include Gen. Lee, nor Gen. Beauregard, nor civilian CSA Pres. Jeff Davis? They were not war casualties. So, don't come to the WWII Museum in New Orleans. Go to St Tammany Parish instead. Uh, huh...
  14. We could add this to the "things that have been replaced by zip ties" list. Must have hurt? Hope you're mended soon.
  15. I had to get into Panama to attend on a ship that had had a collision off Cristobal, and was anchored (and listing) in Limon Bay. this was about a month before the Noriega government toppled. No visas for Americans, they (meaning the gov't) hated us. With help from the steamship agent, I had to pretend to be a ship's replacement crewmember to get in. Flowered shirt, no briefcase, tore up my telexes on the plane, no speak Spanish, no speak English either. I was ready to mumble a little French, but the agent just said, "marinero". It worked. Without me showing a passport, Customs waved me in. And once in, nobody cared. This was just around Thanksgiving, and I had wondered how Panama customs jail with no turkey nor cranberry sauce was going to be if it hadn't worked. Instead, I got to sleep on the listing ship, which I was advised was better than trying to stay in Colon. Up "on the hill" over by Panama City where the Canal Zone offices and the BLI hearing were, all seemed normal. Anyway, this brings back those memories.