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  1. Classical. In disaster times I’ve come to appreciate it. As a KATRINA refugee, I found pop music ( and pop culture) the rest of the country was listening to, vapid and irrelevant to the hard times we were enduring. Classical has survived (and helped make more bearable) the war, pestilence, and tumult of many generations of suffering and survival. that said I am not that welll-versed in it, but Mozart’s 40th and Beethoven’s 5th and 7th uplifting.
  2. Biking in a very quiet New Orleans and up on the levee. Bourbon St almost completely deserted today and every day. The River still is active with ships and barge rows, though all the passenger tour boats and the ferry are idle. Magazine Street a bit more active but most shops closed, restaurants takeout only. Grocery stores are fine. So is Audubon Park for an evening walk. Weather has been beautiful lately.
  3. nolatom

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Just before first light, look Southeast for Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn, in a line. Nice. Nowadays with the Virus here on Earth, I find comfort in looking at the night sky. It precedes us and our troubles, and will succeed them.
  4. nolatom

    College Football 2019

    Wow. I expected it to be close, with Georgia’s defense. Joe “Burreaux” is for real, as are the Tigers and Coach O. A great effort.
  5. nolatom

    removing stubborn nuts....

    Glad it worked out. At first glance I thought your title was meant for PA... ;-)
  6. nolatom

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Wow, really close now, Venus and Jupiter, just after dark. like Castor and Pollux, but much brighter.
  7. nolatom

    impeachment hearing play by play

    True enough, but the speechifying-to-(finally) question and answer- ratio is too astounding for me. My car radio begged me to stop.... lacking that endurance, I could once again add CNNand Fox, then divide by 2. But I like the Monitor, I don’t feel like someone’s selling me a pitch.
  8. nolatom

    impeachment hearing play by play

    When news media is everywhere but mid-field, I tend to look to the Monitor to be fairly unbiased, and free of the slant and emotionally- charged headlines (“Blockbuster!” “Bombshell!!”) of much of the on-line sites. Here’s their take, in case it’s of interest:
  9. nolatom

    Random PicThread

    Collision bulkhead-- Dont' leave home without one....
  10. Further to Ryley's above, Docket sheet (with 34 entries to date) shows a flurry of pleadings all of which look routine for a limitation action--appearances of counsel, appraisal of (assume) the 420, scheduling conferences, responsive pleadings, yada yada... Last entry extends discovery deadline to June, motions deadline July. I didn't see a definite trial date, but as a SWA- guess, it might end up being a couple/a few months after the motions deadline, so sometime in the fall?
  11. Limitation puts the vessel owner into federal court. And it stays all other suits when there are multiple claimants, it's a "concursus". So it's all in one forum, at least insofar as the limitation issue is concerned. The aggrieved party files its "claim" in the limitation proceeding. Once limitation is decided yea or nay (by the judge), typically the claimants are then free to pursue their state court claims, if they have made them. If none, then the same federal judge will make the finding on liability, typically based on the same evidence already heard in the limitation proceeding. In a case with a single claimant, the concursus may not be as practically relevant. Though the choice of forum may be, since a state court action may be tried by jury. (the usual disclaimer here, not meant to be legal advice, no attorney-client relationship, get your own attorney. We have to say that.)
  12. nolatom

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Driving west for home just after dusk, Venus bright and low in the West, then Jupiter above a little towards south, and then for keener eyes, Saturn higher up in the same line, along the ecliptic. Pretty!! But watch the road. This means me....
  13. We've had (have) a thread about the Limitation Act where the David/Goliath analogy was somewhat the opposite, and a community sailing center filing to limit liability the value of the one 420 sailboat that scratched the topsides of a very expensive sailing yacht:
  14. The Limitaiton Act is typically used by a shipowner (and underwriters) to claim lack of "privity" or knowledge of any failing or neglect of its well-trained crew, sent out on a reasonable voyage with a seaworthy vessel, and thereby limit owner's liability to the value of that vessel. Hence it does not tend to work real well in practice in recreational vessel accidents when the owner, and the on-scene skipper/operator, are the same person (see para 14 of the complaint ). Assuming Teixeria was operating or supervising the operation of the AT LAST, the complaint essentially claims that Teixeira as owner, was unaware of what Teixeira as operator, was doing. (Usual disclaimer here, okay?? I'm not your lawyer, this isn't attorney-client advice, go get your own attorney. Thanks)
  15. nolatom

    NOAA to end paper chart production

    I have saved some old ones with the pencil lead from a memorable cruise. Like an old love letter you just can’t toss.