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  1. nolatom

    Ghost boat in the Gulf

    Ah. Bueno, happy ending. How's he going to cash in on his newfound SA fame?? ;-)
  2. nolatom

    Ghost boat in the Gulf

    The Va Beach/east coast search was for Hugh Blankenship, age 82, different boat, different name, different length (29'): So "My Time" can't be that boat. How she got from Chesapeake to Fla Panhandle Gulf (if indeed the same boat from Maryland) has to involve a human being, you can't drift against the Gulf Stream. So I hope it's a human who was asleep with a little handkerchief of jib unfurled, and unaware of all the concern..
  3. nolatom

    Ghost boat in the Gulf

    To quote Jeff Spicoli: If I'm here and you're here, doesn't that make it our time? …
  4. nolatom

    classic movies

    "I'm shocked. SHOCKED to find *gambling* going on here.. ("your winnings, M'sieur") Ah, thank you very much ;-) I am extremely grateful to Turner Classic for showing Casablanca at 7pm, and The Best Years of Our Lives at 9, on election night. It saved me from all the "news" until it was mostly over.
  5. nolatom

    How many lines are on your boat?

    Fortunately, none. I'm a grateful member of the OPBC. But those "other peoples' boats" have lots of lines ;-) Heck, even my old Interclub dinghy had 4 lines. 5 if we added a painter, which we didn't 'cause that would add unnecessary weight near the ends....
  6. Well, it's not common, but 100% / 0% collision cases do happen: But you're right, the stand-on vessel has definite duties to react, no matter how badly the give-way vessel has screwed up, so zero-fault is a pretty rare bird. And cases where the facts are that one-sided, generally never make it to a courtroom or particularly to trial, they get settled instead.
  7. nolatom


    Plus, it'll be a good bit cheaper than this one: ("...oh, it'll clear"...)
  8. nolatom

    RIP - Stuart Walker

    His columns in One-Design Yachtsman gave me a headache reading, but I did learn stuff, mostly oscillating versus progressive windshifts. So it was worth it, and aspirin helped. A life well-lived. Fair winds and following seas..
  9. The radio voices are both Norwegian, so it would appear tanker TS SOLA had a local pilot conning her, master was likely Greek national:
  10. I didn't notice a reference to prior visual or radio contact in the blurbs I read. Point taken if I'm incorrect, but still why, if Rule 5 says use "all available means", wouldn't you likewise broadcast "all available means" for the benefit of other traffic? Plus, getting the crap ripped out of one's starboard side just doesn't look good. I'm picturing the frigate as being much nimbler and faster than the tanker with a tug in attendance. Understand Norway and Malta will cooperate on the investigation. They are both conscientious maritime actors, so in due time we will know the score. I didn't mean to jump the gun on the AIS issue, but it is starting to sound like a broken record in military/commercial collisions. The commercial ships are at a disadvantage without that GPS input....
  11. Fortunately no spill, no serious injuries or death, but Norwegian research vessel ripped up on her starboard side, barely made it to the beach before she would have sunk. Tanker going pretty slow, apparently with tug escort.,reports-indicate-norwegian-frigate-had-ais-off-before-tanker-collision_55846.htm This tendency of military or government vessels running with AIS transmitter off, has not worked out well. Just ask the US Navy. Why be so secret when just making a non-secret transit in normal commercial shipping waters??
  12. A little more here:
  13. This didn't turn out well for the 82-year old solo sailor who departed Virginia Beach for Florida: From the article and search-plot, it seems the Coast Guard searched "everywhere", from his intended route all the way to where the gulf stream and prevailing winds might have carried him. The CG comments about the importance of a fixed VHF and an EPIRB, make it sound as this gentleman may have not have had them. Condolences to his family. Does this beat a nursing home at the end? I'm never sure if that's the right thing to say, but did anyway.
  14. nolatom

    Beto O’rouke must run for president

    Vet carefully and be careful you don't run into any hidden surprises. John Edwards and Gary Hart were supposed to be the "latest thing", until they weren't.
  15. nolatom

    Make Your Midterm Prediction

    I predict the incessant 24/7 noise from both left and right will continue unabated after midterms, even though I wish it would stop, or at least slow down for awhile. Am I alone in this wish? Locally it's been a bit more bearable, since Louisiana is not a "battleground" state.