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  1. Dangerous ground here, guys. "other people" is whole lot of people...... Yeah, in general I value contents over wrapping and ribbon, but there are exceptions..
  2. nolatom

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I still respect him for that death-defying passage from almost Mexico to Hilo with half his standing rigging gone. It was gutsy downwind sailing, which it turned out to be the only kind of sailing he's even halfway good at. Take a look way back at posts 57, 60, and 62, to remember what that must have been like---insane, but he made it. The rest is epilogue for me, sometimes irritating to upwind sailors and to panhandlees (is that a word?).
  3. nolatom

    Old Sails

    New education. New education..... Oh, mannnnn…... On any other website, it wouldn't even be close ;-) My laundry bag is dacron 1966 Wilson & Silsby, still works very nicely. And at present I'm lucky enough to be sailing other peoples' boats.
  4. nolatom

    Old Sails

    When your dacron sails still lost to cottons that were sailed better--embarrassing....
  5. nolatom

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    Chuckle. You got me on that one..... ;-)
  6. nolatom

    College Football 2018

    Yeah, go Tigers! (my kid’s alma mater). Better in the stadium than they are “on paper”. Way to pull that game out today.
  7. nolatom

    Is 'All pink on the outside gear' cool?

    If you even think about looking cool before going out on the boat, you're not cool.
  8. nolatom


    very cool to see the winds down to 15 knots in the southern eye wall. And theoretically there's a "zero knots" spot in the very middle?? Best wishes to all in the path, and all the evacuees. We just passed 13 years since Katrina, it's mostly in the rearview mirror now but will never be gone. I didn't like being an evacuee (though the people of Baton Rouge could not have been nicer, or more generous), and then I didn't like going home and facing it.
  9. nolatom

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    I (of a 'certain age') would term it, "*grateful* old farts vindicated", and found it to be an interesting listen. Assuming our Brit narrator is correct, then the "contemporary" music to avoid, would be pop music heard over a radio or iPhone. It's over-processed and squashed together like those sped-up voices who tell you the small print at the end of a TV ad-- No highs, no lows, in either music or lyrics. Familiar and catchy, but bland in terms of creativity. And probably the same thing in large concerts. Answer for old farts (and young listeners not yet farty) is, yes, oldies from the 60s or most anywhere really in the pre auto-tune era, if you pick and choose. Thanks, YouTube. Or--- Live music in smallish clubs. Or medium or even larger festivals. No one messing with the sound waves in either direction. I'm fortunate to live in a town where these venues are common. ;-) Come on and visit..
  10. nolatom

    Oldest to Circumnavigate

    I (age 69, there I said it) am very happy for Captain Hatfield, and hopeful for "older" sailors in general. Bravo Zulu!!
  11. nolatom


    *Another* Isaac?? We just had one six years ago:
  12. nolatom

    Random PicThread

    notch barge, seagoing tug in the notch, storm, storm surge, breakaway, OUCH. That's my guess. Both might still be seaworthy, though absent a whole lot of rigging. The dock, who knows. Apparently bad typhoon, Osaka, just a day or two ago.
  13. nolatom

    TS Gordon, central Gulf

    It was way one-sided. We had partly cloudy, maybe 20 knots now and then here in the Crescent City. Very quiet night here, other than teenagers' pool party next door. Mucha mucha ships moving on the River today, after hunkering down yesterday. What's next? Florence staying in the Atlantic? But what about "Disturbance 1" off the Cap Verdes?? Last week of August through second week of Sept, no one breathes easy in the Gulf.
  14. nolatom

    TS Gordon, central Gulf

    Oh man is it ever quiet out on the Mississippi River, both from my office window and from the local AIS traffic app. Everyone is hunkered down, hardly a ship moving anywhere. And no flags up downtown to gauge wind speed by, no one hoisted them today. Looks like no worse than TS for us, though east-facing coast will get some surge. Still some blue sky here. Calm before the storm....
  15. nolatom

    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    We are often powerboaters. All it takes is that auxiliary engine, in gear. How do we treat, and perceive, other powerboaters then?? Me, I want to believe they know the basic rules of crossing, meeting, and overtaking. Most do. Some don't. I want to believe that if I hail them on 16, they'll hear it. Yeah, right, dream on.. Hell, most of the time I'm not monitoring it anyway, but I will in a high-traffic area. I don't think the majority of them have any idea what one-whistle or two-whistles means. Which can lead to five or more whistles, which they understand just because it's unusual, but by then it's too late. Ditto for day shapes (subtitle: "What's a day shape??"). And I want to believe they know the depths around them, other than "the middle, just go around me, willya?". I want to believe they are actually keeping a lookout. Most do. But that number decreases later in the day on weekends (alcohol), and drops precipitously if they are looking up-sun. And I want to believe they are actually at the helm. But ironically, the bigger the boat, the less likely that is---yup, the "autopilot factor".. Having said that, and having felt "dissed" by powerboats now and then, I have also seen acts of outright courtesy and beneficence, particularly in close-quarters situations when they have altered course or stood on their brakes to help me out when I was trying some maneuver that didn't quite work out all that well. Or they gave me a tow when motor conked, or no motor and no wind.