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  1. laugh or cry?

    My wording could have been better. I meant that sailboat's duties were, as to the F/V, governed by the Colregs, since FV is not a party to the RRS.
  2. laugh or cry?

    As to the fishing vessel, they're governed by Colregs Rule 5, in addition to the RRS and the sailing instructions. Which lookout rule they didn't comply with (ditto Rules 7 and 8, which depend on Rule 5 being practiced in the first place). Which means (to me anyway) it can't be "no fault of their own". They have at least contributory fault in that collision, whether F/V was stand-on ("fishing"), or not fishing and give-way as a powerboat. Stand-on is still required to keep a proper lookout by sight and hearing as well as by all available means. But what the hell do I know, I'm only a maritime lawyer handling collision cases....
  3. Hazard to Navigation

    Look here as to external labelling: http://www.baker-taylor.com/pdfs/Shipping_Label_Guidelines_04-2004.pdf See "Zone D" where the carrier is identified.
  4. Hazard to Navigation

    Well, Maersk and Coast Guard are monitoring and putting signaling devices on the couple of containers still afloat/awash, and will try sidescan to see if there are others. http://gcaptain.com/us-authorities-monitoring-76-containers-lost-from-maersk-ship-off-north-carolina/?goal=0_f50174ef03-96748855d9-139795957&mc_cid=96748855d9&mc_eid=0a747aadd9 It's understandable that we sailors get all fire-and-brimstone over lost containers, but it's a rare occurrence (okay, I know-- "Oh, yeah! At sea?? Chance in a million") considering how many containers don't go overboard. At least they're making an effort, it's not complete lah-de-dah.
  5. Random PicThread

    "Put it on a plate, son, you'll enjoy it more"...
  6. I generally prefer newspapers and am skeptical of on-line "breaking!!!" news, whether left or right. Here's an article from the Times I thought was on point. Give it a try: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/07/technology/two-months-news-newspapers.html Maybe I'm just a slow thinker??
  7. Sinking privilidge

    Ah, man, Haaaaaahvid's all right, despite the PR-speak. Snobs? I think not, after all they let us roughnecks from BU sail with the refined Cantabrigians at their joint.
  8. Bomb Cyclone - Life and Death!

    Wow. That's exactly how I would remember it. They built Nefertiti and Easterner there. I was the young kid who watched it happen. My old man was, in his second career, the broker at the Front Street yard. Good good memories.
  9. Just wondering. Who's looked at the 2007 race results recently??
  10. Bomb Cyclone - Life and Death!

    What's wrong with just "really bad Nor'easter"??
  11. Poof goes your conspiracy

    there seem to be a lot of sites that "rate" news as to left, right, center. Who themselves often have a position to the left, right, or center. So even taking that all with a grain of salt, I've seen the Monitor variously described as slightly right, slightly left, and center-neutral. My own view is they are center-ish on international issues, and a bit left of center on social issues since they are historically a church-based institution. Regardless, what I like is their disinclination to use emotionally-charged language, or to get caught up in the latest talking-point buzzword or meme. They treat the reader like a grownup rather than just a set of eyes. For years, they did not accept any advertising. Now they do, but run mostly on the church's dollar, I think. But the Monitor still punches above its weight class in international news, because it's seen (I think rightly) as restrained and trustworthy. And even on-line, there's a quietness to it that for me is a welcome respite from the popular and incessant 24/7 noise, which only grows louder the farther they drift one way or the other from midships.
  12. Black Celebration

    I want to see the planned Community Sailing Center for New Orleans come into being: http://www.nolacommunitysailing.org/timeline.php We need to get everyone the chance to get out sailing and see if (that) they like it. Plus I wanna teach there as a retirement gig ;-)
  13. Poof goes your conspiracy

    I have gone back to an old favorite for national and international news--the Christian Science Monitor. What an oasis. Here's their article about the Muller indictments: https://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Politics/2018/0216/As-Mueller-moves-forward-lingering-questions-about-Comey-and-Clinton Can you picture how either CNN or Fox, or the Times or the Post, would have couched all this? I'm tired of having to read both "sides" and divide them by two to get an idea of what is actually going on. the Monitor fills that void in many situations.
  14. Fast "safe" boat....

    It's difficult. It would involve turning other cheek and making nice. A fair idea for lots of social or business interactions, but kind of a quandry for SA, it seems, or we wouldn't be at over 200 posts instead of say 40.
  15. Oh joy---140mph go-fast boat from Mercedes

    I'm more concerned about the rest of us....