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  1. nolatom

    Time to impeach?

    I take your meaning. But we do allow the “uninstructed’” to vote. And typically they tend to get it “right” in my parochial view. make that “shitty hotels with no radio or TV”, and shabby deliberating rooms where unexpected wisdom happens, and I’m with you ... ...without the peremptories for voters. Cause only.
  2. nolatom

    Time to impeach?

    So you predict he'll be convicted in the Senate? If not, what's wrong with letting the electorate handle it. Clean, we (and the Constitution) trust the voters to sit on criminal and civil juries. At least I do, having been there...
  3. nolatom

    Time to impeach?

    In a politically perfect world, yeah maybe. But we're a democracy. Public opinion is, and ought to be, relevant. In a practical sense, this is going to end up like Bill Clinton did--railroaded by partisans (on the right for Bill, on the left here) and acquitted in the Senate. Who honestly expects otherwise? This close to an election, it's going to be uber-political, given the actors on both sides. I would prefer to leave this to the electorate than to the beltway yahoos on either side. But that's just me. Or maybe it's not just me. Impeachment cuts the electorate out of the picture, when there's an election leadup already underway. I would prefer to trust the voters, who are going to hear from thousands of partisans (and neutrals) essentially whatever the House and Senate hear.
  4. nolatom

    Collapsing buildings

    Well, yes but no. A large sinkhole at the foot of Canal Street did happen, but the tunnel was bored in the 1960s for a planned (but thank God not built after some early preservationists actually got heeded) "riverfront expressway" right past the Quarter, back when elevated/buried new expressways were the rage: So, being New Orleans, and since it happened in early May, we did the only logical thing--had a party around it. "Sinkhole de Mayo!!" This is such a boring town (pun intended).
  5. nolatom

    Collapsing buildings

    The Quarter is about five feet above sea level. But the river is can and does rise to ten feet above that. The river levees held during Katrina. Other drainage canals and flood walls didn’t.
  6. nolatom

    Collapsing buildings

    These are the principal players, says the local press: Interesting back story, the site was a Woolworth's with a civil rights history. The general contractor, architect, and structural engineer are not newcomers. More than this we do not know. Forensic investigation in progress. The safety exclusion zone was expanded this morning.
  7. nolatom

    Collapsing buildings

    It's five blocks "downriver" from my office conference room at Poydras St, and all too visible, including the pancaked part.
  8. nolatom

    NFL 2019

    Saints/Jags --Boring game, but boring win, on the road (thanks defense and special teams), beats an exciting loss unless you're an adrenaline junkie. Not coughing the ball up = good. And good coaching too.
  9. nolatom

    College Football 2019

    Tiger Stadium at night is an actual thing....102K in attendance.
  10. nolatom

    College Football 2019

    Touchy place. But since my kid went there, and I like Coach O, may I say in sotto voce, go Tigers??
  11. nolatom

    Ginger Baker... does his last roll!

    We teens thought he was "dying of speed" in like '67. Not so. When I think of him I think of the close to "Sunshine", 3:48 to the end: God how I loved the sixties.....
  12. nolatom

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Venus is brighter, but she is a daytime girl this time of year. Sets about 7:30 pm where I am. Jupiter doesn't set til about 10:30
  13. nolatom

    New Orleans

    I obviously need to give this deeper thought...... Where's Jack Handey??
  14. nolatom

    New Orleans

    Yeah, "on" :-) Sorry Pete, if it makes you feel better I just re-watched "Ulee's Gold", it was excellent..
  15. nolatom

    New Orleans

    Right next to Commander's Palace on Washington Ave is Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, so lunch at Commanders is a 2-fer on a nice day. Acid allowed only if you arrive in a chopper with tubes of drugs in your gas tank. It's a City ordinance ;-) Check ahead, there's rarely a weekend when there isn't an open-air festival going on somewhere Now for something completely different-- If you like bike (bicycle, not motorcycle) riding for exercise and distance, rent them and ride "upriver" through St Charles/ uptown, Audubon, then take the bike levee trail past the Corps of Engineers then up onto the levee, pretty river view. Going up past Ochsner Hospital to the Rivershack Tavern, makes a good turnaround point, as does the Huey Long bridge just upriver. From downtown, it's about 9-10 miles each way. That's my regular morning exercise route with a buddy.