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  1. Good info Amati.  Thanks.  I didn't know about the very long SUPs.  I guess my comment about boats was made thinking of slop left over after the wind dies down.  

    1. Amati


      It's always fun wallowing in 1knot tw and a left over washtub!  If you get a chance to look at Dodds 'Polynesian Seafaring' it's more than interesting to see what islands came up with what designs to deal with local conditions- long and plank on edge for bumpy waters for example, like surf skis.  

      Enjoyed your observations viz sup's vs surfskis-  it's the essence of the r2ak- fun stuff!

      It's always a head scratcher to me how fast the business of boats takes over a concept- but someone has to do it!


  2. I doubt they would make design changes based on this. Given the weight it was carrying and the length. Wasn't it 19'? Are racing SUPs ever that long? No boat or SUP I've ever been on handled well in 2-4' slop/chop.
  3. Well done, Naptime. Doing it right.
  4. Pic was after a tri. Thus the set up : Flat repair tucked in behind the frame, Aero Bars and Bento for easy food access during the bike section. Convenient but looks a little weird. Its been said that closing up the space behind the stem is aerodynamically pretty clean though.
  5. Since I give ya'll crap for your shitty bike choices... Now that I can post pics, here's some ammo for you to return the favor. Just keep in mind your opinions are not valid.
  6. The Galileoscope is supposed to out perform any cheap (walmart) scope out there. At about $60 it may be a nice introduction. I use my Celestron Skymaster binoculars a lot. Easy to aim, good enough to let newbies to see interesting details.
  7. Cycling clothing is incredibly functional. ON THE BIKE. Never a good idea for walking around. A fun and safe way to go is all black kit with neon knee warmers and orange socks/shoe covers. It puts the vis where it will be very noticeable but you don't look like a geek. I have pics but apparently I'm not smart enough to figure out how to post them.
  8. FACE PALM. Another one? Well, first of all its a BMC. There's so much you could have done with even a BMC to make it ride better. If you wanted it to ride properly, its set up for shit. Its not even that light. Why on earth would you go back to the 70s for a shit box, death trap steel Peugeot?
  9. PB. Funny. That's like asking if a fiberglass boat falls apart if you don't use 50% resin.
  10. Well, if you're brazing your own...props to you. Early gen ROLF wheels, far ahead of their time. Probably took until the Trispoke or the Helium for the world to catch up.
  11. Jeez T, The 80s called and wants their bikes back. 😀 Time to step up.
  12. How many times are you going to find an excuse to post the same lousy photo. Everybody gets it, you like hiking. Hooray for you. I give you a few lousy bicycle building photos to change things up
  13. Never seen a lefty on cross bike before. Nice custom job. Stock Cannondale Slate.
  14. 747 Jet Throttle response? Hell, just come in high and side slip that Mother right in.