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  1. What boat to buy?

    Sexy looking boat
  2. boat suggestion? light, small, blue water potential

    Beneteau 235 would be a great little boat and comfortable owned one before my Figaro
  3. Furler: Harkin MK IV vs Fancor STG 3T

    Since you have swept back spreaders you can control the headsail sag but adjusting your D1 j105’s have a tuning guide for this loosen in light stuff and tighten when blowing is your back stay adjustable ?
  4. 25'-30' Sprit Boat For $75k

    Probably thinking of the of the 27 24 was launched last year faster in the light stuff for sure than the 27 havd sailed both
  5. Eight Bells - Brian Chapman

    That is terrible news shocked !
  6. Toronto Harbour (Canada)

    Sad to see Alexandra is a great little club though and I enjoy it a lot we get to race with the National Wed nights and Alexandra has it’s own night on Thursdays most of my racing is done in the LOSHRs and other distance races double or single handed on the Figaro w/l on the Farr 25
  7. Toronto Harbour (Canada)

    I do more double handed and single handed races for reason
  8. Toronto boat show 2018

  9. Anyone familiar with these?

    I used to own a cold molded boat by them that looked exactly like that
  10. Anyone familiar with these?

    Looks like a G&S 3/4 or 1/2 ton
  11. What boat to buy?

    J 80 would be a good choice also
  12. X - 95 by X Yachts

    Have sailed on the in my club a few times and another friend bought one this year Both do well and take podium finishes in the Lake Ontario 300
  13. X - 95 by X Yachts

    One on LO has a lead keel also
  14. X - 95 by X Yachts

    Usually rate around 141
  15. X - 95 by X Yachts

    Very well built boats and sail to their eating easily a few of them in Toronto and I have two friends that own them quick and stiff