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  1. We replaced the tie rod connectors the second day we sailed one with stainless ones we found in Chicago
  2. Older Figaro would work
  3. Quest 30 may fit the bill
  4. jetfuel

    Beneteau First Class Europe

    I figured they would be for point to point races if the conditions were reach or downwind much like my Figaro 1 not so much of an upwind boat though thanks for the input
  5. jetfuel

    the perfect boat

    Nice I have sailed the 1250 never seen tbe 850 but I like tbe size
  6. jetfuel

    the perfect boat

    What is that boat?
  7. Anyone had experience with one of these? i presently have a Figaro 1 which appears to be almost the exact same design but 6 ft shorter was considering the larger 36 footer but would welcome some info
  8. Almost unbeatable probably the best PHRF boat out there
  9. Beneteau 27.might be good too but over the price range and few in North America 2 I think but could be wrong
  10. Older Figaro 1 Amazing cockpit ergonomics solid glass and built like a tank rating 105 not too many in North America (6)
  11. jetfuel


    Understandable but if you had spent 200 k on a boat it isn’t a lot if you have a 3 k boat it’s a lot of money have many people in my club with 35-40 footers with no quality rain gear although they rarely sail in bad weather
  12. jetfuel


    It’s a cold lake and we sail late into the fall lots of weather too so you need good gear here 10 hrs in the cold rain here is as miserable as anywhere but probably colder than most
  13. jetfuel


    Most sailors are cheap when I look around my club 1%,have quality gear most are fair weather sailors and never venture out in bad weather they sit and drink under their enclosed cockpit :) I have two sets of vortex HL and HH and do not understand why people have no problem spending $1k or more on a ski jacket then buy a boat and cheap out on foil weather gear