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  1. Beneteau 24 hands down i have sailed the Seascape 24 and it’s a great little boat and very well made had it for a week in Biscayne Bay and it was a lot of fun Can plane in about 12-14 knots true and feels very stable
  2. jetfuel

    Seascape 27

    For the 27 or the 24?
  3. jetfuel

    Running backstay placement?

    Perhaps just a Deneen’s backstay with a whip so the of the main clears it nice long carbon or fibreglass batten and a block centreline at the aft end of the boat
  4. The J92 will point higher for sure but the Seascape will break out around 14 knots true and be faster downwind
  5. jetfuel

    Seascape 27

    Seems like a lot of boats had issues in last years Mac
  6. jetfuel

    Seascape 27

    Have you sailed one a lot ?
  7. jetfuel

    Marina 36 Sport

    I have been looking at them too lol kinda sexy looking
  8. jetfuel

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    Thank you at least I know now that I am in the right area
  9. jetfuel

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    Curious what kind of PHRF rating did you get with this setup been fighting with the PHRF here and so far they have given me 126 I am the only Platu in the area
  10. jetfuel

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    Thanks i do have the North guide I changed a few things on the boat so still playing around
  11. jetfuel

    single burner camp stove multi-gimballed

    i drilled some holes in mine and inserted a pin to keep it from jumping out of te mount
  12. jetfuel

    single burner camp stove multi-gimballed

    i use one on my forespar cooker and it works great
  13. jetfuel

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    I have one in Toronto also. I wonder how many are in North America. Also have a carbon sprit ad the boat is fun to sail. Anyone have a tuning guide?
  14. jetfuel

    LO 300

    Dodged a bullet this year by not racing lol
  15. jetfuel

    Seascape 27

    I did the Mac with Sven on his first 27 the boat is awesome offwind in a breeze 14-17 knots all day long and very stable and easy to drive