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  1. Mike in Seattle

    Its actually true

    maybe if the road signs were of a different nature ??
  2. Mike in Seattle

    i have the perfect video that shows life on SA

    This looks more like an average thread , and then ah seen th' yoo toob , of mah ol' hound ,, submittin' ta a miniature poodle named Sue
  3. Mike in Seattle

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    WAIT ! are we talking about the hard body ninja warrior-ette full race model ? , or the more classic voluptuous venus style with a bit more hips, that's built for comfort. ?
  4. Mike in Seattle

    i have the perfect video that shows life on SA

    , and there are no explosions, , and no explosions, no failed heroics on motorcycles, , no outlaw street cars engine parts scattered for a 1/4 mile, , no nearly nekkid wiminz with automatic weapons and tracers. ( sigh )
  5. Mike in Seattle

    Plane Engine Explodes Kills Passenger

    , just need a flying piece to crack window, pressure does the rest. helluva decompress , sucked the insulation out from behind the interior panel.
  6. Mike in Seattle

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    SOME of us have been setting a few aside for Ed Lada's charity work with those poor under-voweled Polish kids.
  7. Mike in Seattle

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    The straight 6 wasn't about hi rev,, more of a tractor motor 4in bore 4in stroke, rated hp was only ~ 100 , torque was ~ 200 ft lb https://jalopnik.com/heres-why-the-ford-300-inline-six-is-one-of-the-greates-1795351528 yeah, I figured it would need a machine to figure out what my foot is doing & drive the blower,,
  8. Mike in Seattle

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    I guess I really am a dinosaur,, I thought of a very mildly boosted Ford 300 cu in straight six would make a pretty good 4x4 motor.
  9. Mike in Seattle

    Second Amendment : Past it's Use by Date

    What Obama failed to mention, , and causes great constipation to the grabberz, We have had exactly that since the ratification of the Bill of Rights as integral part of our founding document. In Washington state, our founding document includes some militia related direction also. I have brought this forward before,,, From Article X I've mentioned before, that this needs rewrite. (1) strike the fourth word, "male" (2) strike upper age limit Ladies, are there any objections to (1) ? GEEZERS howzabout (2)
  10. Mike in Seattle

    Solar update

    You won't need Air Conditioning in your Beautiful Mowich River Rustic Estate ( listing #65 , above ) Fresh mountain breezes will relax your worries away. Just step into your front yard and see your OWN Sportsman's Paradise , just waiting,,, Fresh from the Glaciers, your riverfront is just waiting for your line, , and the fish seem to jump into your creel . Bambi will certainly be found in Plenteous Abundance and the Morning Bugling of Majestic Ilk will Sing to your Soul ! ( ahem ) If like Winter Sports, this listing is one of a kind,, Cross country skiing ? Snowshoeing ? Snow is GLORIOUS and usually 12 feet or MORE !! ADVENTURE AWAITS ! ,, These Mountains are full of old mines,, maybe YOU will be the one to find the Legendary Nugget ! Don't procrastinate,, this one won't last long.
  11. Mike in Seattle

    Solar update

    just for comparison, a prospector in these mountains circa 1890 Edit It was a 3 day ride to the nearest "civilization"
  12. Mike in Seattle

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

  13. Mike in Seattle


    Guy walks into bar with a monkey on his shoulder, orders his drink and sits down. Monkey scurries around the floor picking up peanuts, chips and whatever, & eating them. , scurries up on the pool table, and before anyone can react, grabs the 7 ball and eats it. Pool players get angry cuz of a beer on the game. Bartender gets angry about the 7 ball. Guy apologizes for the monkey all around, , buys a beer for each of the pool players, , pays the bartender for a new set of balls, , grabs the monkey by the throat, stuffs it back on his shoulder, and leaves. Couple weeks later same guy w/monkey comes back in. Bartender says " ? are we gonna have any trouble with yer monkey ?? " Guy sez ", don't think so". Monkey scurries around the floor, finds a peanut, but reaches around and stuffs it up his ass before he eats it. Pool players & bartender say; WTF?!? Guy sez,, Kinda weird, , last coupla weeks, before he eats anything, he measures it.
  14. Mike in Seattle

    Godspeed, Mrs. Bush.

    Well said, badlat. Godspeed, Mrs. Bush
  15. Mike in Seattle

    Solar update

    St. Peter, doncha call me, cuz I can't go I owe my Soul to the Company Store. Dutchman had it right in #9 , get a Tesla