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  1. AM Antena Anarchry

    try to orient the loop for best signal from station, also "long wire" might help if there's a plug on radio for external ant
  2. AM Antena Anarchry

    Are you in metal building ? if so, is real tough t get AM
  3. Navy stunt in the sky

    that made me giggle BRAVO, and Tip o' the Hat to le Artiste ( chromosomicly irreverent)
  4. Pachyderm disaster (poll)

    A guy recently did just that. He has skills background as competitor in Javelin. Built a spear and went bear hunting with NO firearm backup. ~ 10 yard throw, he got a good hit in the vitals, , there wasn't any "hysterics worthy" suffering.
  5. Eating the elephant one bite at a time

    Y'all are going to need a truckload of spuds, another truckload of carrots, onions, bell peppers, ect. several bushels of garlic, It's going to take a long time to cook, so hang out and party with the locals, , sample some kind of vile homebrew that looks like buffalo piss and tastes worse, and puts one into a "different" universe which, of course, is followed by dancin' nekkid around the fire with everybody else. Good Times !
  6. Terror in New York truck runs down bikers

    Me too, there just wasn't enough time for trucker to see her. I guess where I hesitate is a doe running across the logging road causing Hal to swerve me . There are places in these Mtns where to go off the road is fatal
  7. Terror in New York truck runs down bikers

    passing school bus not allowed in US either lane, ? who has the switch ? do ALL vehicles in system need to be "on" to work ? , and other questions.
  8. Community Reputation Points

    entirely from a point of "phuque le status quo" Up 1 for Voodrrow , cuz the "VD in Eugene" pic made me giggle
  9. CLASS-SICK SA Threads that still exist but only Archived

    , that was fun ,, eciujelteeb eciujelteeb
  10. Happy 242

    , an old Jarhead, reunited. http://www.kiro7.com/news/trending-now/marine-reunited-with-his-world-war-ii-rifle-1/645847046?utm_source=trending
  11. i dont get it.

    sometimes, it sneaks up on you
  12. CLASS-SICK SA Threads that still exist but only Archived

    was on fotophucket , haven't found one I like
  13. CLASS-SICK SA Threads that still exist but only Archived

    Beetlejuice . . . Beetlejuice . . Linky up the "AC on $3 Mil" thread, Voodrrow
  14. Shooter in Texas.

    The old guy heard the commotion from down the street, grabbed his own AR, went running to the church, and engaged,, hitting him 2 or 3 times by precisely targeting the clear spots in shooters body armor. shooter dropped his rifle and fled., another guy gave old guy a ride in pursuit till shooter crashed, and Police got there. very good example of Militia in action http://www.nationalreview.com/corner/453470/texas-hero-reportedly-used-his-own-ar-confront-sutherland-springs-shooter