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  1. Mike in Seattle


  2. Mike in Seattle


    nobody wants to take your twenty two ,, and censoring (dot) two two is Chickenshittery at the management level
  3. Mike in Seattle

    What Are Conservatives So Afraid Of?

    I would like to hear more about this, philly. drumph is burning the forest http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/202734-trump-blames-california-for-its-wildfires-not-climate-change/& drumph is killing the unicorns http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?/topic/199963-endangered-species-act/
  4. Mike in Seattle

    What Are Conservatives So Afraid Of?

    When I was a kid, we got "bummer lambs" given by local ranchers when the ewe would die. For the first few weeks, raised in a cardboard box behind the woodstove, and bottlefed until they were big enough to go outside. A couple of calves started out in the same way.
  5. Mike in Seattle

    Trigger Warnings

    , it's not like PB "sphincter comfort level" in helo operations would be known (and discussed ) among the drivers. , and being caring and kind after the "sensitivity" workshop, , always drive conservatively . or When he told the tale,, his buddies paid for helo driver's Beer at the waterin' hole.
  6. Mike in Seattle

    I still call Australia home

    MBL; ? does it take (Aus laws) "professional shooter" for fox ?
  7. Mike in Seattle

    Jan-Michael Vincent

    Stringfellowe Hawk ? Snaggs? help us outte ?
  8. Mike in Seattle

    Interesting article that outlines 2 perspectives - can both be OK?

    Where is meli ?
  9. Mike in Seattle

    International Women's Day

    Fay Fuller Mt Rainier, Aug 1890
  10. Mike in Seattle

    Free speech Berkeley style

    I was responding to Mis Jibs. He disappeared. Amati used Hillary as a red herring Sol used Milo as a red herring
  11. Mike in Seattle

    F-35 Crushes the Competition at Red Flag 19-1

    Somebody hand this contestant a freakin' Stogie. CAS and Air Dominance are completely different.
  12. Mike in Seattle

    Baby its cold outside

    I was wondering why he put the doors & windows at the bottom of the glacier, , Here is "dire straights" by definition .
  13. Mike in Seattle

    Free speech Berkeley style

    I have no opinion about amount, , let's see how the trial ends up. , and a red herring off topic ? are you upset Greenberg was arrested ? ? IF convicted, would you be fine w/ jail ?
  14. Mike in Seattle

    Free speech Berkeley style

    Sheesh,, ? are you upset that Greenberg was arrested ? One was a news outlet, accused of unprofessional conduct. One was assault & battery. forget Trump Hayden Williams gets justice, as his attacker has been arrested & charged. IF Greenberg is convicted, he gets jail time.