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  1. LONQR

  2. Australia Is Not A Country

    , so the West was settled by some "colorful" characters, too , just shows that my ancestors stayed two steps ahead of the posse.
  3. The most dangerous game

    Article clearly identified them as "Poachers",, so a Boot in the Nuts for the " trophy hunting" smear.
  4. LONQR

    Mustang Breeding in the M.E.
  5. Motorcycle Threads

    , and speaking of hinged frames ,,
  6. Australia Is Not A Country

    Oh really ??? , then explain the 'strayin built torsion bars, leaf springs & shocks.
  7. Australia Is Not A Country

    hmmm , well,, I think there really IS 'straylya . I've been shopping 4x4 suspension stuff, and SOME of it is made there. , & the crawlers around here say it's real good stuff, , so I think it's really there. , but here's the weird part, the 'strayin stuff (supposedly) made in the upsidedown hemisphere works just fine in the rightside up hemisphere !! , so that is where the conspiracy is to be found
  8. Same for the barefoot guy in the Texas church.
  9. Motorcycle Threads

    yup , but the front flexi forks were skeery .
  10. Australia Is Not A Country

    It's the Coriolis Effect. Most of them will twirl into the ocean like lemmings. , just gotta crank more power inta HARP
  11. Just Another High School Shooting

    March 1956 Life Magazine http://time.com/3688072/portraits-of-schoolkids-learning-firearm-safety-in-rural-indiana-1956/
  12. Explain Cricket

    , , with a little patience, , one can understand the cow
  13. Florida Gun Ban Proposed

    sheesh Joe, You're flailing,, , take a breath, relax a bit. Maybe a wolf hunt in Wyoming would give a fresh perspective , , don't forget your Marlin.
  14. Humane options to Kill Raccoons "in a City"

    https://www.jsonline.com/story/communities/lake-country/news/delafield/2018/01/30/delafields-92nd-annual-coon-feed-draws-more-than-300-people-raccoon-meal/1074407001/ Hearz yer SOLution. Voodrrow,
  15. Tom and Jeff's spank bank.

    Danger Danger Danger Trigger Warning , don't say ya wasn't warned,, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XkVn1lzcK70&feature=youtu.be&bpctr=1516741913