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  1. So it is about slavery ...

    Remember, we were european colonists then. Slavery was debated from the founding of the country and recognized as something we needed to be rid of from the beginning. In Aus, of course, the colonists were the slaves of the crown and had few compunctions about importing others as slaves. You really should read up about the Somerset decision https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somerset_v_Stewart -it was one of the main causes of the American War of Independence.
  2. I think the leave vote was strong for many reasons including: 1. The European Court of Justice interpreting every bit of European law on political lines to diminish the nation states; this includes ignoring explicit clauses in European treaties. The "right to family life" has been judged to allow a non-EU murdered to remain in the UK after serving 10 years in jail. 2. An absolutely overweening bureaucracy in Brussels led by a bunch of socialist politicians feathering their own nests. 3. Stupid regulations - see (2) above. I attended meetings with at the EU about the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. Complete bullshit rules that in theory could make it a criminal offence to plug a computer into a network. 4. The Germans make the rules, the British obey the rules, the French ignore the rules and the Spanish & Italians don't know what the rules are. 5. Both campaigns were very negative - you would have thought the Remainers could have come with something more than fear about the economy. If the Scottish want to be independent a large chunk of England would be happy to see them go. Ireland was divided after the 1922 vote because the Northern 6 counties wanted to remain British; if they've changed their minds they are free to go also. Having a refendum on this was stupid - Cameron is a complete short termist plonker. It would have far better to have pushed much harder for shrinking the EU project to a free trade area rather than the crazy monolith it is working towards.
  3. The End of European Union: Brexit

    I don't know you've been smoking but it isn't doing your brain any good.
  4. Happy Brexit voting today

    Have you ever dealt with the EU commission bureaucracy? I have and it is pretty ugly.
  5. Happy Brexit voting today

    This was not primarily about immigration - it was more about the ECJ interpreting European law to make up the rules as they please.
  6. Happy Brexit voting today

    BREXIT and Russell rebalance today, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Looks likely that the S&P futures will quickly go limit down...
  7. The End of European Union: Brexit

    The EU is a corrupt, bureaucratic nightmare. The British joined to get into a free trade area but the political ambitions were hidden from the public before the 1970's referendum. The Lisbon Treaty is a re-hash of the EU Constitution that was rejected by the French and Dutch voters and even then the Irish were forced to vote twice to get the 'right' result. The European Court of Justice has given itself the power to overrule any government as it sees fit. The clauses in the Lisbon Treaty that were meant to give the UK and exception in some policy areas have already been disregarded by the ECJ. The day after the British referendum the EU is schedule to discuss creating an army. If I still lived in the UK and I would vote to leave because a vote to stay will be taken by Junker et al as a green light for more and more European bureaucratic control. Cameron made a complete hash of the negotiations but we are now stuck with the mess he made.
  8. The Big Short

    The biggest cause of the mortgage crisis was Fannie & Freddie buying all the collateralized mortgages they could lay there hands on. Lots of donations to congress to make sure they were never regulated properly - bumbling Barnie Frank's partner benefited well from this. AIG's selling credit default swaps badly was another regulatory fiasco. It's much easier to blame all on the banks than the corrupt piece of shit politicians who enabled the mess.
  9. MSA - I am keen to add the inhaulers because this will save wearing out the mast boot and will be easier than using the lazy sheet.
  10. I feel that we should minimize changes to the boat for one-design racing. I have an old A3 that is used to be great on a reach but if we add a bobstay for one-design anyone wanting to be competitive will have to add one. Adrian, Mad Dogs, J109 260
  11. I like the inhaulers proposal. I think adding a bobstay for one-design racing will push the need for reaching kites making one-design more expensive.
  12. The pussification of England continues.....

    You must never have heard of Belgium. But then, not many have. But I think craigiri never read any US history other than what was taught in 1st grade... Some of the causes for the war for US Independence: 1. Colonists wanted to break treaties with Native Americans to allow westward expansion. 2. Plantation owners fearful that the Somerset Decision (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Somersett's_Case) would be imposed in the North American colonies. 3. Allowing Catholic church to organize in teh Ohio valley after the French and Indian wars. 4. Samllpox infected blankets as special donations to Native Americans. 5. A number of well planned death marches for the American tribes. Every country has behaved badly...