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  1. i550

    Oh, I don't know about that... I think the snakes will be able to hold their own just fine. We'll have to be careful not to beat up on the little boats too much. But there's only one way to find out: Launch some of those puppies, and come join us for a regatta this summer!
  2. i550

    Good to hear about the forestay location being in the right place for you guys. FYI, you're correct, the aluminum viper rig is sleeved, so it ought to be pretty bullet-proof on an i550. Sorry I forgot to mention the sleeving in my original post. As far as I can tell, the sleeved section extends from the base of the mast up to the spreader brackets. You're right about the number of Viper aluminum rigs possibly available. At this point, almost ALL the vipers out there have converted to Carbon, so there should be quite a few of these aluminum rigs looking for a good home. It'd be a nice story if they ended up going to i550's... nice to have one sportboat class heliping out another! Kind of a big brother/little brother gig (cue the Cumbaya and let's all hold hands and sing campfire songs... ) Cheers, F. P.S. Also forgot to mention that I have shrouds and spreaders to go with that mast as well.
  3. i550

    i550 builders: Does anyone need an aluminum mast for their project? I've got a 29.5 foot Selden/Proctor aluminum Viper 640 mast in my back yard, looking for a good home. I figured before I put it on Craig's List for some random person to do who-knows-what with it, I'd offer it to fellow sportsboat anarchists. It's more than tall enough for an i550, so you could cut the excess off the bottom and relocate hardware as needed for your application. The mast is the original aluminum mast that from my Viper 640 (which was converted to a new Carbon rig) Here are the details: - Proctor(Selden) extrusion #3525 - Overall mast height: 29.5 feet. - Single spreader, with upper and lower shrouds. - Approx 2.5" fore/aft chord (diameter?) tapered to approx 2" at the tip. The taper starts 48" from the top. Locations of hardware, measured down from the top of the mast: - spin halyard sheave: 32" - Openings for the upper shroud t-ball fittings: 52.25" - Forestay t-ball opening: 62.75" - Jib Halyard sheave: 66.5" - extra sheave (possibly for a topping lift?) along the front of the mast: 148.5" - Spreader bracket: 185.5" - openings for lower shroud t-balls: 189.5" - Spinnaker pole ring: 294" - goose neck: 309.5" I imagine all of those locations can be changed, but hopefully that'll give you a good description of what I have. The original halyards are still in the mast, but are pretty old. At least you'd be able to run new ones using the originals as messenger lines, so that'd be pretty easy. Mast is located in Austin, TX. PM me if you're interested. Thx, F.
  4. i550

    Not sure if this would fit, but I have an aluminum Viper 640 mast @ home in Austin, TX, which I'm not using since my Viper has been upgraded to the current Carbon mast. The mast is a Proctor #3525 extrusion, tapered tip, sleeved (very stong mast!), 29.5 feet tall. Cut 4.5 feet off the bottom, and you could have an i550 spar? I have two sets of spreaders & shrouds that go with the mast. Anyone who might want to come to Austin to pick it up for an i550 project, PM me... I'm ready to part with it cheap! Cheers, F.