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  1. The VX Evo

    I heard a rumor that people who lined up with it went better wing-on-wing with the kite downwind for extended periods of time as opposed to heating it up and planing. True?
  2. American YC Fall Series and Leukemia Cup

    The J105 loulou was DSQs from all races on Saturday due to a J105 helmsman class rule violation. Rumor has it that said "illegal helmsman" was a 16-year old girl (albeit an extremely skilled one), and the owner of loulou was aboard loulou. Can anyone confirm or deny that set of facts? 105 class rules are what they are, but this seems like a protest of the worst kind by Revelation if the info on yachtscoring is accurate and the rumor is true.
  3. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    You are right. Definitely semantics. Like, a JBoat is a "performance boat" if you own some (but not all) Beneteaus. But it's not a performance boat if you own many other things. So I can see why J Boats would be confused about this, assuming it's not meant to be intentionally misleading, like the phrase "speedster."
  4. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    Are Melges not built in the U.S. anymore, or is this just more J Boats marketing puffery with all of the "speedsters"? There may be a job in D.C. for the JBoats marketing folks if this boat thing doesn't work out.
  5. J70 - What's needed to make a boat turn-key

    Don't forget the professional bottom paint job, which will allow you to sand the bottom to prep the boat for painting first since otherwise you would not be allowed to sand the bottom to deal with any factory imperfections. And then there's the permitted fairing where the keel meets the hull that will cause you to keep the boat's keel down the entire time and get a custom trailer so that you have to scrap the one that came with the boat. And then the giant ladder that you will need to get up into the boat since you can no longer just hop right into it once you've had that work done. Seems like a large percentage of the top of the fleet has had this work done. If you go to Eastern YC, all of the boats are there on giant trailers lofted into the air. If you go to Annapolis YC, most of the drysailed fleet is sitting there with bottom paint. None of this factors in the operating costs of pros. Great example of what happens when a class doesn't control its own rules effectively. Most back of the envelope numbers I've heard for a tricked out race ready 70 are approaching 65-70k.
  6. 505 World Championships - Weymouth UK 2016

    Where are you seeing video?
  7. Dear Newport Bermuda Organizing Authority...

    Think they waited 24 hours to see what would happen, and then made the decision to go. At least they're out there compared to some others. It's like my father always said - as long as you survive your first car crash, you'll learn a lot about how to drive a car. Analogy holds up here too. Godspeed to those crazy bastards.
  8. Interesting One-Design Classes only sailed in one area.

    They're a great Frostbiting boat, because they're fairly dry, comfortable for people of all ages, and not at all technical so it encourages boat handling and tactics at all skill levels. I think we have the only fleet at American Yacht Club (Rye, NY) and we have the best problem you could have: we have more people wanting to sail every weekend than we have boats available. Our hope is that one day we can convince other local clubs to buy a fleet, and with enough interest we can justify having more hulls built Or, just a thought AYC member....you guys could sail boats that other clubs in the area use and stop trying to be the smartest kids on the block and have the only one design fleet in the country of a variety of classes. Too many good sailors over there to keep running the Cook 11 Intergalatic Championship, K6 U.S. National Championship, IOD North Americans, etc. (that last part for the IOD may not be 100% fair but if you're an AYC person, you know what I mean)
  9. The VX Evo

    I think Brian should build this in a 30-foot version and see what happens.
  10. Can One Evening Race Association

    Compare Edlu to NYACYC Stratford Shoal Race the following week -- both are "day distance races" that start early, are longer than the average race in the Sound but end by dinner if the breeze isn't terrible. Edlu = $100, 46 boats signed up. NYACYC = $50, 14 boats signed up. The two are not directly related, but it doesn't appear as though the entry fee is a deterrent. If the entry fee was $50 would there be a lot more entries for the Edlu? Unclear. Maybe one more in your case, but I'm guessing you'd spend a lot more than $100 in food / fuel / beer for the race. People like to beat up YCs for entry fees, but when you look at the overall cost of putting the boat on the line for any given day, it's a fraction of what's involved.
  11. Swede 55

    Gotta love boats where the boat is longer than the mast. There was always one of these at my Club as a kid and I never saw it out. Ah well.