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  1. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    The book is almost written. However I need time off to finish it. And, since the proa is significant part of the book, I need to finish it too. I want the book to be a documentary and not a fiction.
  2. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    I'm happy for you. You have ways to go until you lose all respect for everyone:)
  3. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    http://www.tampabay.com/sports/outdoors/eight-who-dare-the-ultimate-florida-challenge-race-tests-paddlers/1077300 http://www.silive.com/southshore/index.ssf/2010/05/arden_heights_sailor_completes.html
  4. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    To all my supporters. Thank you very much. In culture I grew up in it is extremely unethical to promote self as it is done in western cultures. It is something I have always straggled. However I have to problem with a shit fight, I can span a yarn to bring the best out of an auditory
  5. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Just to clear a few points before I go to bed. Watertribe has been featured on SA front page several times. There is always active tread going in the forum during events. There world class sailors and designers participate. Every sailing rag published article or two about events. Times touted Ultimate Florida Challenge (the one I won two times in my class) as Everest of adventure racing. There are at least two books written about the race. So I have thought that mentioning Watertribe would be enough in targeted auditory, apparently, I was wrong. I can fix it, no big deal.
  6. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Thanks, Skol. I will comb through the message on the gof***me page.
  7. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Hey, Skol. thank you. No offense taken. I expected the resistance and I actually glad of having you as the voice.
  8. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Thanks 02H. Both for the support and the donation. There were a few Watertribers raising money for one couse or another or for just a fun of it in the past. I contemplated with idea for quite a while and I couldn't fail it for being unethical. I offer something in return. The ability to watch my performance. The another look at Proa. Just as sailing curiosity. I'm not in the group who consider the proa to be a goddes of sailing. No. But I needed a boat capable of long river paddling and long costal sailing, while being portable. And I'm in a shithole, so I'm asking sailing community to help... Becides. What is more anarchistic in sailing than a proa? Wouldn't the community want a boat with their logo participating in next "most grueling paddling and sailing race in the world"? C'mon guys. I want to be the guy everyone is happy to be around once again Please, donate.
  9. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Yes, you are right. I need a help with a lot more. But the boat is the thing where I can provide the return. You put some money into it, you see it sailing, you feel great. I can't ask money for my personal problems. It is unethical in my opinion. And I just don't want to escape anymore. Escapism took me across half of the globe already.. So I just stick in here. And becides the proa I live aboard of my 28 ft cruiser. Escaping is easy.. but there are times when one needs to dig his toe in, right?
  10. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    The boat is a brainchild of Russian speaking sailing online forum. I was the driving force with all the crazy ideas, but the boat was basically conceptioned and nurtured to life online. The ammount of shit flying was quite significant back there and I still can defend about every idea I put into it. It needs long sea trails and tinkering until it is functional (or not). If you wonder, yeas, I'm asking for help there too, but for them I'm a rich American playing with the toys. And I'm. I just hit a very bad road bump.
  11. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Where the "refuses to work" part is coming from? I'm dutifully employed and pull 70-80 hours working weeks. That's a part of the problem. It leaves no time to work on the boat nor time for searching a better job. I also could ask for employment, but I'm not sure that in the current situation I can be a good contributor to any team. Right now I drive a truck. I could also ask for a good civil liberties lawyer who would listen and believe my story. The one I contacted basically gave me same crap Scol gives. Shrink gives the same crap. Just leave everything behind and start anew. And I can't leave everything behind because the boat is part of it. Quite significant one. So I need to finish it. Put the fucking final dot.
  12. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Yep. That's part of the story too. I just can't get back to be a nice friendly funny guy I have been once...
  13. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Donate or shut up. I have no problem with the reality check. After all one can't be sure with a result until one tried, right? But please leave the preaching for Sunday Mass. I have very clear idea how worse it can be.
  14. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    Will it be better if I call it sailing canoe?It had been an experiment, the one I stuck too far in to turn around. I believe I can make it working.
  15. CrazyProa. The flame suit is on.

    I want to see how far you go without planning in "Watertribe hippie dippie bulshit" To 02H. Thanks. I'm not a fan of the phenomena either. But it is there and I like to explore. So far experience is humiliating, as you can see. It is this depressing realization that I will not make next year drove me to the experiment. So I stick with it for a while, since I'm in it already.