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  1. Thanks Proa, I copied this.
  2. I remember Jack swimming an anchor out for a boat that had gone up on the breakwater in Santa Cruz. He seemed to be revered by the other grown-ups around me. He lived a long time, so he must have had some stuff figured out.
  3. Wow, that's some real sailing by real sailors! I skimmed the videos for now, but will watch them when I have more time. That boat is a gem. It's beautiful, it's fast, and it has some amazing history.
  4. This thread makes me feel ill. It's not the stupid things that Brent says, it's the high-school style bullying done by grown people, some of whom I have respect for. This is not about Origami boatbuilding, it's about some kind of sick pleasure gained by shaming someone else. I'm disappointed that it has gone this far.
  5. Give what a rest, Varan? Norse has kept all of us up to date on the R2AK in a very thorough fashion for a very long time. Maybe you should contribute something useful and informative.
  6. This could be hostile territory CrazyR. Don't take it personally.
  7. Why not tow the dinghy that suits you? Cruising in BC you see all kinds of things that wouldn't pass inspection on the forums. If it doesn't work out, get a decent hard dinghy that rows well. That's my two cents.
  8. Hi Rasputin, Are you going to start a thread about this? I'd like to know what has been published. I did hear Terry Merrigan's story, but not from him. My father told me the story, which makes me doubt some of the details. Is it true that his Newick tri was flying like a kite on the anchor line, upside down with the mast acting like a tail before it cartwheeled across the bay? Maybe not, but the bloody hands scratching on the hatch could be fact. It sounds like your experiences were slightly different, but still produced some lasting effects. The Caribbean kind of spit me out before Hugo, which may have been a blessing but I'll never know what 200 knots of wind feels like What are you doing now? I know that you are doing some CAD work, but that's all I know. I'm getting ready for attempting the R2AK on my G-32. The race is coming right up and I haven't sailed the boat since last fall. It has a new rig now, but have been waiting on the sails for a long time. There has been plenty to do though. The electrical system and the pedal drive system are happening now. Pelagic autopilots as sponsored me with an autopilot and it just arrived. Looks really cool. Sort of aeronautical, industrial looking. Nothing like a Raymarine pilot. If you compile some Hugo stories (including your own), please let me know. By the way, I had lunch with Norman Cross in a tittie bar. Okay, I was only 10 or 11 and I was with my parents, but I remember Norman and I remember the titties.
  9. Holy shit! I want to know more about this experience. It's pretty obvious that you were aboard. I went through two 100 knot hurricanes in St Croix and that was terrifying even though I was in a very protected spot, but Hugo was a whole different animal. Any long term emotional scars, nightmares, or flashbacks? Elaborate!
  10. I crossed a few bars as a kid and have some pretty wild memories of them. I saw the Wide Bay Bar mentioned on this thread. That one is my foremost wild bar-crossing memory. There were oranges in the head and my brain was as scrambled up as the rest of the boat..
  11. What kind of boat are you bringing Stephen? Looks big! Norse, I just figured out that you are team Squamish and have the Young design. That boat looks a bit like the Pied Piper, one of my favorite boats. I look forward to meeting you and seeing your boat.
  12. You are quite wrong LMI, but I don't really need another battle and I don't think that you will believe anything I say anyway. It's fine if you don't like proas.
  13. Wow, I don't think I fit your generalization about proa enthusiasts, but I would agree that there's a lot more talk than action. Not with me, though. That it's a dumb boat is up for debate (oh goody, more debate), but you don't seem to get that a proa can offer pretty stellar sailing qualities. My old boat almost never got passed by anyone and has beaten boats that should be much faster. I could give a long list of examples, but I'm not going to. What I'm trying to say is that proas are not rare because they are dumb, more because it is not a well developed concept.
  14. I apologize for my outburst this morning. I go through phases where mister Denny really gets under my skin and I'm not proud of it. This quote from rob put me off: "P&W is just another nail in the wait to lee, stayed mast, podded proacoffin. Next instalment will be Ryan coming to grief in Jzerro. Or, worse, succeeding so everybody thinks they can sail them offshore....." -Rob Denny Ryan Finn has owned Jzerro for a very short time and he has some plans for the boat that it was never intended for, but what he has done with the boat is remarkable: Ryan has made the boat significantly faster than it was (it was damn fast before) and driven it harder and faster than any proa has ever gone, most likely. He sailed solo from California to New Orleans without knowing the boat and sailed the second part of the trip at speeds that deserve some real resect. Ryan is not confrontational and has not been so on the forum, but his input about proas has not been welcomed by Rob Denny. Everyone else that's interested in proas may like to hear more from Ryan, but that's not going to happen because it's not worth the battle. Is Rob Denny so sure that he's got "the answer" that he's willing to beat everyone else over the head with his logic? Silly question I guess,. My work with proas (a good part of my life) has been picked apart by this guy year after year and I'm sick of it! He should show us he's better, not just tell us that we are stupid, or else just chill and let the discussion go where it will and stop dissing everyone who doesn't think he's God. I'm ranting again and I'm sorry....
  15. For me too!