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  1. Hard vs soft dinghy

    We didn't set out to please everyone with our nesting dinghy, or our other kits. It was more about producing a boat that we would like ourselves. That may seem like an odd business model, but it has been working well. Our customers feel like they got their money's worth and we feel good about what we produce. At this point in time there is nothing on the market anything like the PT 11. It's a relatively large, lightweight, and very strong nesting dinghy that stows into a relatively small and shallow package. I think I can safely say that rowing or sailing one of our boats is a very different experience than any of the other boats mentioned so far on this thread. Assembling the boat, rowing it, setting it up for sailing, carrying it up the beach, etc. are all quite easy relative to other dinghies. A good nesting dinghy is a surprisingly complex thing. We wish we could sell plans for our boat, but the boat doesn't lend itself to building from patterns. There are a multitude of machined and hand-made parts (and 5 different thicknesses of high-grade plywood) that make the boat what it is. Yes, you have to build one to get one, but that part has been a high point for a lot of our customers (and some of the best boats have been built by people who have never built anything before). The building manual teaches the skills needed with photos for every step and as little text as possible. The rig and foils are also unique. The rig weighs less than 11 pounds (high grade carbon mast and boom), stows in a small diameter 8' long bag, and assembles for sailing in a few minutes. The foils (daggerboard and kick-up rudder) are machined NACA foils. Unlike the rig, the foils are a kit, but they finish easily, and they make the boat go upwind like a 12 meter (almost). Dinghy sailing isn't for everyone, but for their efficiency, the rig and foils are a good value. We sell a surprisingly large number of the non nesting version (the Spear) to people who are good seamen and who have good taste in boats, so the design itself seems to have appeal. I hope I don't sound too defensive about our dinghies, but I believe that you often get what you pay for and anyone who thinks our kits are overpriced hasn't seen, built, or used one. The resale price of a well built used PT 11 is evidence of that. Our website http://www.ptwatercraft.com has a lot of layers and it takes some time to really see what we do. A good dinghy is as important as the mother ship. Inflatables with outboards are the norm for most people, but they are missing something special. A good hard dinghy that rows and sails well (and looks good too) can be a joy.
  2. ......another ferro-cement boat thread

    This is a great story! What inspired the whole thing? Was it Johnny Wray's book? I'm having trouble remembering the title, but the book was unforgettable. Was it "South sea Vagabonds?
  3. Gitana 17 on Foils

    Rob, You must be feeling desperate for attention to still be flogging this dead horse. How long are you going to keep this up? I really think that you need to actually show that your designs work instead of bashing my well proven designs decade after decade. Has this really proven to be a good marketing tool? What kind of moron buys a design from someone who proves his designs from words alone? Prove that your designs work Rob, or else stop this petty belittling bullshit. If I don't want to endorse my designs for amateurs to cross oceans in, that's my business, not yours. Quoting things I may (or may not) have said in 1985 for the umpteenth time is just petty bullshit. If I was just a bit more like you Rob, I would have given my real opinion of your boats publicly. So far, I just ask you to prove what you say about your boats. To date there is very little of that. Again, enter a fucking race to show that your boats can complete a race, let alone sail better than anything else, as you have always said. How about testimony from one of your multitude of customers stating that one of your designs can actually go to windward respectably. Show us video of one sailing fast in rough water. I'm not talking about reaching on a nice day off the sunshine coast (don't post that again), I'm talking about real wind and waves upwind and downwind. Until you can do that, stop this creepy bullshit. Groucho, what you wrote is inaccurate to say the least. Where did you get the information for your book? I don't recall you interviewing me. What do you plan to correct this?
  4. Cold molded boats, how have they held up?

    Actually, it's more about how they are built than anything, but a well built cold-molded boat should last just about forever with a bit of attention.
  5. Hard vs soft dinghy

    Is that a Des Townson design? I have never seen one before.
  6. Gitana 17 on Foils

    Groucho, Your aversion to Doug Lord is interesting. Can I ask you something? Has he publicly denigrated you for decades? Does he sell unproven concepts to people who don't know any better on the power of his words alone? I think you know where I am going with this. How about another question; if Doug were from down under, would you allow him his eccentricities? Sorry, I know this is weird and I'm not going to get answers, but I wish I could understand you and your leanings. If I didn't respect you, I wouldn't care.
  7. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Well Said, Bob. The last sentence points out the redundancy of this thread.
  8. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Blah blah blah, Rob. You are an absolute master of words, but it doesn't make what you say true....
  9. Thoughts on mast rotation controls

    I'm really hoping that someone pipes up with something brilliant. On my G-32 rig I have the tiller facing forward and a centerline tether to limit rotation. I also have side controls to induce rotation and lock the mast when it's choppy. The only time I used the side controls, I poked the spreader through the main when I gybed before releasing the control.
  10. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    I absolutely can't believe that you are trying to sell Harryproas on this thread, Rob. All of your "Facts" and your "Harryproa solution" are just as suspect now as they were 10 or 15 years ago. Why?, because you still haven't proven a single one of your theories. Yes, you have boats being built all over the world, but has even one entered and finished a race? Has one had a successful ocean passage (without structural damage), has one been driven hard in the ocean and been proven to sail upwind, steer downwind, not capsize, etc. Basically all the things a good boat should do, your boat's do perfectly, but only in your head. I'm saying prove it before you make me and everyone else listen to your theories. What happened to Bucket list? All the beautiful computer generated visuals and no boat. Oh wait, there is a boat and it has been sailing, but you are shelving that without proving that it works. Even I was excited to see it go. What is up with you, man? Prove this shit before you sell it!
  11. Wht havent' multihulls taken the world by storm

    Who cares if multihulls have or haven't taken the world by storm? Lots of people don't like them, lots of people do. So what?
  12. Rimas is alive

    Okay, I get it. I hate his guts too. What I don't get is the 230 pages of bitching about the guy. Isn't there something that can be done besides bitching, such as inform rescue services the world over to ignore him, or make sure that he has no way to call for help. I very much agree that it's not cool to call for help more than once. In reality though, there are a lot of people doing things they shouldn't and then calling for help. Since GPS it seems that lots of people who used to drive RV's are now driving boats that look like RV's and calling for help when the coffee maker quits working. Maybe we should put more energy into bitching about those people.
  13. Rimas is alive

    Is anyone else complaining about him besides the people roasting him on SA?
  14. Rimas is alive

    What exactly is the problem with letting this guy do what he does? Is it that he has to be towed into port? Is it that he doesn't follow yachting etiquette or something? What the fuck! let the guy be.
  15. Russel, hi, I think I met you in Dubai when you were on the crew sailing Rogue to Dubai. Nick Barham, looked after  Rogue and Galliard, when Ray was not in Dubai until we left to return to the UK. We lost contact with Ray and I am very sad to hear that he was jailed? and died? The last that I heard was that Ray sailed her to the West Coast of India, I think Goa, to settle there? Galliard is in the UK now, but under another name. We never found out where Rogue Wave ended.