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  1. They could give away Rum and COkes and it would still be a shitty event these days.. Upwind downwind course in the outer harbour - boring. Try the Sunday inner harbour race around fixed channel marks.. I still remember the Gybe mark when Police Car broke its vang.......We made the cover of Australian Sailing. But to be fair, scheduling a race through the channel with a ship incoming last year was exciting, if it was an entirely unencessary potentially homicidal act by the race committee. We got to within Ten metres of 5000 tones of ship, as did others, due to a moronic decision by the race committee that started a race in the innner harbour through to marks on the outer harbour and that start time coexisted with the schedule of an inbound ship. I briefed the skipper that the engine might need to go on and we might need to head for the mud but we just made it as did everyone else. SKipper and most other boats seemed oblivious to what could have happened. Some of you stupid cunts might like to read the odd coroners report, like this one: https://www.maritimenz.govt.nz/Publications-and-forms/Accidents-and-investigations/Accident-reports/Wainui-Toolka-T-012774-mnz-accident-report2001.pdf
  2. I agree with Flatbag, did it last year against my better judgement and thus reminded myself why its now an expensive waste of time.
  3. Walrus took time of from attending to his aircraft to go to Geelong this year and was mostly pleasantly surprised. Best entertainment was Sunday morning tacking up the narrows with a ship coming the other way - most interesting, I hope RGYC can arrange it again next year. The cruiser racer divisions had a real course to sail, not this crazy upwind/downwind IRC farce ( "Daffy, the wind has swung 0.00035 degrees Left, could you move the bottom mark 27.0913 cm. East after the last boat is around down there?"). The range of stalls was again pitiful, but at least that might give RGYC food for thought. Alcohol prices? Nothing has changed. Geelong girls? Nothing has changed.
  4. Walrus is getting ready for the most important race of the year: the Phoenix Trophy passage race to QCYC!
  5. Mexican: Gee, well there is the problem Mexxy. You see mate, I always thought that the "key stakeholders" were the owners and crews of the competitors yachts. This event is not like some fucking rock concert where the band plays no matter who attends, if their ain't no boats then your "festival of sail" is just a bunch of fucking unemployed Geelong Bogans wandering around looking for a fight. I mean think of it Mexxy, There is a crew to organise, food and drink to be purchased and a boating asset worth between $10,000 and $3,000,000 or so to be punted down to Geelong - and we aren't the "key Stakeholders"? Ever heard of the marketing terms "buy In" and "ownership" Mexxy? I'll bet those stupid RGYC, Geelong Council and State Government pricks convinced themselves that "Festival of Sail" was a "Brand" right? A "brand " that they owned. That came through loud and clear when Scandia first sponsored the race; the yachting population was immediately divided into "Grand Pricks" yachtsmen welcomed into the corporate tent and the rest of us great unwashed boaters. Each year you progressively alienated more of the Victorian yachting community till we were just a fucking sideshow, a pleasant backdrop for the Bogans to look at, with no real stake in the proceedings. That is what your "branding" has achieved. You see Mexxy, in days gone by every yachtsman in the Bay had "Ownership" of the Geelong regatta and we dutifully "bought in". We organised bought and paid for food, drink and accommodation each year because it was something everyone did as a matter of course. We went because everyone went. And this year you fucked it up even worse than last time.. No passage race and sailing during a work day as well. Let me tell you what the original highlights of Geelong regatta actually were: 1. Passage races from every point in the bay, the course, starting order and start times chosen so that everyone arrived at the Hopetoun channel at once. For those on board that provided fun and games at the narrowest point and it was not unusual to see several unwary players go aground. The spectacle of about a thousand yachts (which is something like the numbers that attended in the late 1960's) arriving en masse was pleasing to the watchers. - But you fucked that all up now haven't you? 2. Then there was the fact that all yachts held "open house" and you caught up with people you hadn't seen all year, wandered off to get drunk together and eat something. Now replaced by acres of commercial food stalls. 3. Then there was the Sunday afternoon race for the teams in the inner harbour. The action at the gybe mark produced several magazine covers. I was there when Police Car broke its vang. All that is gone now - replaced by boring up/down races in the outer harbour. 4. Then there are the prices of everything. We didn't mind buying beer tickets, but today prices are just gouging. So tell RGYC, the City of Geelong and the State Government to take their "Brand" and stick it up their arses.
  6. The Aframax tanker - what's it rate?
  7. Last I heard was that a new nose would be fitted in Sydney.
  8. Who pays for the measuring, and remeasuring, and remeasuring ad nauseam, of the Adams 10 that continues to smoke the fleet for at least the Fifth year in succession? Face it guys, this boat is perfect for Port Phillip, Lake Macquarie, the Solent and a host of other places. Someone should run a research project about what unique characteristics of this design make it so good. My guess is that the polar is almost circular.
  9. Word is that our (and others) complaints have been noted and that action will be taken after the event to ensure this never happens again.
  10. Next cruise is on 77,000 tonnes.
  11. Ka bump. Paella was excellent on New Years Eve. Prawns and Oysters on NYD even better. Paradise is still going strong.
  12. General feeling as of today is that RGYC and its associates have used up whatever goodwill was left, and cutting the entry fees won't change the outcome. People are creatures of habit and once the decision to miss the event was taken, a lot of crews have made other plans that won't be reversed. RGYC needs to understand the concept of "Mindshare" and YV needs to understand that there are plenty of sports and pastimes competing with sailing for peoples attention, time and money.
  13. Giddy Up: Unless I am much mistaken, people like me were competing in the Geelong Regatta before you were even born. I've lost count of how many I've attended, probably on the same basis as everyone else - if you actually remember the weekend, you obviously weren't there, but I would guess at least Twenty. I've not only contributed, as hundreds of dollars worth of sodden beer tickets pulled out of the washing machine testify, I've even worked the regatta as an on water volunteer once or twice. Since Skandia and "Professional Event Managers" came along and took over the event, I and many others have suggested to RGYC, formally and informally, that they were standing into danger by, among other things: 1) Alienating their average competitors by creating an "us and them" divide between "Grand Pricks" competitors and the rest of us great unwashed. This has, and probably still does, resulted in deliberate changes to the Division eligibility criteria to screen out certain types of boats, notably the Adams 10 design, which is arguably the best value trophy grabbing machine ever designed, from winning major events. Then of course there is the artificial division between "Sponsors" and "Competitors" which results in RGYC management paying all of their attention to the former and none to the latter. The culmination of this stupidity was the raffle prize for the great unwashed competitors some years ago of: Entry into the sponsors tent with the Stars! Are you so fucking retarded that you don't understand the "Meta message" (the message you are sending when you don't think you are sending any message) inherent in entertaining such a degrading, no, perverted, idea?????? 2) Building a huge fixed cost base. Providing bullshit for sponsors costs a lot of money. 3) Destroying Market value. Believe it or not, we didn't mind paying for greasy hamburgers cooked by the Lions club because we knew the profits were going to charity. We didn't begrudge RGYC its beer ticket money because we knew it was their one major fund raiser for the year. The event was as comfortable as an old boot. You even knew where to find which crews in which restaurant or bar - there was a tradition to that. Well that is all gone. The event is now a plastic professional carbon copy of a thousand other events. 4) Destroying Fun and Spectacle. Racing in the outer harbor is dead boring. If you wanted to see fun and spectacle, all you had to do was crew in Division One and be part of what happened at the first Gybe mark on Sunday afternoon - and if you don't understand what I'm talking about then shut the fuck up because you have no right to comment. All of us have done our best over many years to tell RGYC that it was standing into danger - they didn't fucking listen. I don't know what else we can do.
  14. Giddy Up: Not since cretins like you came on the scene.