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  1. S2 7.9

    Perhaps the half-hull maker was unaware of the fixed keel alternative.
  2. Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    You can be nicer than that...
  3. Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    The two lines thru one hole doesn’t seem like a happy solution
  4. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    You’re wrong about many things, but not this boat IMO You’ll get it sorted
  5. Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    Why not remove the dead end at the fairlead and finish it around the ring?
  6. Infuckers on the Fareast 28r

    Pix? Why run line through the ring more than once? Consider replacing those SS washers with G10 plate?
  7. Wahine 26

    Perhaps the bowl swivels permitting use on either tack...
  8. Wahine 26

    A28 was well-designed, poorly-executed.
  9. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    How about just asking your son,? Must suck to think that your dad doesn’t trust you. If you’re not liking what you see in the behavior of your children, take a long hard look in the mirror, Dad
  10. ORC and sport boats

    Good article addressing ORC in Italy in current issue of Seahorse. M32 has been particularly successful in Class C...but not stock
  11. Sailing tshirt company on SA?

    Paging Mark Michaelson
  12. Mr. Clean DTS?

    Your responses suggest that you've matured somewhat, Alan Good for you
  13. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Why not intake forward; dump, aft?
  14. Yet another "bump" Start another thread, JExpo? Would seem you are quite interested in all the sordid DETAILS What should she be rated IYO?
  15. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Dump forward and intake aft? No concerns of "recycling" effluents?