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  1. Hobie Anarchy

    Origin of VMG as terminology

    It was a really good rant until that stumble - but glad you spotted it quickly. Carry on.
  2. Hobie Anarchy

    Origin of VMG as terminology

    December 7, 1941 - the day the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. But seriously, you're not going to find an "exact date" - it's like trying to pin down when was the first use of ά to represent angle of attack. Even today, there's disagreement about what VMG actually means - is it towards a destination (mark) or towards the wind direction? The term was probably used only at the highest levels of the sport (America's Cup) since they had the computational resources to calculate it. As those resources became more affordable (electronic wind instruments), the terminology trickled down. The earliest references I can find in my library date back to the early '70s. The book that probably most influential in bringing VMG out into wider use was this (published in 1979):
  3. Hobie Anarchy

    SI or RRS Penalty Protocol

    US Sailing Appeal 60, Sail Canada Appeal 40 and RYA Appeal 2015/1 may be instructive before diving down this rabbit-hole of trying to re-write the RRS.
  4. Hobie Anarchy

    Does anyone know what type of cat hull this is?

    Yeah, you're right. Even more rare than the Dragoon - I've never seen the H15 except in pictures. Still one of the Hobie Cat France boats, though. They made a bunch of different models that didn't make it out of Europe.
  5. Hobie Anarchy

    Does anyone know what type of cat hull this is?

    It is a Hobie Cat, but not one that you see very often in the US. It's a Hobie Dragoon, made in France. Used a lot in youth programs. Doublehanded, with spinnaker.
  6. Hobie Anarchy

    Understanding Tidal Flow - Biscayne Bay

    That's nowhere near the racing areas - they are near the middle/north end of the bay. And the other locations are at the inlets to the bay - where the flow is greatest.
  7. Hobie Anarchy

    Understanding Tidal Flow - Biscayne Bay

    My experience (3 years of doing mark set / pin boat at SWC Miami) is that the tidal flows are relatively slow in the race areas inside the northern part of the bay. (The tides are only about 30 inches.) The depth is uniformly shallow, so what current there is is fairly uniform. Do what the big boys do, though - no sooner than we had a mark in the water, there would be a gaggle of coaches by it, dropping current sticks in. It's comparable to Lk. St. Clair around GPYC. Something you might have to account for when judging a lay line, but nowhere to escape it. Everyone is on the moving carpet.
  8. Hobie Anarchy

    2017 Rules Rule 69

    First order of business - a boat cannot protest under rule 69. Only a protest committee may call a hearing under rule 69. An IJ should know this. And shame on him if he doesn't. In this instance, Boat B breaks RRS 24, then RRS 2 by intentionally breaking 24.
  9. Hobie Anarchy

    Burgee Identification

    Damn. 2 minutes. My google-fu is not nearly as strong as I thought. I didn't put the key > cay thing together. Thanks, guys.
  10. Hobie Anarchy

    Burgee Identification

    So I saw this burgee at a yacht club today. No ID. Google image search brings no love. Where is this from? I want one.
  11. Hobie Anarchy

    Hooning in the Nimitz.

    That was the USS Vincennes (CG-49) - an Aegis cruiser. You don't want to be on them when they do high speed maneuvers.
  12. Hobie Anarchy

    strict class

    Hobie Cat builds the sails for the 16 (and the 14, 17, 18, 20 - but they don't have the international reach the 16 does). The sails look good, work well and are reasonably durable. Except the jib - but it gets beaten up on the mast. Mains are good for ~5 years. YMMV.
  13. Hobie Anarchy

    Rules Question for Start

    Class rules can't change Appendix A (see RRS 86). MNA prescriptions, NOR and SIs can.
  14. Hobie Anarchy

    Rules Question for Start

    Although under the current rules, it could be either - at the discretion of the PC. But in this case, I'm pretty sure the PC would "award" the offender with a DNE.
  15. Hobie Anarchy

    Upwind gates

    And there'e your answer. It was complicated - and they also determined offsets were necessary on both marks. Now you've got a weather mark boat setting four marks. I think you just violated the B.I.M.B.O. union rules. Good ROs know that the leeward mark/gate should be set directly downwind of the offset/spreader mark rather than the weather mark. The sailing areas shown in your diagram are not nearly as skewed when you draw that diagram to scale. Sportboats (and catamarans) tend to continue on starboard after the offset because a downspeed jibe is slow.