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  1. FYI, Ben A. picked up two DNEs for his detour into the media boat - it was only because he groveled to the Powers that Be that he didn't get worse. I was on the PC for a 69 hearing where the person in question sent a letter regarding a competitor to the competitor's employer (USCG) complaining about his lack of sportsmanship and then lied about the contents of the letter to the PC. We ended up giving the person a warning - the club gave them a 6 month suspension. It was not pretty - and everyone had lawyered up. Not fun. Rule 69 is serious business. You want to read ridiculousness - try the Paul Coady decision - all 59 pages of it. http://www.sailing.org/raceofficials/eventorganizers/disciplinary.php
  2. And it's a really bad Photoshop job. They didn't even try to match the skin tone on the neck seam or get the shadows right. Here's the original photo: Flip horizontal, rotate 8.65 degrees, re-size. Perfect match.
  3. Update on this week - Monday was good - a 2x surge train station run that netted $25+ on the first trip of the AM (@ 5 AM), then a couple of airport runs made for a $100+ morning. However, Wednesday night and this morning sucked. Except for one airport run, it was a bunch of BS short rides (<$10) and hardly any surge pricing. According to the IRS, I lost about $30 so far on those two days. Hopefully this PM will make up for it.
  4. I started driving with Uber a couple of weeks ago. For the most part, the experience has been positive (pleasant customers, no barfing, no assaults), but I pick and chose the times I drive. I don't drive after 11 PM and I won't do pick ups in the 'hood after dark. I've had some really funny customers and some that I've had to air the car out afterwards (either from too much perfume, or nasty BO). Surge pricing works both ways. I've found that if I drive into a surge area during low demand, I can make the surge pricing go away within 5 minutes - just by being there. If you take the full $0.54/mile IRS deduction for mileage, then the hourly rate sucks. If I'm lucky and hit a few surge areas during one of my "shifts", then I can make ~$20/hr gross. Knock the deduction off that and it's more like $10/hr. One thing that pisses me off about Uber (at least in this area) is the constant texts they toss out to get drivers on the road - the one they sent out last night ("The early bird gets the worm! Partners who drove between 5am and 9am last week avg'd over $25/hr in fares. Go online during weekday mornings to cash-in on the morning rush demand!") f'in killed this morning's business. I was on-line for 45 minutes (4:45 - 5:30) and didn't get a single call. Today, I signed up with Lyft. We'll see how that goes. Edit - just got my Uber statement from last week. $218.59 for 13.21 hrs on-line (that's $16.54/hr). Doesn't count the commuting time (you don't know where your headed on an Uber trip until you pick someone up - at the end of the "shift", you might be a long way from home). I also know how better to play their game now, so my hourly rate should go up.
  5. Unless Appendix P was invoked by the sailing instructions, the IJ had no standing to "yellow flag" them on the water. Absent the direct inclusion of Appendix P, the only action an IJ could take on the water is to protest.
  6. Photographer is Jaime de Pablos - why don't you ask him, or better yet, spend some quality time looking though his albums to find out - https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaimedepablos/albums/with/72157633099735335 (BTW, the photo appears to be quite real. That's some seriously big hardware.)
  7. Better practice is to set a waypoint ("mark" in Garmin parlance) and note the number. That way, you can always come back to it. When you hit "MOB", it erases the last MOB. MOB is good for setting a gate, but you always want to know where your reference point (signal boat) is. Actually, the laser range finder is better for setting the gate, but that's another story.
  8. The proper way to set a course for drop marks is generally by target time (how long (time) do you want the race to be?). ISAF and others publish target time charts for various one-design classes. Given a certain wind strength and course configuration, you set your marks accordingly, using a reference point - which can be the signal boat or one mark of the gate (usually the right hand one). The process is - signal boat anchors, gate boat pings the signal with GPS and sets first gate mark based on the ping (or laser range-finder and compass if you really want to be accurate). Gate boat then pings the mark and radios the coordinates to the weather mark boat, who's been at the top of the course feeding wind readings to the signal boat. Gate then sets the other gate mark (7-10 BL wide) and either sets the pin or becomes the pin for the start line. PRO decides bearing to the weather mark and radios to the WM boat who moves into position. PRO decides on course distance near or even shortly after the start and weather mark drops the mark at that location. Based on time the fleet takes to get to the first WM, PRO may decide to Charlie + or - to achieve proper target time. If you're setting a trapezoid, things are more complicated, but still follow the same basic pattern. Course size is dictated by the estimated time it will take the first boat to make it around the course. There are little hand-held course computers available that give the bearings to the other marks depending on the type of course you're setting:
  9. ^ What Brass said. It's not rocket surgery. A 20 lb kellet? You never had to haul those MF'ers, did you? A 10 lb kellet is all that's needed on a mark - and at the lowest depth you could expect someone to snag the line.
  10. FACT: There has never, ever, in all of history, been a nation of Palestine. Which is a bit like being a holocaust denier Really? "Palestine" is a geographical region with no history of organized government until 1988 - and even then, it's only partially recognized because its creation was political - a "government in exile." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_Palestine
  11. It's really not that hard. Certain areas are reserved (depending on the type of boat) for event and manufacturer advertising. For sails, those areas are generally none or small (sailmaker patches), leaving most of the sail available for advertising of your choice - with some restrictions: Certain, major events (think multi-nation oceanic events and America's Cup) may have advertising that is required to be approved by World Sailing (ISAF) No political, religious, racial or propaganda allowed Some nations may have legal restrictions (think Islamic countries and alcohol sponsors; tobacco sponsors in US) Advertising needs to be kept away from sail numbers and/or national letters That's pretty much it. Have at it.
  12. JFC, that's an ugly boat.
  13. It's table tennis, not "ping-pong"! I cringe when a news outlet uses the term, and have been cringing for 30 years. Yeah, but "Table Tennis Power" is a lame headline. "Ping Pong Power" is catchy and alliterative, even if it is wrong.
  14. You want to know what the flags were for? This: And there are at least 3 fewer sailors and one less flag in that photo than there ought to be.