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  1. Rule 17 Question

    As far as I know, mark room is room to make a seamanlike rounding, not a tactical one. The outside boats only need to give enough space for the inside boat tonmake the rounding, not enough space to make it tactically advantageous to the inside boat.
  2. RORC TransAtlantic Race

    I bet a Maxi72 is faster. That being said, good for them for getting out and using their toy. Hopefully they will continue to show up and compete, even if it is slow.
  3. Rule 17 Question

    This is a hypothetical situation, I had a conversation recently where one sailor was talking about Rule 17 and how the leeward boat determines its own proper course and how the windward boat must stay clear. That's pretty basic stuff, and on the water, the windward boat certainly must stay clear, even if she feels the leeward boat is wrong (thats what protests are for, rather than a collision). He was saying that if he was overtaking a boat to leeward he would start coming up and trying to force a foul, and that the rule book essentially will defer to his actions because the windward boat, in its protest, would have to demonstrate that the leeward boat was above its proper course, and that he, the skipper of the leeward boat, determines proper course. I think he's abusing the rights given to him by the rule book but maybe I'm wrong. My first question is, if the leeward boat is clearly trying to come up to force a foul, and the windward boat stays clear but feels that the leeward boat is sailing above a proper course (best course sailed to the next mark/finish in the absence of other boats), how would windward prove that in the protest room? This is one design sailing so there are not differing angles under spinnaker for best VMG. I've read all the ISAF cases and they all basically say that the leeward boat determines proper course and windward boats proper course is irrelevant. I understand that. But having a sailor in the local fleet who is intent on using the rulebook as a weapon (in fleet racing, mind you), makes me wary about the possibilities of protests with this particular person in the future. Any constructive thoughts/input would be appreciated. My second scenario/question is as follows: Two One-Design keelboats with symmetrical spinnakers sailing downwind, same tack. Leeward begins to overlap windward, and her spinnaker collapses. Leeward luffs up to windward to refill spinnaker. Windward stays clear, protests on Rule 17. Leeward claims luffing to refill spinnaker was her proper course at the moment. It goes to the room, and leeward loses the protest. The committees reasoning was that in the absence of other boats on the course, leewards spinnaker would not have collapsed and she would have not had to luff to refill it. Agree or disagree with the protest committee? If disagree, why so? Thanks!
  4. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Is it just me or does it seem likely that a lot of the smaller boats are probably much faster than the Grand Mistral 80? Wild Oats X should certainly be in the Tier 2 Contenders, especially over the GM80 and the 60' Ichi Ban, neither of which have canting keels. Will be interesting to see if Beau Geste performs well, she hasn't seemed to be that quick despite having a very competent crew.
  5. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    All kidding aside it wasn't announced until yesterday on their Facebook and apparently sailworld so if that makes me slow that's not too troubling.
  6. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Probably true. I just saw the announcement on their Facebook page yesterday so didn't realize that was common knowledge but you guys are all local so makes sense that you're in the know. It is too bad that you couldn't come up with an original user name despite joining the forum over 8 years after I did though.
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Looks like Baby Oats is going south along with the big one. Edit: can't figure out how to embed the announcement made in a Facebook post.. 10156751039587977
  8. Core materials... lighter than Air!? <;~O .....

    That was my first thought, too. What happens when it is inevitably breached, either through collision or someone drills through it to put a fitting/throughhull? All of a sudden the vacuum is gone, at best, or the entire hull would be waterlogged at worst.
  9. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Why not?
  10. Black Jack

    Looks like it's in a cassette. Similar to the VARA rudder cassette system, if not the same.
  11. Magregor 26's big brother at 17KTs

    It's most likely for a big #1 jib on the outer one and a working jib (#3 probably) on the inside one. If it's light air and they need the extra (sail) power, furling and unfurling is way easier than having to use a single forestay and swap gigantic headsails with limited crew.
  12. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    They may not want to "upgrade" i.e, switch to an newer boat, but as far as the Oatley's and upgrading go, that's exactly what they've been doing all these years with WOXI. There may be plenty of life left in her, but she has needed major work to stay on top of the game, and the current crop of threats to her are serious programs. Must be nice to finally have some competition.
  13. Black Jack

    Correct. Originally her cockpit did not go all the way aft and WOXI's did. When they both lengthened to 100' Alfa extended her cockpit to the new transom. Look at the sheerline differences in these two photos. One from 2005, the other from 2009
  14. Black Jack

    They actually put it back on.. as Esimit Europa 2 she did not have the F1 decal. It looked pretty awesome on Alfa Romeo.. there was a picture way back in 2005 I think of her starting a race off Sydney with that logo front and center and about the first 30 feet of the boat airborne.. couldn't find it unfortunately.
  15. Transpac 2017

    She's probably going to Australia from HI if the Hobart is still on the calendar.