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  1. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Seems like they didn't want to give up the tungsten bulb, but limited draft with the original keel means (obviously) less righting moment. Light air yes she's faster but probably from 10 knots upwards no chance whatsoever. The size difference in the rigs between BJ and the other 100's was striking.
  2. I'm not yelling

    I can't believe I read this whole thing, but it sounds to me as though our British friend's problem is that he is so worried about being thought of as a know-nothing skipper that he chooses to sail with less than competent people and doesn't even try to teach them to master their jobs. By not adequately training and preparing his crew, he has made his knowledge and superiority paramount to the success of the boat even leaving the dock, let alone sailing and winning. He is irreplaceable and invaluable in his mind. I personally like sailing with a crew that could race the boat effectively even if I wasn't there. And if that means spending the time and effort to teach and instruct people so they become comfortable and competent, than that is what happens. On the occasions that I have the opportunity to sail with people more talented and knowledgeable than me, I find it a great learning experience. "Not a team sport" - well on a successful crewed boat everybody is putting in max effort for whatever their job is, and the success of the boat would be due to that. Sure the owners checkbook is important, but its important in baseball, football, whatever. The owner is paying lots of money for his "team" but they are the ones getting the result.
  3. This is what you initially said. Assuming RWB means right of way boat (ROW), ROW is under no obligation to give room to a give way boat. That only happens in very specific circumstances, such as (you correctly pointed out) that if the overlapped give-way boat would be pushed into the committee boat to windward. As in, the give-way boat has stuck her nose in there and gotten room that she wasn't entitled to. ROW boat can take the windward boat head to wind any time before the start regardless of how the overlap was established (see Definition of Proper Course- it doesnt apply before starting signal.) If the RoW boat takes W up before there is any overlap with the committee boat, then no worries. RoW does NOT have to give room.
  4. Where does it say any of that in the rule book?
  5. what's wrong with this picture

    None of those boats have rudders..
  6. Calling/denying buoy room

    I don't think that's right, but either way there would be an overlap pretty apparent to both boats.
  7. sweet Jesus. StH in a zodiac

    There's a fine line between "brave sailor" and "fucking idiot" these days.
  8. Sydney to Hobart 2018 - supermaxi world championship

    Comanche's only real advantage is in pressure close reaching to broad reaching. Anything higher or lower than that and Oats is at least as fast, if not faster.
  9. Enforcers

    I sail in a small OD fleet that the majority of the people there, including some very good sailors, just want to have fun. They want to be competitive and do their best, but at the end of the day its just a sailboat race and most everybody there is friends with one another. We have a couple members though who have made it clear that they don't necessarily care about the social aspect of it and they are only showing up to compete and win. Guess which boats have trouble finding crew?
  10. would you sack mark richards ?

    Agreed. It seems that until recently there wasn't much in the way of qualifying boats and/or crews. It certainly is a challenging race for a 58 mile course. But if they had to follow the same entry and safety qualifications of the Sydney Hobart or Fastnet Race, I'd hazard a guess that there wouldnt be as many incidents and deaths. Yes, the water is cold. Yes it can be windy. And yes, there are rocks to avoid. That's not unique and the boats should only be on the course for a relatively short time! Assuming there's wind a 4kt shitbox could do it in 15 hours.
  11. Commanche should have leebowed Wild Oats

    It doesn't matter when Comanche starts to call them on it. Wild Oats as port tack needed to keep clear. When she decided to to tack she also needed to keep clear. She failed at that.
  12. would you sack mark richards ?

    Why is the Farallones race nearly twice as dangerous by any measure? Is this an objective statement, shared by sailors locally and around the world? Or are you just more knowledgeable then others about this sort of thing.
  13. justice

    Read rules 16.1 and 16.2. It only would have been "hunting" if Wild Oats was trying to duck Comanche's stern. This is where the common misconception of hunting and match racing comes from. In match racing the starboard boat can come down to 90 degrees off the true wind even if the port boat is trying to duck the stern. In fleet racing, if port is trying to duck starboard's stern, starboard can't alter course if it would require port to immediately change course to continue keeping clear. Wild Oats was not trying to duck Comanche. Comanche may have altered course to leeward (I thought I saw that too in the video). Competely perfectly legal move. If stupidity was against the RRS WOXI would have copped a penalty for that as well. Burden of proof is on the port tack boat, or boat tacking. Starboard doesn't have to explain much typically.
  14. justice

    Not a match racing move. Very standard in fleet racing, though you obviously don't see it much with super maxis. Don't confuse Spithill and Comanche playing within their rights as allowed by the rules with WOXI pushing it too hard with very little rights as the give way boat. This was not Spithill's creation. Any decent helmsman in his shoes at that moment would have done the same move. Try to entice the port tack boat to tack early or start to duck early. Nothing to do with match racing at all.
  15. would you sack mark richards ?

    Not like Richo hasn't ever overruled Murray...