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  1. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Trans-Atlantic Race

    Not likely unless they got a new mast in the last two weeks...Or had a really good spare rig and race sails.,amp.html
  2. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    They did have furling headsails off the sprit, and off other hard points on the foredeck (staysail, J4, whatever else) when it was manual. They had an enormous jib off a furler on the sprit, but I don't think it was labeled J1. Their current inventory (Mostly, if not all Doyle) is all on furlers. This picture was from the sea trials off Newport in 2014.
  3. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Chicago Anarchists...

    Anyone want to make a little $$ and go look at a boat for me? There's an Etchells being sold by a non-profit and I'd like to get an independent 3rd party to check a couple things out. PM me if able/willing to!
  4. Captain Jack Sparrow

    J class Svea

    I don't know the current reasoning with rating rules about why they are banned, but back in the J-Class heyday, it was found that the quadrilateral jib was a much more efficient shape than the standard Yankee type forward headsail. It's a better shape versus a triangular corner (think square top mainsail versus normal), as well as having better twist control when not hard on the wind. The idea actually came from the British- T.O.M Sopwith and Richard Fairey. Both aviation moguls, Sopwith built Endeavour (and then Endeavour II). Fairey owned Shamrock V, and I believe was the one who figured out that it was a more efficient shape. He told Sopwith about it, and a sail for Endeavour was built to compete in the 1934 Cup. It was supposed to be a secret until Endeavour arrived in the U.S., but in a tune up race on the Solent, Endeavour was losing to Velsheda, so Sopwith ordered the sail broken out. It was promptly copied by the Americans, on Rainbow. They were never really encouraged to be used anywhere else, and were pretty much on the J-class because sailcloth at the time wouldn't hold its shape up the wind range if it was on a genoa that size. I believe they pointed better too, with the double head rigs that became standard on them in the 30's. The 1930 match between Enterprise and Shamrock V actually had both boats with triple head rigs, with the double head rigs being developed before the 1934 match.
  5. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    Right, I was saying that I don't think the keel was able to be changed as they would have lost the grandfather status of the tungsten bulb. They made the call to optimize around light weight and less wetted surface, while knowing that the other similar boat (WOXI) had much more righting moment capability.. purely due to her deeper keel fin, as WOXI is a bit narrower than BJ100.
  6. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    I think the reason they kept a small rig and optimized for the light air is because they did keep the bulb, but had the keep the original fin as well, which didn't draw anywhere near as much as what Wild Oats currently has. The tungsten bulb was grandfathered in by IRC, but they weren't allowed to change the keel at all, or they'd lose the grandfather status. The call was made when the boat was acquired to optimize for the light end of the spectrum, as WOXI was currently going through her major reconstruction to make her more competitive uprange with Comanche. So they had a self imposed righting moment limitation, which they were hoping would be overcome by the reduced wetted surface (frontal cross section area, really) of the tungsten bulb. There apparently hasn't been enough light wind for this to matter when it counts (Hobart race). And Wild Oats with a taller rig and more sail area could easily overcome the "disadvantage" of carrying a standard bulb versus one containing tungsten.
  7. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Barge much? (FP)

    I thought that was pretty funny!
  8. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    How many practice days with the pro crew does it take to equal the cost of the new mast and rigging after it does get fucked up? Back to Belle Mente's failure..It seems pretty likely that human error would be responsible for a topmast failure. Somebody mentioned that when they dumped a rig a few years ago, there was immediately a big (and expensive) salvage effort to get answers. This time around, the rig isn't at the bottom of the ocean, which certainly helps while looking for answers, but it may be that they already know why it failed, and its not a big deal. It's only money, anyways...
  9. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Black Jack, Nose Job Arse Lift

    I would hazard a guess that the advantage is completely structural regarding the sprit. Having extra structure in the part that has been controversial certainly adds a fair amount of support area where the sprit connects to the hull. I did find it interesting that it was interpreted the way it was though, regarding LOA.
  10. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    Interesting. Do you know where the 2012 J/V boat is? Is it still in the maxi72 fleet?
  11. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Bella Mente Broke Their Rig......Again

    What do Lucky and Wizard have to do with Bella Mente? Lucky is the ex-Loki, an R/P 63, and Wizard is the old Groupama VO70.
  12. Captain Jack Sparrow


    2 boats popped up in the j/80 NA classifieds in the last two in MD, one in NY. One in MD doesn't have a trailer though.
  13. Captain Jack Sparrow


    The one in Boothbay Harbor is a decent boat. I took a look at it last winter when I was shopping around. It ended being slightly out of budget for me, but they may be willing to wiggle around more since she's just been sitting there. If you call ECYS, ask for Andrew Sheriff. I bought my boat through him and he was really good to work with. Very knowledgeable. This particular boat (don't remember the hull #, but its a 2001) had a bunch of the fairly common crazing all over the gelcoat..Its not pretty but not a structural issue. I think she's got electronics and decent sails as well as PHRF/cruising options (cushions, genoa). It'd be awesome if you end up with one, we are trying to get a fleet started in Casco Bay. We've got three boats already currently racing here. Feel free to PM me with any more questions.
  14. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Sail #s on Genoas

    Over early is over early... However having a different colored hull other than what is normal (usually white, obviously) in OD events means you'll often get singled out if a couple boats are over early rather than the PRO saying "Fuck it, general recall". It makes their job way easier.
  15. If there is a requirement in the sailing instructions, and such requirement is not met, surely it shouldn't matter whether it was on purpose or not? If one doesn't honor a mark and finishes and says "oops, I didn't realize that was a mark", not knowing doesn't absolve them. Whether or not the AIS is a necessary safety feature, whether or not WOXI shut it off on purpose, or it got damaged, or if Black Jack had protested correctly shouldn't matter. The bigger problem seems to be that there is a rule in the sailing instructions that is very clear, and that was broken. Subsequently the Race Committee finds a technicality so they (likely) don't even discuss the issue. What if a boat had raced without the required number of life jackets, or life rafts on board, and were found out afterwards? One would think that Black Jack, or any competitor for that matter- wouldn't have to protest properly for that to be dealt with... It's troubling that a rule was broken and nothing was done about it. I would have thought that the AIS requirement would have been considered a safety item, and as such that the RC would have been able to deal with any (not just WOXI) yachts that infringed the requirement to have it transmitting for the duration of the race. If it's not that important, which their attitude seems to convey, then perhaps they will change the rule for subsequent years to not require it to be on? Whats the likelihood of that happening?