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  1. Amati

    How are you remembering this weekend.

    Tell that to S America....
  2. Amati

    Swimming Pool kills Toddler

    All you guys are forgetting lifeguards (as the rest of the country is for various lame ass reasons.). I know it’s an inconvenient metaphor in this context concerning gun rights, but really, if you don’t have a lifeguard at a pool, you don’t give a shit about human life. Save the children! And don’t run on the wet concrete!!!!
  3. Melanie needed to be in charge of that....
  4. You’re usual eloquence has escaped you- just sayin.... I know times are strange, but remember, when the going gets strange, the wierd turn pro.....
  5. Isn’t one of the intelligence chiefs saying that votes were messed with? our state uses paper, but: and before anybody says we need proof that Russians changed the vote count, check out the beginning of this thread. Proof is no longer required, only assertions.
  6. It occurs that this could be Mueller playing Trump, to create a logically inescapable legal cascade that leads to some chains & concrete around Trump’s constitutional feet. Splash! Glub glub glub ...... dirty deeds deeds done dirt cheap at Fox, knowing or unknowing? Useful idiots? And not just for the Russians.......
  7. There used to be a theory back in the 60’s that the 200 richest families on top defined who were trying to run the country, but their interests weren’t all the same, so friction between them defined the Game. Bush and Obama’s recovery plan seems to have reduced this friction, and while Trump’s blandishments with Kim aren’t working well ( get Rich With Trump!), it’s working for enough of our .01% (and outside .01%, I guess) to benefit Trumps agenda. But his approach seems to necessitate some friction between factions (see wealthy Middle Easterners) but whether this is because of fucking up, or grand design, who the hell knows? He’s doing something during his Executive Time, and maybe he is just binging on junk food, watching TV etc, but I kind of doubt it. One New York show business practice is to get to the office, call everybody you can think of and see what happens, which might explain who is in the Game on Trumps side, and who isn’t. Gates etc might just have to hold their nose and gab with the guy if they want any influence (but why, when the Waiting Game is working, at least so far), but I think they know the ruin that lurks with Trump and his cronies just thrashing (Churning?) about. A lot of New York Rich obsess about holding on to their money to the point that the Madoff’s of the world start looking appealing, and it’s tempting to lump Trump in with this bunch. Could explain Fox. Brutal anti sophisticated tactics becoming strategy? How long can that last? Can sophisticated investment practices, for example, survive this? Or is Fox just part of the ritual round of morning phone calls , augmented by TV and Twitter? John Law must looking down, excessively amused. If Kudlow etc start to get any traction as experts, it’s tulip bulb time, baby!!!!!
  8. Oh but yes you can, if you dare... youll be cut off, alone!
  9. Killjoy. Can’t you give the righties a little surcease of sorrow from their worldly cares? My God Man, a little pity? Just a little Pity. Sob. Not pussy! Pity!
  10. He is spine-full! Really! Spine-full! Blue-faced Brave Heart Soft Music at the End Bullshit, transporting us to a more violent King worshipping Reality than we could ever imagine!! !!
  11. Many would be self proclaimed elitist righties are saying it!
  12. Amati

    What might she be?

    That main is a blade! Have they changed the size of the square head over time?
  13. Amati

    What might she be?

    That is her.
  14. Amati

    What might she be?

    ‘Blue’ seen from Friday Harbor ferry sorry, couldn’t get pic to rotate probably an easy one....