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  1. Port Townsend Dash

    Yup One of the TP 52's? Dragonfly? Any of Bob's other big Girls do it? White Eagle?
  2. Port Townsend Dash

    Yep- annual haul out.
  3. Port Townsend Dash

    I agree, if you have the tide. Tim Kernan and I were taking Amati up to the Wooden Boat Festival, had some tide, no spinnaker, 15-20k Southwesterly and made it in under 3.5, just chatting, no heroics, 95% jib. We've made it in 4 hours going south with a Big Tide and 10-15k from the N, sipping coffee and eating lunch, assym from point no point south. So Big Tide, 145 jib? 15K SW Be fun, if nothing else.
  4. bi-directional Proa

    .64 prismatic, and 250lb Displacement. But only because of the flat rocker. I think I can go 1 1/2' either way without things getting dicey. I intentionally kept the ends fine so I can use hip action while sitting, or foot weighting, for trim, more like speed needles used to be like Windsurfing. I also wanted the deck to come down easily for reboarding, like my prone paddle board (14' by 22"), so I can pretty much float back on. The ama will not support my weight- it's good for about 40 lbs displacement, which should be ok when I'm sitting on the windward gunwale, but just barely. The ama is small in the interests of weight, and to help in reboarding. If an ama is planing, It might help, but as you imply, this is where a Proa Might not be minimalist, except in comparison to other multihulls. On the other hand, what I'm coming to is if the configuration is conceptually Atlantic, but with me sitting on the long hull to windward, and the rig and a (hydro/bruce) foil are on the short hull to leeward, the dynamic changes dramatically, but steering, design, engineering, and balance become more, um, ......interesting. I'd like to see if the current approach works- my hunch is it might be pretty squirrelly- but it's ready to go, so I am refraining from cutting her up. For a while, anyway. She's not going to be an easy boat to sail, I don't think. Messing around with her on the hard has made it really apparent how much leverage even a light ama like this has, so we'll see.
  5. Next up! Al Franken

    Dignity and Respect are the modern expression of chivalry, just as Medieval Corporatism morphed into the moral economy of Adam Smith. While we suffer under what is for all intent and purpose a post modern Medieval King, a battle is being fought for the next step in our Enlightenment.
  6. Next up! Al Franken

    It's really far fetched, but if Franken goes first, would Trump follow?
  7. Next up! Al Franken

    Coercion is ingrained around us- Coercion crawls out from under rocks and crawls back under. It revels and feeds in revenge, lust, and power. Franken's behavior was wrong, physical, demeaning, and mean spirited. It's easy to say it pales compared to Moore, but both exist in the same continuum of the same impulse- imposing your desire(s) on others. Franken should go, just as Clinton should have gone. Our leaders are fungible in our Democracy. No one is irreplaceable. The best thing Franken can do is resign contingent on a woman replacing him. If Al does it ^, Trump ( and face it, these acts are the not the uncommon trappings of powerful men) will mock and ridicule Franken for it: how many would have any respect for a selfless act? I would. I will.
  8. bi-directional Proa

    Let's see if the laptop works better (the previous pics were ok on this one too ) One Speer bidirectional leeboard in the middle, lets see what the order of the pics comes out as.... Edit, OK! And upright here at least... as of now, steering by changing the CE. (It's a small sail, what could go wrong?) I'll be using parriels (sp?) of some sort, so the boom stays attached to the mast while it slides (with any luck) effortlessly back and forth, and I can hold on to it with my hands. In my rich fantasy life, when I'm sitting waaaaaaay out, flying the ama, I imagine controlling the boom with a loop from each end to me hands. And yes, where am I going to put my feet? Some sort of extension of the plank to leeward, methinks... Ive tried to make the whole thing user friendly for falling off of at speed, so no bracing etc, except for the halyard going out to the ama. The ama is solid balsa, which should make some modification of shape easy with the belt sander and some varnish. I based it on some Italian floatplane floats from the Dawn of Aviation, just as a place to start, and to keep the Prismatic (Yes!) close to 1.0. Any other questions, fire away. It is just a toy, but if it works, who knows- maybe its a sit down windsurfer. That, and the sail rolls around the boom for easy storage! Oh- and if I make the plank and ama detachable, everything should be light enough for an old guy like me (with massive amounts of sports injuries over the decades) to carry from the car to the agua and back- I'm hoping the next one will have parts (including the hull) weighing no more that 20lbs....
  9. bi-directional Proa

    It's ok on my iPhone, but not downunder? Thanks-
  10. bi-directional Proa

    Testing.... better?
  11. bi-directional Proa

    Sorry, posting while a walking a wild assed terrier, on leash! 55 sq ft just to get started- I'm trying to think of a simple way to steer, so unimaginable sail power comes anon...
  12. Next up! Al Franken

    Is he actually touching her?
  13. bi-directional Proa

    When I get done walking the terrier I'll work on it/
  14. bi-directional Proa

    Here's another, slightly different angle 14'LOA, 15 sq ft SA, ~ 50lbs messing with the smaller spiral in extremis. Although she's a pacific Proa if I want to stand, if I want to sit, I'll have to redo the float and rigging to go frankenboat Atlantic/ small float for the rig only. She's tiny (looking for a windsurfer replacement vehicle) and I'll know more next spring when the ice floes break up-