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  1. To an out of state person that is not intuitive.....
  2. You have my respect sir! Is DP1 on the right? Unless his prostate is enlarged......
  3. Jesus Christ, there is no hypocrisy! Grow up! You continually prove that point! Over and over again! In and out and in and out!
  4. Amati

    Trump is losing it

    I used to think you pulled this desiccated shit out of your ass. But now I’m not so sure, Unless you have an amazingly high pain threshold. Which, given your political leanings, must be very high indeed...... Perhaps right wing condescension is a moral painkiller? ( ) yes ( ) no
  5. Amati

    Trump is losing it

    Is this the end of the Left? Say it ain’t so!
  6. Amati

    Trump is losing it

  7. Might make for a friendlier, happy press conference- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “How do you respond to the President ordering border troops to fire on children standing in Mexican territory?” ”Dude! Harsh!” (Press Secretary proceeds to pig out on Oatmeal Raisin Cookies.....) ”Please, We can’t understand you with your mouth full of cookies!” ”mmmph, chck, tlck, mmmph” Later in the week, Joe Scarborough, on Morning Joe, accuses the press secretary of purposefully eating cookies to avoid answering questions “When I was in Congress, we didn’t eat cookies to duck questioning- even the Democrats didn’t eat cookies to avoid the hard questions, although Gingrich and Clinton were eating cookies...”. Donnie and crew agree vehemently!
  8. Sean dealing with most of a room calling bullshit on him? After the anger, he’d cry like a baby- right on national TV......
  9. Amati


    Bullet points are physics? Newtonian with fudge factors? It’s ok to laugh- we know.....
  10. Amati

    Melania flexes her muscles

    And ladies and germs, a love dedication for Dp1!
  11. Amati

    Melania flexes her muscles

    If I might quote Dorothy Parker: “ Beauty fades, stupid is forever.” I prefer intelligent. So does President Obama. So your fantasy is trophy Wife #3. I’m impressed. You’ll never be able to retire. Work until you die, just like Our Beautiful President, without any love in your life.....