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  1. Proa Why Not? completed.

    Rael, in your mind’s eye, if a single bidirectional dagger board in the middle of the hull moved fore and aft, either on parallel tracks, or swivel (if by some miracle it didn’t shear off while raked forward) , would that steer the boat? ————/———— To ————\———— have you messed with moving the center of effort for steering?
  2. They’re looking for something they don’t have, and getting fleeced while they’re at it. Evangelicalism has become a profit center for too many. But signs of a dilution of shareholder value in the industry are not that strong at the moment, although public information on the subject is not that readily available, given the private and closely held nature of the business, in general.
  3. Ha! https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.com/amp/life-style/survey-reveals-faiths-unfaithful-article-1.1815733
  4. Tax “Reform”

    The side that is winning so bigly now doesn’t want to soil their hands with work. Clean hands in the shining city on the hill. Fear pricks them on, even as it pricks them off, to quote the Bard. It’s a fetish thing.
  5. Health care sticker shock

    How much is too much? How much is too little? I agree- take the profit out of healthcare
  6. Health care sticker shock

    And on the opposite end of the spectrum is the Paleo Diet that turns eating for weight maintenance into a marathon sport....
  7. Health care sticker shock

    This is why we need Paul Ryan* Hospice for the Medically Indigent (tm!). *aka The Zombie Eyed Granny Starver
  8. Maybe it’s the only way he could see the thing close up? But he did admit it was wrong, so now it’s true. When are Republic Party members going to accept, in a disciplined way, the Cheney/Rumsfeld Quantum Theory of Political Reality, as modified by Trump: You create the future by asserting it.
  9. What IS harrassment?

    It was exactly laws and rules that brought him down. edit: It was laws and rules that got him fired. Like Sloop pointed out, he still has a shitload o’ bucks. What do you think a Corporate Board is required to do?
  10. What IS harrassment?

    You are assuming that business, by definition, exists for profit. Businesses can exist for a infinite number of reasons, from making a cool product, to being an incestuous little hellhole of control, vanity and sybaritic pleasure. I have been involved in a lot of ventures, and only one was really into profit, and it pissed so many people off with it’s single minded pursuit of $$ that it ceased to exist, in that no one wanted to work for, or buy from it. The most successful was about love, truth, beauty, a little bit of skullduggery, and profit. It was fun just to be around the place. The idea that businesses are not social constructs is insanity, or Business School Hucksterism. It’s what brought the Black-Scholes pricing model into being, and it’s the reason the model (sic) nearly destroyed the world economy. Trump lives on the other extreme, where he pretends to live on the idea of profit, but I think he only travels an emotional highway of the trappings of wealth: animal spirits are the order of the day. Business, like life, is about balance- a difficult row to hoe.
  11. What IS harrassment?

    I remember back in my college days I found myself trapped with a bunch of Rand Acolytes at a party in Cambridge, who insisted on posing the dumbest leering question I have ever run across- ‘prove that you exist’, along with some threats upon my physical well being, I tried to explain to them that where I came from ( The Cowboy West), these were fighting words. Wriggling myself free, I slapped my Inquisitor across the face, medium hard. He cried and the rest let me go. Pussies. I gave them copies of ‘Darkness at Noon’ when I saw them next: they travelled in a pack, like deer. Like deer in headlights.......
  12. What IS harrassment?

    Hee hee.
  13. Tax “Reform”

  14. What IS harrassment?