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  1. Amati

    PA is the barrel and you are all ducks.
  2. Amati

    PA is the barrel and you are all ducks.

    I guess we’re all being threatened. Time to call the FBI?
  3. So let’s see, tax increases for the 2nd, third, and 4th quintiles, if the 2017 tax cuts are fully implemented- top number~ of each quintile (~) lowest~ $24k 2nd ~ $47k 3rd~ $77k 4th~ $126k 5th~ $237k Top 5% ~ $385k pretty cynical stuff, considering Trumps biggest vote quintile?
  4. When in grad school, I lived around the corner from the Sartre No Exit Rooming House. It was filled with graduate and post graduate students. Fun place! Lots of berets.
  5. “Hell is other people” -Sartre Hey Remodel! You agree with a French Philosopher! Hails of derisive laughter!
  6. That’s what you say... our Terrier's a talker.
  7. So, Putin had the idea and the rubles, and Trump volunteered? Pet Shop boys did a great song about that one...something to the effect of ‘I've got the brains, you’ve got the looks lets make lots of money money money money’ If so, I’ve got Trump all wrong.
  8. Amati

    PA HOF

    You make me laugh until I cough. Damn you to hell. My coughing woke up the terrier, and now he barks at the night. Its a chain reaction.
  9. Pining for the philosopher King, are we?
  10. I think it came out more like “I-I-I dddddddd ghghghghgh...”. But Plato was the Kelly Anne Conway on that one, so we’ll never know, will we?
  11. If only he might have agreed before he took the sip?
  12. If that is what you are suffering? Butterflies would disagree. But that is a fine point, and got you booted from the club. But, thankfully, you knew that already.... Welcome to future! The promise of the glistening syringe of social media made real. (Really nice metaphor, BTW!). Gissie as the flying drops of fluid flicked off the tip of the hollow needle before insertion into the throbbing vein?
  13. That, and 40% of Americans are tired of the intricacies of democracy, and believe a King is more efficient. As a block they point to the Democratic Party’s primaries as proof and smear that democracy in general is for socialists, atheists and ninnies who can’t make up their minds about anything, who dither and dither, unable to decide on anything. And they have set up an argument that is impossible to refute with logic or sentiment. If you think about it, there are some creepy parallels with this sad fact and Argentina before the Falkland’s War. Of course, by making the assertion that there are only ‘some parallels’, true believers on the right will blast me for being a dithering lefty like Obama who can’t make up my mind. So let me put it in righty speak- the USA is blindly running down the same neo Nazi path to national suicide that Argentina was hell bent on before the Falkland War destroyed their general’s reputations and the country’s economy. Of course the US Has the luxury of Russian money funding the greedily ambitious..... But back to being a dithering ninny, I’d agree with Churchill that America usually comes to the right answer, but only after trying out every other alternative. But that drives Righties batshit, so they sullenly make what is our greatest asset into something that should be killed, only because they want convenience. Poor impatient brutalists sneering at and threatening anyone who doesn’t share their bursting outrage that their precious time being wasted. Emotional cripples every one, stewing in the sinful almost sexual delight of their righteous unending anger, and worshipping their bellowing half man half beast avatar, all of them dancing madly in their sweat and spit before the bonfire of their own vanities.
  14. Do you believe Trump loves you, or the world?