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  1. Time to dig out some Cold War movies & get in the mood! Riding an H bomb, rodeo style! Yee Ha!!!!
  2. if government email wasn't such a pain to use, no one (and there have been a lot of folks in government who have done it) would ever have been tempted into this sort of behavior. but, hey, you know, now it's been effectively criminalized, or at least vilified, since before the election, so no excuses for being arrogant, lazy, and stupid......
  3. A point willfully ignored by most. Ah, Tidewater......
  4. has anyone in N Korea seen this? Makes me a little crazy, but what the hey!
  5. What if his Goldenness and Rocketman are in this together? Have you seen pictures of the Caital of NK? Looks like certain parts of Vancouver BC. Elites don't fear the eradication of their luxury pads/way of life? Anyway, at the edge of annihalation, Trump tower sprouts in N Korea. Eureka! World peace! Democracy dies! Nationalistic strongmen get the Job Done!
  6. Nice quote. Unfortunately for you, there was the rest of the article....
  7. Tommie Smith & John Carlos: respect
  8. And who or what do you believe as arbiters? Information theory is working against you. As an example, I usually believe David Corn.
  9. Insurance companies are worried that this bill will be an opening for single payer in Blue States. And if you think about, they're right. what would happen if Dems let it be known they would vote for the bill- would the Reps pull it?
  10. If you haven't seen this before- http://dashboard.securingdemocracy.org/
  11. The guy I did my apprenticeship with was a kid during the WW1 flu, and told me about his parents keeping him at home during the flu and watching dead friends stacked on hand carts wheeled by his house. Gruesome shit.
  12. The dog sending radioactive fallout into China and Russia. Oops. Must be Zelazny's dog. Or Snidely Whiplash's. Uh, don't drink the milk!
  13. It seems this all flows out of Trump's leadership style- yell At em when they screw up, but other than that, offer no idea of what he might want, so everybody goes out and does whatever they want, and the closer you are to family, the more you can just go out and do whatever the fuck you want, and it seems the cuter, the better. Kushner has been playing these cute clever games, which in the big leagues comes off as dumb fuckery, but really, how would the clowns close to, or in, the Trump family know any about that when they have all danced out of these type of things before (always!) by bullying people or cornering the market on cute red herrings? Or by losing and paying their way out. What's the old saying? 'Monkeys can make money in real estate in an up market?' Now we get to see what these monkeys can do in, what is in effect, a down market. They are out of their league, and it all looks pretty amateur. How do you dance out of this? It's gotten so dense and complex! This is not district court, small businesses, smiling mob guys, or city or county governments that Trump et al are dealing with. This will be fucking weird, because face it, most of the people involved are weird and desperate.