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  1. But what if the bullshit felt so good. Or hurt so good? It might be awkward to to divulge his feelings, even though the bullshitter might want him to. People might be hurt.
  2. Naw, it’s a sharp brain that can lie with statistics. It’s weird that a sharp brain feels the need, but that’s either entertainment or an emotional necessity, or something.....
  3. The politicians didn’t follow the science. How do you define the word ‘significant’? How do you think politicians & public health define the word? What do you think the two groups mean when they say the word ‘masks’? What do you mean?
  4. Amati

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    At least he’ll be exercising his 1st amendment rights!
  5. Amati

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    The mask hides her mouth! Of course! And now that I think on it, sounds about right- you can’t exercise the first amendment if your mouth is hidden! Who’d know it was you? And circular logic!
  6. Amati

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    I think he calls them ‘Standards’. Trumpian wordplay- even he knows he has no morals...
  7. Amati

    What a Great speech

    Egads! There is was in front of me the whole time! Siberia! They need population! It is a Russian plot! Come home to your mother! Mother Russia!
  8. Amati

    What a Great speech

    Hey, Terry Thomas was funny! Tally Ho! Or something.....
  9. Amati

    What a Great speech

    It’ll take 50 years, judging by the Nixon acolytes wilding amongst the Trump bunch.
  10. Amati

    What a Great speech

    Theft and Trump? I’m shocked! Which Republican President Used ‘Born in the USA’ as a campaign song? Even after somebody pointed out it was an anti war song? Of course, a lot of right wing folks figured brute force could twist the meaning of that. Of anything, really. Ponder yet once once again the immortal words of Picasso - something to the effect that ‘good artists borrow, great artists steal’. & with That in our rear view mirror are we are seeing the greatest moment & possibly the cruddy denouement of Trump as the Great Artist? Does he keep his ill gotten gains? Does his appropriation of strange things brutal & patriotic endure?
  11. Amati

    Indian Lives Matter Too

    For his mental health, I suggest he not look farther up the coast to the great northern tribes. (Depending on the tribe, slaves could account for up to 1/4 of the population. Ah, the Potlatch! Is predatory economics racist? Groupist? Nationalist? The tribes of the Puget Sound region were decimated by disease, which made them easy pickings. Did the Kwakiutl consider, say, the Quinault, a different race? Did they even care?).
  12. Amati

    Black National anthem

    Nicely played sir, nicely played....
  13. Amati

    Kane West

    Thank you ever so much. When the going gets strange, the weird turn pro....
  14. Amati

    Black Lives Matter

    At least he knew when to quit. That’s something...
  15. Amati

    Black National anthem

    My BiL was on a Rose Bowl team. So a hearty Fuck You, Rok.