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  1. Next POTUS?

    It’s hard to know how much is an act, for the cameras, and what she is apart from the media. When I’ve seen her in committee, on media, she’s the same as on stage, which is a little wierd. Sharrod Brown would be interesting, if we’re all looking for a Democratic firebrand. Great sense of humor, and he even sounds thoughtful. Right age, flyover land.
  2. Next POTUS?

    The more I listen to him, the less I know about him. He has great presentation though- even Trump is afraid of him.... Romney looks better-
  3. Maybe anything is more exciting when it’s forbidden? The right = the New Victorians?
  4. Tax “Reform”

    Business Freedom!
  5. Next POTUS?

    See? +1 (this anarchy like/dislike box is a mess)
  6. Next up, Bill Clinton!

    You push your argument beyond reality.
  7. Next POTUS?

    The USA likes to over rotate from President to President- so we go to: -an introvert intellectual next time? -a fire breathing kill-all-the-satyrs woman? -a brilliant governor (male or female)? -a quiet, but brilliant, long term senator? -a liberal Episcopal bishop? Personally, I’m rooting for Patty Murray, a very practical, smart, quiet, hard working senator. Our own Merkel? -
  8. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    The program is luvin’, baby! Young, old, it’s all good!
  9. Will Roy Moore Bring Back Stoning?

    Wait- Mary Jane is legal in Alabahama?
  10. I imagine a Trump strategy session as the scene from ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ in which, in the midst of a convention of police chiefs, our hero snorts drugs and maces a waiter, while his lawyer raves on about the dark forces of the Weird and Desperate.
  11. Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    I know some couples who would be proud, damnit! ‘See my bitch over there? Trump grabbed her by the pussy! Moved on her like bitch, he did! Damn, she’s Sexy, huh?’
  12. The big swinging dick problem

    (Depends whether it’s tight or not- if big, thick, and oversized with a stylized moose on it, orange on forest green, break a leg, otherwise.....)
  13. Houston is under water.

    Indeed, we have little choice.
  14. Tax “Reform”

    On a personal note, I’m working hard to resign myself to the reality that, as far as taxes are concerned, we’re about to be be royally fucked. I’d like to say resignation is liberating (in the Zen sense, maybe?), but it isn’t.