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  1. Amati

    Comedy Therapeutics for Covid Hysteria

    Show us the light!
  2. Amati

    Comedy Therapeutics for Covid Hysteria

    The intervention worked! That’s better! The Redoubt is calling you. Kindred souls and all.....
  3. Amati

    Comedy Therapeutics for Covid Hysteria

    You slipped there, and badly. Accusing someone of being a Marxist usually implies (at worst) that you believe in property rights, which you blatantly stomp all over above. So you don’t believe in Editor’s property rights, which isn’t exactly making you look like anything but a radical collectivist. When you get off shift there in St. Petersburg, have a beer with some of your malchikiwikis, and I’m sure they’ll get your head right about not inadvertently slipping into a blatant online true believer Marxist again. Or are they allowing you Vodka on shift again? And before you accuse more of being Antifa again, please look at Dartmouth faculty.
  4. Amati

    Comedy Therapeutics for Covid Hysteria

    Old man Ryan used to do that. Eastern Washington, of course. Claimed he could read minds, according to the doctor who was plucking rock salt out of my ass.
  5. Amati

    The Swedish Experiment
  6. Amati

    Nuclear Sailing

    Rasputin- swimming family, multiple all Americans, and one professional coach still at it. Gossip gets around.
  7. Amati

    Nuclear Sailing

    It was when title 9 was getting going, and involved college women’s swim team workouts and lewd behavior among male assistant coaches behind the windows. So much for stroke technique.... Anyway, there was a movement to get them banned at the time, don’t know how far it went.
  8. Amati

    Scattering ashes at sea.

    my brother, his wife, and I went out on windsurfers to scatter dad’s ashes- off of Boston Harbor Washington - not much wind, and my brother insisted on going out on his new f2 Lightening, and kept on falling in while going out to the official scattering spot, so he was soaked by the time we got there, and of course he insisted on being the one to scatter the ashes, and just as he scattered them, a gentle gust came up (Doing a 180), and he was coated with ash. Head to toe. And it stuck. I was trying not to laugh. His soon to be ex wife was not even trying. He dove in 3 times, to try to wash the ash off, and still was coated. So we went back in to the beach we launched from which belonged to a buddy of my dad, and he hosed off the ash. My brother left soon after that, but I hung around, and a couple of other sailors showed up who hung with my dad, and we had a nice wake. That and the tide came in and took the remaining ashes away. We all agreed that Dad was having a good laugh, wherever he might be. So yes, don’t capsize.
  9. Amati

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Pro teams.... If only IC water brakes were legal.....” Apply water brakes! Water brakes applied! Spinner-hacker flap open my Captain! Release the Kraken! Release water brakes when the Kraken is filled!”
  10. Amati

    Singlehanding My Wally 100

    There are thin lines between getting it / keeping it / it doesn’t matter / somebody has to blaze a trail
  11. Amati

    Nuclear Sailing

    Another golden age, and maybe....
  12. Amati

    Tower of Power

    You mean if you need to push your left pit or your right pit? This is a well known testing procedure for flushing out the replicants among us. Male replicants push the right pit (or armpit), female replicants the left. See Bladerunner testing manual v 6.5 for more details. Early replicant models were notorious for doing this on request, which stained work uniforms, and disabled some electrical equipment, esp in zero g environments. The manufacturer provided an update mostly fixing the problem. Later models did not exhibit this flaw.
  13. Amati

    Tower of Power

    I wonder, if racing, is this is considered non allowed propulsion? (It would explain why push pits are sturdy....) I assume R2AK rules allow it as human propulsion.
  14. Amati

    Tower of Power

    Evolution is a hoax! Pizza, anyone?
  15. Amati

    Tower of Power

    Think ‘buttwater’, except higher. if: cutwater is to buttwater as pulpit is to pushpit, then prod is related in the same way to a) flag staff b) home port c) auxiliary exhaust Bizzarro World SAT PTSD!