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  1. The question niggling me has been what Trump might do if his businesses start failing because of his actions as president- that may be only arena where he won't deny failure?
  2. Wow, that is down under! Even U's are upside down! Well, some of them.....
  3. Silence can be noble, deafening-
  4. That's not how the world has worked. The world has run, for the most part, on emotion. as this thread continues to express. the founding fathers realized this, and founded a system based on ambition against ambition, emotion against emotion. It could get better, and has at times, but it's hard. Barnacle has pointed out that America can be like the sunrise- I hope so. America doesn't usually go backwards. Usually.
  5. A reminder of the absolute power of ex Barbados Slave Lords to work slaves to death, and then replace them. The power of a very few autocrats over their many. Why any free men went along with that is a testament to craven mendacity. In the mid Atlantic states yes, your observation (#120) was more true, but farther south, the model was based on the practices of expat Barbados slaveowners, for whom it was cheaper to merely work slaves to death, with no care at all, and replace them with new arrivals. Even by the standards of the time this was looked on with horror and revulsion. This was the core of the Deep South. Don't assume that the slaveowning practices of Washington and Jefferson had much to do with their hardcore fellow slave owners farther south- for whom lavish wealth, lifestyle and fealty was more important than anything else. Absolute control requires an overwhelming fantasy, it seems, to gain the assent of the ruled. Intoxicating stuff, apparently, and long lived....
  6. A reminder of the absolute power of ex Barbados Slave Lords to work slaves to death, and then replace them. The power of a very few autocrats over their many. Why any free men went along with that is a testament to craven mendacity.
  7. Well, war is pretty heavy duty. As Chris Hedges wrote: 'War is a force that gives life meaning'. Great book, but not what you might think-
  8. Here's a great list of books about war- just stumbled across it http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/12/02/books-about-war/ i like the Shambala edition of the Art of War, FWTW Quintus of Smyrna wrote a great treatis on what happened after the Troyan War... as it turns out I've read about 3/4 of the list- well worth the time-
  9. http://www.iep.utm.edu/aug-poso/#H3
  10. Chaimberlain the Conservative? But the Navy was ramping up! Outfoxed I guess...
  11. Trump, being such media genius, must be slipping - he forgot to say 'YOU'RE FIRED!!!!' Proof the situation is just beginning to get to him. Leeetle bit. Tiny bit. Sense of humor disappearing...... poof........
  12. You left out reputation, future, respect, self respect, trust, peace of mind, dignity, family, and the ability to find a job after You're Fired-
  13. Put them just on our side of The Wall With Mexico! I think The Wall will be attracting the usual suspects anyway, and riots would be easier to contain with The Wall on one side: a large open area (for rioting and the statues), emergency medical facilities, law enforcement buildings, court houses, jails, a morgue, and, of course, some shops to vandalize. Personally I'd like to see some music venues so certain bands might inspire the different sides to greater acts of valor. There might even be an area set off for firearms and vehicles, one for baseball bats and the like, and another for paint ball, all televised, of course, with broadcast facilities for interviews and commentary. Kind of a West World for the politically violent...