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  1. Amati

    It's hoot'n in So Cal

    Dead head o rama here, if you can see them...expand the pics...70 k gusts, only lost power for 19 hours
  2. Amati

    Physics of sail power.

    It’s like music that way- the left brain can inform the right brain for intuitive understanding, if that’s what you’re in to. Both work. It’s magic. I like how each side of the brain helps the other build. Things happen from moment to moment.
  3. Amati

    Physics of sail power.

    2009 is old? Anyway, I was responding to Boracho. You have picked an Everest to climb, and if you get there, I hope you write a text. Please include the quantum mechanics of sailing? Please?
  4. Amati

    Hakan Södergren 31ft racer

    Looks to me like camber induced twist, instead of square top washout, which given the Jim Bowie observation ^^^ is a good trade off? What kind of sweep on the spreaders? What kind of AR upwind, 4;1? Light wind flyer- cool- but I would say that.....bendy mast?
  5. Amati

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    We also ordered and received a couple of these too (you can get a solid plastic replaceable face shield), if worse comes to worse...wear with masks... and if Guys like BE et al get physical, your head is a bit protected, at least...and if you don’t want to listen to them, it’s even better! I’ll link this one more time (March ^^^^) dyi masks and testing
  6. Amati

    Getting Tough With The Maskless

    Don’t want to give in? Get better masks. Some here have pointed out that cloth masks over a surgical mask are showing good results. I’ve been posting stuff since March about this sort of thing (dyi and manufactured) with numbers and studies. Unless BE et al are arguing that masks don’t work, period. Even in hospital settings. Even in COVID wards. Which is worse. And to what ends? So BE et al have easier access to masks for themselves? im going to find , and post again, a link to Armbrust masks. The link includes testing info, including FDA approval etc.. give me a minute to get it and post it. We have to be prepared to be standing next to the willfully unmasked. Period. They are weaponizing COVID for fear and control. For their passive aggressive terrorism. We have to have something between us and Darwin. here: we’ve ordered (and received) 800 Armbrust ASTM Level 2 masks, and have n95’s on back order.. Made in Austin, Tx. Check him out on Twitter....
  7. Amati

    Physics of sail power. old school (sic) for the mathematically inclined
  8. Amati

    COVID Dreaming

    Listen to ZZ Top enough, and it’s inevitable
  9. Amati

    Physics of sail power.

    Smyth tried this....
  10. Amati

    Physics of sail power.

    And why don’t they use jibs on A class cats? Sail area to weight ratio?
  11. Amati

    COVID Dreaming

    I’ve been on the old single concave speed needle with a 5.8 early RAF going from Maui to Molokai in the trades. In 20-25. Late morning. Fairly big swell, but I’ve got enough power to stay on top of the hills and out of the valleys. No jumps, just carving, like an assym snowboard. Nice dream. All the time lately. Directed too. Better than the grim SciFi COVID stuff. I woke myself up laughing.
  12. Amati

    Physics of sail power.

    I’m trying to match that with the leech- ...
  13. Amati

    Physics of sail power.

    The reason I asked was that I wanted a 3/4 rig for Amati because I found a study that indicated a 3/4 jib induced more flow twist at the top of the main than a masthead rig. So I figured this would result in more sail force in the direction I wanted to go. Top battens inverting wasn’t an issue with the initial roachy full battened pinhead, but it has been with the current main (planform = Merlin Rocket main). And it doesn’t seem to slow us down, acts much the same as you your experience. (This main has French level twist). For a while I thought the batten was too stiff, but 3 battens later, same thing. Battened only at the top. We have 6” of bend pretty constant over the whole mast. 33 degree spreaders.
  14. Amati

    Physics of sail power.

    Masthead? 3/4? What kind of camber distribution on the previous sail? (Flatter or more curvy towards the tip?)
  15. Amati

    Physics of sail power.

    Did Ross approve the foto on the dust jacket? He does use up a bit of print on twist... although there seems to be more camber at the head of the main....... now I’ll have to find the book and look up twisted flow strategies. Oh well, I’m retired!