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  1. Amati

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    Sessions seems like a Son of the South who still holds The Lost Cause close among his Affections, so maybe in his Mind, and to those in his Inner Circle, this is a rear guard action? Assymetrical Warfare? More Clout thank any Mere Senator might Muster? A small sacrifice to a Greater Good? We’ll know more after he is fired, but the final act should be intense as far as appointments, firings etc.
  2. Amati

    jeffrey beauregard sessions

    Thing is, Trump has the uncanny ability to irk self appointed defenders of various status quos to the point they gird their loins and act against him. And that is one of Trump’s conscious wellsprings of animus. And, face it, power. Is Trump poking at the bear of slavery and The South vis a vie Sessions, somehow? And Sessions is, in his passive aggressive way, rising up, holding the fort and defending the South against Trump? The would be elegant upper class southerner slapping down the uncouth 2nd generation nouveau riche hillbilly in defense of an elegant society fallen into disrepair? Or something. At any rate, it really gets Trump’s hackles up to be disrespected in such a condescending, elitist manner. Will Trump pivot to Democrats as a result? He has pointed out in the past that he can be the ultimate charming suck up. He knows, he used to tell us, the Game. And the elites, North, South, East, or West, will never accept Our Beautiful President, as he unites the Rebels, and marches to the sea! Trump as a metaphorical Sherman! I have outdone myself....
  3. But if you need a laugh- And don’t we all-
  4. It’s easy to become bitter. Resist the temptation- we will all need as many friends as we can get to try to turn this around. Although I've noticed the never trumpers on the right going back to brutal in the last few weeks.....
  5. Having lost more than that in 2008-10, it sucks, and getting back and staying back is in the balance of what Trump will do to the rest of us, farming being the canary in the coal mine, IMHO. What’s happening out here among the agricultural set is a fairly macho game of seeing who’s going to go under as a fine price to pay for having Our Beautiful President in power. Few Trump voters think it will be them, although fruit growers are starting to get nervous, and are beginning to support the Democrat runnIng for Congress. But that is still considered primarily a snowflake liberal stance, especially aimed at those who have flipped sides. Weakness is the word I hear. And Trump wants farmers to patriotically take the hit. Fuck. It’s always other folk’s blood and treasure with that guy.....
  6. Amati

    Stormy Daniels' : Full Disclosure

    What might happen if Melania were asked about the Nation’s Jewels and she giggled? Or worse, laughed? Winked?
  8. Amati

    Fear: Trump in the White House
  9. Amati

    Fear: Trump in the White House

    And some individual US states are already adapting!
  10. Amati

    Fear: Trump in the White House

    You don’t get get it- this is the end of any pretense of that. The leadership of the world is passing to others, probably China and India. Trump is insisting on it. And the sad thing is, Trump is probably right- from his point of view the future of most of the world belongs to an autocratic, more corrupt business model. The US is the leader of nothing right now. So It’s more about survival, and God help you if you depend on the progress of anything except self interest and the means to protect it. A lot is about to disappear into the chaos of the machinations of powerful men and their parochial interests. Peace will be for suckers. The only thing that will matter is winning, and the meaning of that can go a million ways. There is no right way to win a fight. There’s just winning, however that is enforced, right? But consider this, Mickey, the two nations most armed to the teeth are likely to be going down, and that won’t be pretty. So exult in wrecking something you could never create. Building is hard, destroying is easy. And if you might tell us, Mr Rat, what is your vision of the future? What does your Golden Era just around the corner look like? America a smoldering ruin? London a ghetto? Astonish us.
  11. Amati

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    If only Trump actually liked the hate, but he does not have the stones:
  12. Amati

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    I tried that, but spellcheck, spawn of Satan wouldn’t agree. I’m easily bullied by technology, and somewhat lazy, I guess, so after 2 tries (my official bright line), I let it lie, making the rationalization that one f was cute with the spelling of Oval. When it’s explained, it’s almost interesting! And now you’ll never get the time reading this back.
  13. Amati

    Kavanaugh confirmation hearings 5 Sep 18

    You are one cynical motherfucker! -Trump knew about this particular sexual assault before the nomination? -Perhaps a copy of the letter made it to the Ofal Office in July? Again, before the nomination? - Perhaps the letter was leaked to Senate Republican leadership? - Who suggested Kavanaugh to begin with? - Who has paid Kavanaugh’s credit card balances? It’s like lifeguarding a septic system holding tank just using a megaphone and a throwing ring, because you sure as hell don’t want to jump in & swim... -
  14. Who is it that is advertising living donor organs on TV? edit