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  1. phrf handicap J105

    how about crew limits when sailed under the PHFR OD Rating? Keep same as class? Sail purchase limitations? requirement to keep the cushions aboard? Luff slides requirement?
  2. Seascape D2 aka 14

    http://reddotpier.com/seascape-apparently-shortly-before-the-introduction-of-a-dinghy/ Odd website but some details. I have a friend looking for something very like the described spec, and so far not finding exactly the right fit in new or used boats currently on the market.
  3. J/22 vs Sonar 23

    Both fun boats to sail. Well at least to race. Worlds apart in "feel". Sonar = "Sit in". J/22 is more "sit on". Having raced both a decent amount (in a mixed level-rated fleet), the J/22 is much sportier in feel and handling. The Sonar you have to have to think a little further ahead as the handling is kind of molasses. But it is slightly faster. Not that you would ever feel it sailing with no other boats around, but with them next to each other the Sonar will slightly outspeed / point the J/22 once they both get up to speed (J/22 faster out of the tack). Between the two I love the feel of the J/22 and find the Sonar a little boring, but nicer for a booze cruise with friends due to the longer social cockpit. Also better for kids (if that's a consideration) for the same reasons. If both are sailing in fleets near you, then go with whichever group of people you think you will enjoy more
  4. Artemis?

    The only "official" statement says beam damage. There are other reports that this was caused by the wing.There is nothing to indicate that there was a beam failure, although that could be as good a reason as any. I would think that when something major breaks at 20-30 knots, all hell breaks lose and lots of stuff gets broke. +1. In many failures the root cause and the "most dramatically damaged part" are different.
  5. lucky number

    Held up by the aft foil. Amazing how the height stays constant as she bounces.
  6. Love my Trinka 12 and looking forward to using it for the same application.
  7. caption contest

    looks like all's well that ends well.
  8. caption contest

    "She just won't let go!" "Try prying her fingers back one by one."
  9. J/88

    My wife thought this whole video was great comedy, and it really helped solidify my starting skills to her! Thanks Midpack!
  10. http://j105.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=373 Same discussion from j/105 class forum. Tack retrieval line. No distance lost to leeward. You can do this in tight situations even with boats to leeward. J/111 kite is bigger of course. Maybe need 2 on the foredeck plus sewer for the first 20 feet, then #2 crew gets to the rail quick. Even if the helm turns up, the assy simply climbs a few feet up the forestay with the back of it sucked against the leeward side of the jib. You can keep pulling and get it down. Pretty slick with a little practice.
  11. ACWS NY versus Chicago: Which to book?

    How strange I could've sworn there were four replies last time I checked
  12. With only one AC weekend wife-pass available, I need to choose which event to put on my calendar. When balancing viewing potential and likely conditions, what says the Hive? Don't worry about which city is cooler, easier, whatever to visit or has the better chicks, bars, etc. I know NY and Chicago as cities, but haven't sailed out of either. Just focusing on the sailing - which is more likely to deliver a memorable ACWS event? TIA
  13. Small safe cheap boat

    Boston Whaler Harpoon. Admittedly not ballasted, but pretty darn stable, indestructible, and can be had for a song.
  14. Gunboat G4 Foiler

    My old man saw the G4 headed out onto the bay about an hour ago for BOTY testing. Some decent breeze today. Wish I wasn't strapped to the desk!
  15. Inexpensive dolly ideas

    Thanks all. The engineer in me hates it but I am just going to start with the PT wood + buy some wheels ideas. Current plan is to start with just a 4x4 with biggish but cheap wheels at the ends and some 2x4 or other longitudinal boards with carpet for a greater bearing surface and to make some friction between hull and dolly. I will report back once the wife allows boat project time versus all the other crap in the house that needs fixing.