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  1. wajamamaj

    Looking For a Lindenberg 22

    there are 2 for sale on craigslist in the annapolis/VA area.
  2. wajamamaj

    Extending an Outremer 49?

    PS where was this you read about overloading and hobby-horsing?
  3. wajamamaj

    Extending an Outremer 49?

    wow no one is willing to touch this one, hey? Babylon, I'm bumping the thread for you 'cause I'd love to hear an informed response.
  4. wajamamaj

    american tragic, is really the future

    Read the first few posts interesting... Back before the SF AC I didn't think a 72' foiling cat was possible or at least could effectively race around bouys. Then all of a sudden they were foiling through jibes...then tacking. Wow. I am looking forward to seeing the next step.
  5. so many. that's why.
  6. wajamamaj

    Over the horizon

    Soma, totally understood that you should keep it on the DL until contract signed.
  7. wajamamaj

    Over the horizon

    soma are you making progress on choice? great thread
  8. wajamamaj

    J-41 death throes

  9. wajamamaj

    Front Page - scotw

    ...yeah it's definitely her fault...if you dress that like that you should expect a camera to capture and share globallly... ...real sailors where real gear to cover up... ...douchiest comments ever in this thread. Sleazebags.
  10. wajamamaj

    Front Page - scotw

    +1 for very poor form. Yesterday evening I dragged my wife into the office to show her the Open Bic video saying how great it was...she was not very impressed when I pulled up the SA front page with the new SCOTW pic on top. Sorry Ed: Not cool anymore, unless you want to limit SA to just a boy's club and last I checked those are dying all over the place.
  11. wajamamaj

    Estimating Sailing Time?

    That looks like 5 hours to me, add 1.5 for contingencies. I would guess a 3 knot VMG upwind. Know where the ramps are (and have the family know them) if you need to bail out and have someone come get you. I don't think you said where your start point is, try to go upwind first so you get a grasp of it. After 30 minutes figure out your average VMG from time and land references. The recalculate how the trip's going to take.
  12. wajamamaj

    phrf handicap J105

    how about crew limits when sailed under the PHFR OD Rating? Keep same as class? Sail purchase limitations? requirement to keep the cushions aboard? Luff slides requirement?
  13. wajamamaj

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    http://reddotpier.com/seascape-apparently-shortly-before-the-introduction-of-a-dinghy/ Odd website but some details. I have a friend looking for something very like the described spec, and so far not finding exactly the right fit in new or used boats currently on the market.
  14. Love my Trinka 12 and looking forward to using it for the same application.
  15. wajamamaj


    My wife thought this whole video was great comedy, and it really helped solidify my starting skills to her! Thanks Midpack!