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  1. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    Not that I don't care, but these items are not likely to show up in Maryland. This stuff is of interest ONLY to other sailors, the local crackheads did not do this.
  2. A dollar per mile

    If you look at it, cost per HP goes down with bigger engines. Economies of scale and wide industrial use make the bigger engines sometimes a great bargain compared to the 20-50 hp range. OTOH sails and rigging costs scale up FAST with increased size.

    I do find it odd that getting a blowjob for $10 or $100 is illegal in 49 states *unless someone films it*, at which point the lady is an actress, not a hooker
  4. He knew what he signed up for

    FYI every time anyone accuses the Congresswoman of lying, you accuse the widow right along with her. Even General LiesForTrump didn't dispute the content of the call
  5. California Boating Card

    They fit - you are looking for crashes per unit. If renters crash at the same RATE as others, no worries. If they are X% of the boats (planes, bikes, miles, hours, whatever) and account for > X% of the crashes, they are doing more than their share to wreck boats.
  6. California Boating Card

    The checkout captain for out charter cat decided that I had sailed enough to not need a checkout and sent us on our way. The last charterers had made a huge mongolian cluster out of the main with some half-assed reef they left in. Next charter we played dumb and had the checkout guy "show us how to raise the main"
  7. California Boating Card

    Wrong. If 90% of cars crashed on Kent Island are Jeeps, it matters a lot if 90% of the cars on Kent Island are Jeeps or 9% of them are * when I lived in Hawaii, the FBO told me that they hated renting airplanes to non-residents, it was something like 10% of their business and 90% of the crashes.
  8. He knew what he signed up for

    Jeff, Do you think the Congresswoman just ran off to the press without the family knowing about it in advance? If she actually did that without their approval, bad on her X1000, but we have not the slightest hint that it happened that way unless you know something I don't. OTOH Kelly is now a proven liar and any residual honor he had is long gone* *Can someone explain why Trump and his minions lie about things that are trivially easy to refute? I doubt it took 5 minutes to find the real FBI speech
  9. Shannon 39

    I worked on 38s. The 39, to my eye, seems like two or three different design ideas that don't always flow together well. YMMV of course.
  10. eliminate the dollar’s role as world reserve currency.

    I once stated that despite what the usual suspects thought, NO ONE was dumb enough to say anything nice about Venezuela here on PA. Well I guess I was wrong, we do have one dumb enough.
  11. eliminate the dollar’s role as world reserve currency.

    Shitposter....... ignore
  12. eliminate the dollar’s role as world reserve currency.

    Heck of a job they're doing too https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/may/03/venezuela-crisis-protests-nicolas-maduro-caracas https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-politics/banging-on-empty-pots-venezuelans-protest-food-shortages-idUSKBN18U0SO https://www.nytimes.com/2016/06/20/world/americas/venezuelans-ransack-stores-as-hunger-stalks-crumbling-nation.html https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-looting/we-want-food-looting-and-riots-rock-venezuela-daily-idUSKCN0YY0IR
  13. 4 hr working day

    If only we could get him to 0.
  14. A dollar per mile

    It has been a *very* long time since a 75 HP diesel cost $9,000! That might maybe get you 25 or 30 hp now. Where the heck are these cheap engines?
  15. A dollar per mile

    For local stuff, we have a few days off work and want to be at X port, so it will be 100% motoring without favorable wind if we want to actually get there and back and remain employed. Offshore I only have 20 gallons of fuel and we need it for electricity, so miles under power is a pretty low percentage. I would guess for just Bermuda trips adding up to 4500 miles or so, only about 200-300 of that was under power total. Helps to not have a choice Total cost for ocean crossings or other major offshore trips is so far in favor of sail there is no even remote comparison. $10,000 will get you a boat capable of crossing an ocean nowadays. Not new or luxurious or equipped with a hot tub, but it will get there with say $20,000 total expense for minimal outfitting. No power boat in that price range is within a light year of an ocean passagemaker. A $100K budget can provide one with a pretty decent ocean crossing sailboat that should not be using up sails in one trip or even close to it and that still is not close to getting a safe ocean crossing powerboat.