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  1. kent_island_sailor

    Canadian political crisis

    No Californicators allowed? Why not grab the whole coast and be Pacifica or something? Might even get Baja in on it
  2. kent_island_sailor

    PA is the septic tank and you are all drain fields

    So since we dragged anchor into racism: BJ - what have you found out about racism in your travels? Racism certainly is not a USA only thing, did anywhere stand out as particularly bad or good?
  3. kent_island_sailor

    A 97-Year-Old Philosopher Faces His Own Death

    Everyone wants to go to heaven. No one wants to die to get there Myself, I want to die peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather, not screaming in terror like his passengers.
  4. kent_island_sailor

    Caliber 40 LRC with previous lightning strike

    Polyester resin and actual fiberglass made out of glass is not especially prone to lightning destruction except when it is in the way. Carbon fiber in epoxy is a very different story, seeing as carbon is a somewhat poor conductor and the fibers can act like heating elements and do a lot of hard to detect damage.
  5. kent_island_sailor

    Three US Firefighters lost in air tanker crash in Oz

    You can crash them just like any other airplane and aerial fire attack is dangerous work. RIP
  6. kent_island_sailor

    Soooo, where do you move to when you bail on the USA?

    PLEASE PLEASE quit conflating anti-Semitism and lack of unquestioning support for the sovereign nation of Israel*. Not all Jews are Israelis, not all Israelis are Jews, and Jewish people both in Israel and the USA vary from cheerleaders for the current Israeli government to utterly loathing said government. You will also find a very weird confluence of Israeli-supporting anti-Semites. It has something to do with a Bible prophecy that they believe in that requires Israel to be there. It makes no sense to me, but maybe someone can explain it * kind of like being opposed to the policies of Ireland doesn't necessarily mean you hate Catholics or Stout drinkers
  7. kent_island_sailor

    Bad Day To Cross The Gulf Stream

    One of the most annoying days on a boat ever: Coming westbound towards the stream, wind ahead was 50+ out of the north and just a bit less where we were. I was dreading hitting the Stream and suspected we would end up hove-to for a day or two right east of it. Well hit it we did and the wind and weather just vanished and was replaced with 0-5 out of the south. So we motored across in the left over slop with waves attacking us from 3 directions. We called it the "toilet bowl"
  8. kent_island_sailor

    Alberg 30

    Very true. For us racking up 180+ mile days was WORK. It would have done me in by myself, I would have needed some nap time. Zzzzzzzzzzzz
  9. kent_island_sailor

    Alberg 30

    Don't confuse the ability of the boat and long term passage planning. An Alberg 30 with at least somewhat usable sails and at least most barnacles removed should do 120-130 miles per day no problem. The issue is "what is decent wind". The boats are not light air flyers and neither are they going to bash upwind into 10-20 foot seas with any speed. Nor are they going to take off at 15-20 knots downwind either. I would plan stores and contingencies for around 50, hope for 120+, and be happy at 100.
  10. kent_island_sailor

    Caliber 40 LRC with previous lightning strike

    It wouldn't bother me as long as all the electronics were replaced. I did plenty of lightning repairs back in the day, one boat even got two total refits in two years with two strikes. We NEVER found anything structural to work on. YMMV for sure, all our victims had keel stepped and grounded masts. I knew of a boat with a deck stepped mast that was hit and the lightning blew a seacock right out of the boat and sank her. That boat was also fine after cleaning up the mess.
  11. kent_island_sailor

    PA is the septic tank and you are all drain fields

    I like to think if I had been there while this was going on I would have said something. Never know until it happens though. I have also seen the reverse - I know someone down south that tried to work at a place that had traditionally been a "negro job" and it was made clear that no white boy was going to last out a week without a beatdown.
  12. kent_island_sailor

    PA is the septic tank and you are all drain fields

    In the 1970s my brother and I got yelled at for swimming at the "black beach" at Solomon's Island. THAT was an experience, as was getting kicked out of the "black section" of Lexington KY by the cops. YOU don't belong here, STAY OVER THERE. To this day I have no idea if the cops thought they were protecting us from crime, thought we were trying to buy drugs, or thought we were up to something involving screwing with the locals.
  13. kent_island_sailor

    PA is the septic tank and you are all drain fields

    NOW is 2020 there are plenty of suburban middle class places around too, I spent a lot of time in Fishersville and it could be pretty much AnySuburb USA. What you found, and it is always upsetting, is the hidden world of incredible racism middle class people usually don't have to deal with. I still remember parking my plane at Myrtle Beach, going inside to put in a fuel order and get a car, and the nice looking old lady behind the counter telling me her big adventure of the day. Seems a Beach Baron had come in earlier that day and that pilot wanted a car too. "No way am I letting any GOD DAMN NIGGER take one of our cars" I guess showing up in a plane worth probably more than she would earn in several years didn't count for much I too should have probably told her she was a racist old bitch, but we didn't feel like walking ...........
  14. kent_island_sailor

    PA is the septic tank and you are all drain fields

    To be totally honest, I was going to post about 10 more threads with stuff like PA is the outlet and you are the extension cord, PA is the hose and you are the nozzles, PA is an outhouse and you are the Sears catalog, and so on just to screw with -666. Somehow the septic thing just came to me, I wrote it, and only then did it make sense after I saw it. PA concentrates ugly shit and it flows out to all of us.
  15. kent_island_sailor

    Remember Bezos’s hacked dong pics?

    Never...NEVER....mention that name