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  1. kent_island_sailor

    Woodward gets it

    That one is EASY. "Support and defend the Constitution"
  2. kent_island_sailor

    Woodward gets it

    Is Happy implying if I tell people I am 10 feet tall 100 times that is only one lie ?
  3. kent_island_sailor

    I Happen To Agree With Her About AMAZON

    Amazon will take whatever welfare any government is willing to hand out. Why not?
  4. kent_island_sailor

    A Nugget of Pure Gold Emerges From The Midterms

    Her replacement:
  5. kent_island_sailor

    Woodward gets it

    Happy - *Just in the Stormy Daniels case*, which is a tiny subset of Trump's statements, he has told plenty of outright lies. This thread is the perfect illustration of why I almost never talk about politics with Trump fans in person. They live in an utterly different reality and there is no conversation possible with someone so divorced from the real world. If you even do get close to making them admit the truth, they will suddenly start digging up real and imagined crimes of retired Democratic politicians or deflect to "the economy is doing great". I had 8 years of being told the rising economic indicators were all faked to make Obama look good, but NOW they are real * I will give Happy #2 - The liar must know it is a lie and not just a mistake or a misspeak. I am certain Trump could pass a lie detector test saying he is Hillary Clinton's twin sister . He has lied for so long about so much that I doubt he even knows when he lies and when he doesn't. As his biographer says, "he lies like he breathes". Happy - I could post a ton of examples but I am not going to waste my time. You will decide that the media reports are made up, even if there is live video, or you'll Benghazi it or post some stock market graph. Project-Deflect. Bored with it.
  6. kent_island_sailor

    Woodward gets it

    Are you *really* going with that? WTF???? What alternate universe are you FROM
  7. kent_island_sailor

    Woodward gets it

    So Happy just wants someone to calmly and dispassionately explain why Trump is a lying idiot. OK - I am sure PBS has got that one covered.
  8. kent_island_sailor

    Melania flexes her muscles

    I think some of the blocked idiots get an incel thrill from the fact that not all female politicians are as attractive as teenaged models and have never evolved past the point of valuing women for their boobs and nothing else. I wonder how women would rate their physiques
  9. kent_island_sailor

    Identifying as younger, how cool is that?

    Why not just go on another dating app and make up whatever age you want to
  10. kent_island_sailor

    Help: Friend's Dad is Lost at Sea

    Good point. Kind of a fine line between not throwing up and seeing all kinds of things that aren't there with that stuff.
  11. kent_island_sailor

    Melania flexes her muscles

    Not sure why anyone thought Melania was any better than the rest of her milieu
  12. kent_island_sailor

    Lewinsky speaks

    I feel sorry for Monica having her whole entire life defined by blowing some guy. I still feel like I don't need to see or hear any more about it, kind of like I won't want to see Stormy Daniels on some talk show 20 or 30 years from now either.
  13. kent_island_sailor

    FP die trying

    Dupe thread
  14. kent_island_sailor

    Help: Friend's Dad is Lost at Sea

    I am sorry for your loss. I am not so sure about the exhaust leak though. Diesel exhaust does not have a lot of CO and it stinks.
  15. This isn't the age of exploration, more like the age of social media stunts. People walking across Antarctica are not seeing anything that has not been seen before. I knew someone that worked in Antarctica and they got tired of dropping what they were doing to save people on ill-advised and poorly equipped adventure hikes. * This reminds me of a local pilot that tried to be the first person to fly to the North Pole in an open cockpit biplane. I could try to be the first person to drive to Alberta in January on a moped