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  1. Old argument - Leave Trump in to flail around in circles embarrassing Republicans or get someone that actually COULD get some R goals accomplished.
  2. He pardons them all Monday, resigns Tuesday, and Pence pardons him Wednesday
  3. Put aside the eye-rolling bullshit here for second. How DID Alabama protect slaves? If I wanted to boil my slaves in oil, rape them, cut their feet off, make them listen to Anne Coulter, or any other vile torture, who or what would stop me? I own them, do I not? Who would they complain to and who would care? * I realize as a practical matter you can only do so much to slaves without either a revolt, a mass runaway, or at least not much work getting done.
  4. NPR had some Bannon quotes today. Apparently, like most of us, he thinks the Nazi brigade is a bunch of clowns, but has no issue pretending otherwise to use them for political gain. This really is deserving of a Nobel Prize in Douche Nozzlery
  5. Can you name ANY other country where the LOSING side in a civil war got to put up endless monuments and statues to their "heroes"? We somehow went from traitors to their country starting a ruinous war to preserve their right to own humans like you own a cow and in some cases treat them far worse to "romantic heroes of a lost cause fighting against an oppressive federal government for states rights slavery wasn't so bad war wasn't about slavery anyway oh by the way check out these Jim Crow laws ain't it cool to have niggra sharecroppers kind of like slaves you don't have to feed" endless bullshit
  6. Real news AFAIK, if maybe not exactly word for word. I heard it said live and then again on the news.
  7. With the notable exception of the American Civil War.
  8. Hanging from the side of the ship..........
  9. Notable lack of tits here too
  10. What a load of crap. There "Civil War" statues are almost all related to Jim Crow laws and segregation, not the war. They were intended to, and do, present a message to Blacks that the same boot is still on your neck that always was and always will be. Do note that somehow WW II is learned about and remembered without a ton of Hitler and Himmler statues all over the place
  11. Who or what do juggalos hate? I have no idea? People that bathe?
  12. Well Trump has sure done one thing for sure: The KKK/Nazi movement was mostly considered a refuge for idiot inbreds with no real significance - a spent force. Well now they have their boy in the Whitehouse, things have changed!
  13. +1 This pissed off young male loner nutjob cohort is *exactly* where they all come from. This truly is Vanilla Isis
  14. Yes - If you are a Nazi and your Nazi buddies do Nazi things, you can't act surprised because they are doing what your group was created to do. (this is a figure of speech, not meant to imply the reader is a Nazi if that is what you thought)
  15. ??? Your bit? I am not following???