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  1. You think some cheap camera off teh Ebayz is going to recognize your boat from 200+ miles away, never mind being space rated and never mind the precise attitude control needed to hold the thing steady enough to even get a picture
  2. Sadly not a surprise.
  3. FRONT PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I have paid no attention to the floating homeless guy. Did he hit a reef?
  5. I suspect a big heaping of marketing bullshit. A satellite that can find a sailboat with no RF emissions and identify it via radar or photography is basically the tech level and expense of a government spy satellite. There is NOTHING micro, quick, or cheap at deploying something like this. I vote NFW is this true and what they are really doing is AIS surveillance.
  6. ?????? AIS receivers in space is not a new idea, AFAIK the Space Station has one. How they can track you with AIS turned off though - WTF? No cheap microsat is doing radar or imaging.
  7. Is anyone on PA?
  8. You do know Mao was a mass murderer on a huge scale, right? He has no trouble getting a spot at the lunch table where the cool kids like Hitler and Stalin hang out in Satan's Cafeteria.
  9. The resort my parents went to in PR was nice, but had armed guards. Just sayin.......
  10. I had a 1976 Mercedes 300D with about 400,000 miles on it. It had issues from being that old, but it still could hit 100 MPH That engine was very basic, if you could start the engine it needed no more electricity after that. We went to look at a 1990s era 6 cylinder Mercedes turbo-diesel. The brain of that engine had decided it wasn't really in a mood for boost and the car was dog slow. The salesman tried to bullshit us we didn't know diesels and it was supposed to do that. I pointed to my old junker 300D and offered to race winner keeps both cars. He declined Want some google fun? Look up the Mercedes biodegradable E Series wiring that started biodegrading while still in the car and the SBC system that can leave you with no brakes Never forget the MB rep for long lasting cars came from the *W123 Series* that could run 500,000 miles at a time an American car was lucky to make it past 50,000 without major issues.
  11. Yup - of all the threads to screw up with music videos
  12. 20+ year old Mercedes and reliable are not words I have seen used together before now. YMMV Believe it or not, my 1973 MG had exactly 0 electrical issues ever and my 1988 Mercedes was an electrical nightmare.
  13. The MGB-GT with the aluminum V8 is likely quite fun I drove a TR-8 and the combo of the V8 in a small car made the gearshift almost superfluous. Any gear any speed it just went when you hit the gas.
  14. Ambergris Cay is a long and narrow spit of an island that is barely above water level. In any decent hurricane it would be entirely washed by waves right across it That is not where I would look for property if I were moving there.
  15. I bought one for $1800 with 35,000 miles. It was cheap because the 1st gear synchro was gone. After I got it home, I found out 1st did not have a synchro BTW - 73 is the year to get. Before 73 is the dumb looking square rear wheel arches and after is the terrible Triumph engine and ugly rubber bumpers. They really are a lot of fun to drive and I fit in one better than I fit in a 1st gen Miata.