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  1. Ignore is your friend
  2. FYI everyone: Power crews from all over the USA roll in big convoys to hurricane damaged states. PR - not so much for obvious reasons.
  3. Meli, They are complete full US Citizens like anyone else. If I moved there and they moved here we would swap voting rights. They have no "half" citizenship. Anyway, the status of the place is FUBAR and will take some time to fix. I might possibly be going there to help fix it.
  4. Customs varies HUGELY place to place. Fort Pierce Customs: Do you buy any liquor? Me: No Fort Pierce Customs: Do you have any liquor in your bag? Copilot; No Fort Pierce Customs: OK, why is there 6 bottles of rum in your bag Me: That belongs to my copilot. I didn't buy it. Copilot: And it isn't in my bag We all cracked up at that. Meanwhile, another day at West Palm the asshole just about put us all in customs jail because my passengers got mixed in with a charter 727 while I was tying the plane up
  5. There are laws of physics relating to resolution and lens size. I can't be arsed to run the numbers right now, but to identify individual small boats the satellite would definitely be bigger and more expensive than a little cube-sat with AIS. Getting under 1 meter resolution is a huge deal. The best satellite I know of that is not a .mil project is WordView 2, at around 0.5 meters, and it weighs 6,000 pounds.
  6. I am sure they hid a tracker in the boat. They were big into that with airplanes too in that era and it was very controversial. You are a mechanic and you find a half-assed or quarter-assed tracker install that is dangerous and unapproved. You tell the owner and risk the DEA coming down on you or ???
  7. You think some cheap camera off teh Ebayz is going to recognize your boat from 200+ miles away, never mind being space rated and never mind the precise attitude control needed to hold the thing steady enough to even get a picture
  8. Sadly not a surprise.
  9. FRONT PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I have paid no attention to the floating homeless guy. Did he hit a reef?
  11. I suspect a big heaping of marketing bullshit. A satellite that can find a sailboat with no RF emissions and identify it via radar or photography is basically the tech level and expense of a government spy satellite. There is NOTHING micro, quick, or cheap at deploying something like this. I vote NFW is this true and what they are really doing is AIS surveillance.
  12. ?????? AIS receivers in space is not a new idea, AFAIK the Space Station has one. How they can track you with AIS turned off though - WTF? No cheap microsat is doing radar or imaging.
  13. Is anyone on PA?
  14. You do know Mao was a mass murderer on a huge scale, right? He has no trouble getting a spot at the lunch table where the cool kids like Hitler and Stalin hang out in Satan's Cafeteria.
  15. The resort my parents went to in PR was nice, but had armed guards. Just sayin.......