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  1. Ambergris Cay is a long and narrow spit of an island that is barely above water level. In any decent hurricane it would be entirely washed by waves right across it That is not where I would look for property if I were moving there.
  2. I bought one for $1800 with 35,000 miles. It was cheap because the 1st gear synchro was gone. After I got it home, I found out 1st did not have a synchro BTW - 73 is the year to get. Before 73 is the dumb looking square rear wheel arches and after is the terrible Triumph engine and ugly rubber bumpers. They really are a lot of fun to drive and I fit in one better than I fit in a 1st gen Miata.
  3. I hear the Navy is going to use AIS to help people dodge them, so it might work out
  4. I had one. I suspect the MG supply is pretty stable now. I bet very few are being driven daily anymore and then junked when too rusty.
  5. Whaddawant from a mobile porch?
  6. The buy a boat 40 feet long that needs TWO 40 foot slips and has the room of a 25-30 footer at best is a VERY hard sell no matter how fast it goes.
  7. THANKS! I'll see what I can find on the island first
  8. Well the Privilege 39 I sailed could almost always exceed 10 knots on a reach in good breeze. It was kind of a dog upwind and in light air, but a big enough rig to move in light air would be dangerous for a charter cat. The shroud angles sucked for DDW too. OTOH the Condor 40 tri is a rocket going almost any direction if you don't mind being very cramped.
  9. You know we started a war and took the place over, right? They did not come begging, we conquered them with force of arms. Well now they are part of the USA. Sure in the long term we may want jump in and do some adjustments to their somewhat dysfunctional local government, but right now these are first off *human beings in peril* and secondly *American citizens* in peril. NOW is not the time to bust their balls, it is time to help them. Also do note we yanked a tax loophole AWAY from them some years ago that led many manufacturers to pull out of there and pretty well tanked their economy. EDIT - I cannot imagine a bigger gift for our enemies than telling American citizens on American soil they are prone to be "cut loose" at will.
  10. Please find me a quote of ANYONE saying Venezuela is a "perfectly executed" example of anything except incompetent kleptocracy or quit with the meme everyone not a rabid FoxxyNews fan loves the place.
  11. Puerto Rico is not "the world", it is PART of the UNITED STATES. I am sometimes amazed at what I read on here, but this is really in the top 1% of WTF of all time. You would have richest country in history more or less tell their own citizens to just fuck off and die already, not our problem. Really * I actually might be headed to the USVI or Puerto Rico real soon. Should I refuse to go?
  12. Well then Trump is not a citizen and neither is the entire student body of the school down the road.
  13. Like I said, get a time machine then. For now, we own them.
  14. Trump and Kim are brothers from another mother or perhaps the robots on MST3K (I'm infinity times better than you plus 100!) Trump: I'll utterly destroy your worthless nation with fire like the world has never seen! Kim: I'll utterly destroy your worthless nation with fire like the world has never seen and then do it again! Trump: I'll utterly destroy your worthless nation with fire like the world has never seen and do it THREE times! Kim: I'll utterly destroy your worthless nation with fire like the world has never seen and do it THREE times and then blow up Japan too! Trump: I'll utterly destroy your worthless nation with fire like the world has never seen and do it THREE times and blow up Japan twice! < This is Nikki Haley jumping in on this comment, we would like to remind everyone that Japan is actually our ally and we won't blow them up for real><this is Rex Tillerson, he's on a roll, let him go>
  15. I wish I could find the photo of my old diesel Mercedes headlight-deep in water towing a dead Jeep home I also noted the Wrangler NEEDS the 4WD, it blows in snow in 2WD mode.