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  1. kent_island_sailor

    Local Asshole

    The idiot's local office is in walking distance of my house This is the same douche-bag who railed on and on about the evils of socialized medicine and then pitched a bitch when he got elected and found out federal employee health insurance starts after 30 days
  2. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    My tax rate for my cars is $0/yr after paying the initial sales tax. Registration is about $60/yr no matter if it gets 3 MPG or is electric.
  3. kent_island_sailor

    Local Asshole Andy needs to go.
  4. kent_island_sailor

    Shumer's faux pas

  5. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Combustion engines being banned from boats is nothing I worry about. Cruising sailboats are a tiny niche of a tiny niche market. This is what sells and any attempt by the state to get rid of them would fail utterly. Kind of like making snowmobiles illegal in Alaska
  6. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Well those people exist and a good portion of them can barely handle a boat WITH an engine, I recently watched an Island Packet crew make a hash out of docking in flat-calm conditions and they had a bow thruster OTOH I think this thread is much more populated with people that have cruised with no engine, a dead engine, an outboard engine, a dead outboard engine, or some combination thereof and don't want to be forced to do it again if we can help it.
  7. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Not the ones you would be putting in a small to medium sized sailboat and there are no complexities to regulate, just very refined and well made 100 year-old tech.
  8. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    No, but it would be instructive for you to read about what it was like back then. It could take 3 weeks for a square-rigger to cross an ocean and one more week to get the last 20 miles into port, assuming they didn't get becalmed and spend a week just sitting. Crews did back-breaking work towing ships with longboats under oar power or kedging anchor over anchor. The debut of steam tugs made sailing ships vastly more productive in the interval between steam being invented and ocean going steam being invented. Also note being caught on a lee shore could be a death sentence. Please also note boat manufacturers sell NEW boats that cost as much as a decent house and NONE of those buyers are remotely interested in some 19th century roughing it cosplay deal. BTW - sailing offshore for FUN is a pretty recent thing. Here is what old time working sailors thought of the idea: "A man who would go to sea as a pastime would surely go to hell for employment" or something similar.
  9. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    Sure, if all you ever do is the circles in sight of Annapolis, an electric motor would work fine. Charge all week, get used on Wednesdays and weekends. I am pretty sure the smaller boats with outboards have some Torqeedos in the fleet right now.
  10. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    What you are recreating there is how any modern cruise ship is set up with the addition of batteries. They use 4 or more big generators to supply electricity for the whole ship and the electric motors to drive the ship. There are diesel-electric tugs too and diesel-electric subs have been a thing for about 100 years or more as well. You do give up some efficiency, there are less drive train losses, less space taken up, and less weight just connecting a drive shaft to an engine vs, a generator and all the other stuff.
  11. Joker seems mad no one started a thread, like it is my job to report everything in the USA for him on PA. Don't see one, start one
  12. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    This is because the electrical evangelists promise things that cannot possibly happen. If you try and pin them down, you get a lot of squirming around and they eventually get to "well don't do that then" You are on a delivery from Miami to Annapolis. It is a windless 90 degree day on the ICW. Your electric boat is going to................get towed up I-95 behind a diesel truck or be sunk by the frustrated delivery captain, take your pick.
  13. kent_island_sailor

    Don't be a diesel mechanics, be a sailor...

    You are describing a small diesel-electric sub minus the sinking part. There is a LOT to keeping those things running correctly.
  14. kent_island_sailor

    Maybe Storming The Capitol Wasn't Such A Good Idea

    It gives meaning to empty mediocre lives. They are part of something BIG. Yeah, I might look like a loser now, but just you wait until you're all rounded up and I am the camp commandant, you'll be sorry then, yes you will
  15. kent_island_sailor

    President Biden

    Don't go making fun of my homie! When we sail to Baltimore, we go right past this, it shows where he was on the British ship during the bombardment. (Isn't the Star Spangled Banner sung to a drinking song? I think the tune came from the The Anacreontic Society in London) * note to self, shooting inaccurate gunpowder rockets at a big brick and stone fort all night does nothing much but give the locals a free fireworks show