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  1. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    What lie did I post? I don't even know the guy
  2. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    The admiral was wrong.
  3. Isn't East Eurasia our ally? Do I have the wrong month? Do they have November?
  4. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Come to think of it, I bet there was a fear the Air Corp/Air Force would run around A-bombing various places and making wars last about a day and thus make the rest of the armed forces redundant Credit to the USA we didn't actually do that, for about 3 years we were literally KING OF THE WORLD.
  5. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    THAT certainly seems likely. Perhaps not widely known is how vicious the infighting could be. I wish I could find the quote from that era i read long ago - It was something like a new Navy officer shows up at the Pentagon. His boss asks him who the enemy is and he says "Germany? Japan?" and his boss says "Hell no - they're the opposition.The ARMY is the enemy!" There was some fuckery going on where the Army Air Corp decided bombers didn't need escorts, they ended up being shot down at a rapid rate to the point bomber crews were getting "lost" and landing in Switzerland for ski vacations, and they flat-out turned down using Corsairs as escorts because they were Navy/Marine airplanes
  6. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Besides for that I doubt the *entire* command structure of the Navy even knew there was such a thing as an atomic bomb
  7. kent_island_sailor

    Bidens Laptop

    Someone help me with the logic: Republican strategy session: I think we proved Americans hate corruption and nepotism! Ivanka - Hell Yes! Jared - Hang on Ivanka, we might want to think about this for a second...............
  8. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Absolutely. That would be ALL of Japan, not a city or two.
  9. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    He thinks what he thinks. My father was on Okinawa. If the rest of Japan was ANYTHING like that place the A-bombs would look trivial compared to what would have been left of Japan.
  10. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    How about baby steps - first thing is to reduce our nuclear weapon stockpile to just enough to make sure no one nukes us or our allies and make it clear that our doctrine forbids the use of them for anything but responding to other nukes.
  11. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Even if they weren't misinformed, so what? Who could look at the results and feel happy about it? I strongly suspect that due to Japan not allowing USA based reporters to work from Japan* during the war and not wanting to publicize the results of our bombing campaigns themselves, this was the first look most Americans had at what we had been doing to Japan. The Tokyo fire bombing raids could have produced a shit-ton of photos of napalm-fried kids too. * weird little-known tidbit from the war, UPI or AP or maybe both were paying German soldiers for photos and stories somehow on the down-low.
  12. kent_island_sailor

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    At some point you are going to have to realize not everyone shares your opinion and never will. I actually care very little for decades-old opinion polls answered by people with very incomplete knowledge. They probably didn't know all those people were going to be killed anyway, just over more time and with gelled gasoline instead of uranium. I am not sure if anyone realized back then how nasty Gen. LeMay's bombing campaign was. He even admitted himself he would hang as a war criminal if the Japanese ever got ahold of him.
  13. kent_island_sailor

    One More Week Of This Shit

    There is whacking off on Zoom calls...oh wait someone did that one.............there is grabbing your junk for a Bulgarian actress pretending to be a 15 year-old Russian girl pretending to be a reporter.......oh wait someone did that one..........running out of ideas..... Anyone try getting drunk and traveling 3,000 miles to get a laptop fixed and then forgetting you did it? Damn it all THAT ONE is taken too! This is really hard...........what to do??? I think I'll take the dog out in the Whaler and see if she stays in it this time