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  1. That went right by our beach and some jet skiers took right off after it! It almost got to Kent Narrows before it died.
  2. I think Dunkirk would have been a lot better if none of the boats would start because sitting around with ethanol gas for a year wrecked every one of them, the Germans won WW II, and the end was a plea to never ever use ethanol as a gas additive again Does 3-7/8 stars equal 4 snags?
  3. Dunkirk - 4 out of 5 snags. First off, there was no way it could ever live up to the hype. Reviews were all "best movie in the history of movies" and nothing can live up to that. Now that is out of the way, it was a good movie. A really good movie within certain parameters. The 70mm film in the Imax experience is amazing. The quality of the film is beyond top notch. The sound cuts both ways. It is LOUD. When someone is shooting a machine gun, you want to put in earplugs. It sounds about as loud as a real machine gun. This is more realism than many need at the movies and my wife stuffed her ears with cotton. Between the sound and excellent camera work you really do get the "I am there" feeling. When a bomb lands near the characters on the beach, you feel it. The aerial sequences - to me - were worth the price of admission right there. They used real airplanes as much as possible and no movie has captured the sight and sound of aerial combat like this one. The Stuka dive-bombers were kind of silly obsolete flying targets later on in the war, but nothing I have seen comes close to showing the terror they inspired early on. Imagine just standing on a beach with no shelter and hardy anything for a weapon and having these things peel off into a screaming dive to unleash hell on you. The marine sequences were good as well. Ships sink and people get trapped below. The local yacht clubs send old men and boys in their own boats to the rescue because the Navy is unable and/or unwilling to risk their ships. Now the downsides: Did I mention the VERY loud soundtrack? Way too much really loud "suspense" music. Plot and dialogue, both close to MIA and character development either POW or KIA. There is nothing really about the big picture, it is mostly a "soldier's eye view" of what is right in front of you. It would have been nice to have a bigger picture with say Winston Churchill deciding to hold a lot of the Navy and RAF in reserve, maybe some internal debate about sending civilians and their boats into battle, maybe Goering bullshitting Hitler that he could take out the British from the air, things like that. Some "Saving Private Ryan" soap opera stuff would have helped too. Minor quibbles: Boats with multi spreader aluminum rigs in the background. Not common in 1940. The train they get on in the end looks like a car in use in 2017 more than a 1940 era car. Flying around in a Spitfire that can go through 100 gallon an hour with 50 gallons left. That is time to head home. Were no squadrons fighting at Dunkirk? I know Spitfires and ME-109s cost a lot to rent, but either in real life or film magic maybe show more than 2 Spits fighting a 109 and a bomber. Last nit to pick is a Spit running out of gas at 2,000 feet does not have the L/D ratio of a modern glider, it seemed to fly around forever and day with the prop stopped. This part looked very CGI too, I am guessing no one was willing to risk an issue with restarting to do this for real.
  4. When I was a teen and assumed fair game, cops played all kinds of shenanigans with us. We were smarter than they thought and usually came out on top, but then again we had access to white person money and lawyers if need be. Fun stuff like cutting close in front of us, slamming on the brakes, and then trying to write a ticket for passing on the double-yellow. You passed me Better than hitting you You were following too close You cut in front of me I did not Did too and my lawyer uncle is kind of bored lately, want to keep going? You are free to go * total honesty, we were typical kids and not always innocent either
  5. The idea is the Turtle would not be screwing over Kentucky for long if the state government was the one to reelect him - or not.
  6. In case you forgot, Senators were not elected originally, they were appointed by the state governments. The idea is they would be a mature sober check on the nutters in Congress doing stupid things.
  7. Could be - maybe we should switch back?
  8. You should look into the I-10 corridor car confiscation thing. Cops were harvesting cars and cash by fair means and foul big time Our local po-po had a guy in jail for about 30 days for running a stop sign before someone reviewed the dash cam showing the "perp" coming to a complete stop. Seems the cop didn't like that guy....
  9. In the 1790s the debate was - IIRC - would the federal government be kind of a caretaker operation keeping the place from being invaded while a bunch of small town farmer types traded locally and people ran their own affairs locally or maybe statwide vs. a country with stronger national institutions that pursued wealth by vigorous pursuit of foreign trade. If I recall my history, the second verison won out and we had a government health plan soon after to look after sailors involved in said trade and the Coast Guard was running around doing warrantless searches of boats, getting taken to court, and winning all before 1800. Also note Jefferson, despite being a limited government type, decided to f-that and did the Louisiana Purchase without really having the authority to do so and figured the voters would not reelect him if they were pissed enough about it and while he was at it, started a war with terrorists on the far side of the ocean that appears to be still going on in fits and starts.
  10. That idea didn't last long. See whiskey rebellion.
  11. No. Telling the truth requires an informed and mature electorate that will believe it and then the other side will beat you to death with outrageous lies and exaggerations. The Kent Island Party: Living in a 1st world country costs money and the USA is less taxed than just about anywhere else in the developed world. You are not getting a tax cut. We spend more money to get worse health outcomes than anyplace else you could call civilized, so we are going single payer. Semi-literate Mexicans sneaking in are no real threat to the most powerful country on the planet, but we'll get rid of them pretty quickly by putting their American employers in jail for a few years. Mass employment of low skilled workers in factories and mines getting paid enough to support a family and buy a nice house in the suburbs with two cars and a stay-at-home wife is NEVER EVER coming back no matter what and we will need to think of something else. Coal is dying as anything else but feedstock for steel and chemicals and nothing can fix that. Being the World Police is expensive and thankless, but the alternatives are much worse. The Other Guys: The bloated inefficient inbred lazy government workers are taking all your hard earned money and wasting it and we will put a stop to this and cut your taxes while we fire half of them and cut the pay in half for the rest of the lazy parasites and AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN! OMFG the Kent Island Party wants commie-socialistical medicine that will have death panels and three year waits to get a broken arm set with duct tape. We are ALL GOING TO DIE Hmm - arrest Americans? WTF? Every single Chamber of Commerce and both R and D unite in a campaign to dig dirt on the Kent Island Party and put it out and make it up if they can't kind it. Forget Mexicans, did you know the Kent Island Party has sex slaves under the pizza place and has emails too! Of course you'll get your factory job back right after we tell China to fuck right off and quit stealing our jobs with low wage workers and tell Germany to quit stealing our jobs with high wage workers and tell Canada to quit stealing our jobs with polite workers! That will work great and all you barely got a GED white men will be making $75K down at the mill in no time! Make America Great! Kent Island Declares War on Coal! We will get rid of all the latte liberals who hate coal and coal mines will be GREAT AGAIN! (never mind that natural gas thing, pay no attention to the clean and cheap coal replacement until after the election when it is too late bwuahahahaha) We will stop wasting money on being the World Police! NATO wants help, we'll bill them by the hour! Korea and Japan can handle their own issues. Syria - what a mess! Russia can do that one for us. We will save trillions by only patrolling our own borders to keep Mexicans out. (in other news, we need a massive expansion of the military to go along with their much reduced responsibility) Kent Island Party loses the vote by a ton - who would vote for those commie idiots?
  12. http://www.wbal.com/article/253151/2/rearraginments-today-for-2-bpd-officers-in-federal-racketeering-case Could be
  13. This election was the first time I have voted for a major party candidate in ages. My wife and I usually do Libertarian for one of us and Green for the other because the odds of Maryland not being D are about 0. Not this time, didn't want to take even a tiny chance and have Trump win the state by one vote
  14. I think they would have one with Bernie - and by a lot! Of course we would have a much kinder, smarter, and honest president who would do his best to uphold his office, but on the down side he too had ideas that just were never going to happen the way he thought because being the ONLY Social Democrat in government means no one has your back.
  15. Martin O'Malley famously had the police arresting people for breathing more or less when he was mayor. Large numbers of people got kicked right back out the door when they got to the station and it went like so: Charge this guy for resisting arrest Arrest for what? Resisting arrest!
  16. So far they are spanking their monkeys and hoping to win elections on the strength of not being Trump. They could just possibly - maybe - make themselves into a political party with a message to appeal to voters in the mid terms.
  17. I am pretty sure that almost ALL of the guys they planted evidence on deserved to be in jail for one reason or another. That is no excuse though - it is even worse than no excuse. Sooner or later you frame a real innocent person and even worse, the po-po become just another armed gang and "law enforcement" becomes a total joke.
  18. You might not believe how strong the denial field is around Trumpers. What I get is basically "He does the same things all presidents do, but the news media totally hate him and make it look like he did something wrong". Seriously. I honestly think other than changing parties to be a Democrat, there is *literally* nothing he could do that Trumpers would not support.
  19. I'll be having a word about this with my son before he takes the RIB out again. This does seem a bit odd, most ways of falling off a RIB leave one outside the path of the engine. The closest I ever came to chopping someone up was when a passenger fell out of a whaler I was running and HUNG ON, trailing their feet back towards the engine.
  20. This is true - most of the horrible aspects of Islam are grafted-on behaviours that existed prior to whatever tribe converting.
  21. Its worth your life to touch the water that comes down that creek, I hope he kept out of that!
  22. You are looking at it like selling lemonade. Sure if Mr X writes a check for my house for my asking price, I'll sell it. This isn't the level Trump operates on. More like I'll buy this for WAY over market and some of the cash will move over here to my buddy Boris and some goes to Natasha and you keep some and maybe we'll build something over there and maybe you won't be reporting very many details of where the funds come from or go to
  23. What I meant was at his age, 5 year survival rate probably isn't that good anyway. tumor or not. It still sucks - I hope he beats it.
  24. Post above is proof of how Trumpers think and why they love all the shit he does.
  25. Well he seems to have decided the Yankee $$$$ is OK * unless he is a prisoner/slave, in which case someone should let him loose