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  1. Second Amendment : Past it's Use by Date

    Modify the 2nd to only apply to state national guard members. If states want individuals owning guns - up to them
  2. Homeowner Ended Home Invasion

    NRA playbook: without a gun you WILL be hurt
  3. Does this disqualify Oprah

    It would be like that if God really did show up and tell her to run
  4. tRump : Concealing Infidelity

    Sad if the average Trump lay is a prostitute or why would he be surprised that she didn't want money?
  5. FP: Another “tumultuous relationship”?

    "Reality Star Disease"? SA make money with conflict. Perhaps he carries that into other areas?
  6. Homeowner Ended Home Invasion

    Well if you want a 6 shot revolver inside your own house, have at it. Note that this homeowner would be deader than Monty Python's parrot except the intruder seems to have been the worst shot in history. Had the guy not been utterly useless with a gun Mr. I-will-investigate-with-my-penis-extender-gun would be dead on the floor with 4 holes in him
  7. Snubbed

    Bad day to be a bowman
  8. Snubbed

    THIS is how to anchor!
  9. Snubbed

    I wasn't really even looking for an anchor, but finding a real Bruce instead of those POS "Claws" made me think hmmmm - might be nice. Speaking of old anchors, my 1970s era Danforth HT seems like a super-anchor when compared with the cheap imitations now. Just looking sort-of like the original is NOT as good.
  10. Snubbed

    Weems Creek is that way. The RT 50 construction flushed so much silt into the creek it is like anchoring in soup. The anchor WILL drag no matter how deep it gets unless it snags an underwater pipeline or something
  11. Check Your BoatUS Policy.

    Here is how the OLD version of BOATUS worked: I hit something unseen while under power and ever after had bad vibration. The yard diagnosed a bent prop and a bent shaft. BOATUS told me to have the yard fix it and fax them the bill. They paid no problem and they didn't even bitch about replacing the cutless bearing which was decades old and also didn't bitch about getting a new shaft. In the new system it wouldn't even be worth it to make a claim
  12. Banning Gun Stores

    A gun store around here attracts deer hunters. Deer hunters IMHO can hunt deer with guns not well suited for school massacres. If you have to bang away multiple times and change magazines, you need to learn to hunt better
  13. Snubbed

    Come to Annapolis and be in cheap anchor heaven then Our local used parts emporium will no longer take CQRs, many selling and no one interested in buying. Like I said, had one in the BVIs and it sucked totally for that bottom.
  14. Safing the Wind Generator with the LiFePO4s

    You said this: What I am trying to sort out here is protecting the wind generator from a protection event where the load contactor shuts off. The AirX marine on an open circuit will freewheel itself to death if it's not put in brake mode. If the BMS disconnects the batteries, you now have the wind generator connected to just the loads, which might be nothing and it does not like that. This relay normally connects the wind generator to the system to charge batteries. But the same signal that disconnects the BMS contactor throws this DPDT relay to route the wind generator to the short or load dump. When that signal disappears, the wind generator relay reconnects it to the system to charge batteries again. This isn't what you wanted to do????
  15. Safing the Wind Generator with the LiFePO4s

    Try this: There is no timing issue - the load or short CANNOT be connected to the battery in any way. The load dump could be a hot water heater element, some 100 watt light bulbs (120 or 240 volt is fine), a dead short, or whatever else you want to come up with. A dead short will be a little tough on the relay. The wiring obviously varies with the disconnect signal being presence or absence of voltage. I am assuming the emergency BMS disconnect means no voltage, otherwise what runs it? If not, just swap what wires go where on the relay.
  16. Snubbed

    My choice is original Bruce or Delta, $90 for either one.
  17. Snubbed

    The CQR is my least favorite anchor. In the BVIs it was very hard to set without diving on it. Heavy chain made it worse, the weight of the chain held the boat in light air and then if the wind picked up it would drag. As for two anchors in the Chesapeake, if you anchor in a light southerly, you may get a thunderstorm with wind that comes from close to 180 degrees out very suddenly. This is likely to rip a Danforth type out and a good reason to run anchor #2 to the north of you. Now here is a question - same price, same weight, a Delta and a Bruce sit next to each other in the surplus shop. Which one to buy?
  18. Banning Gun Stores

    When I was 16 my friends and I uncovered fraud in a foreign exchange program. The people that ran it threatened to kidnap and kill us. The police said "tough shit, no law against saying that, call us back if they do it" You also have a huge slippery slope where fantasy and fiction writers look a little too enthusiastic about their fictional characters mayhem. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boiled_Angel
  19. Banning Gun Stores

    Wasn't it about a week or two ago I mentioned that flooding the country with guns + disturbed emotional teens = exactly this result we see here in Florida. It will happen again and again and again and again. The shooter was evidently a creepy asshole, but he violated no law.
  20. Snubbed

    HUGE case of YMMV Many places I have a ton of space and don't care about where I swing. Other places are tight, but given it is common for the wind to die for part of the night at least, we get the "random boat effect" where light air and light currents make 10 boats face 10 different directions. Issue here is having your circle to yourself, not facing the same way. In crowded spots like Fog Cove in Saint Mike's or Rock Hall on a busy weekend, fitting in with cruisers on 3/8" chain just would not work with my old 6 feet of chain and nylon system.
  21. Snubbed

    Rocks suck for most modern anchors. We dragged a Danforth back and forth until it fell in a crack and then it wouldn't come out
  22. Snubbed

    I use mine all the time as anchor #2 and it never pulls out either. Using the pair as you do prevents them from being yanked out sideways. My Danforth 22(25?) pound anchor when used alone will sometimes get yanked out, but at least it stays on the bottom and might set. I have had the Fortress pop up and plane behind the boat * Glad to see another 2 anchor fan. I sleep and go into town with a lot less worries lying to two and it isn't IMHO all that hard to do. ** Speaking of anchors, our local salvage place has a couple real Bruce anchors.. I heard the real ones were great and the copies suck.
  23. Obama and his Sycophant Media covered this one up.

    Why not tell us what got covered up and how - STILL waiting
  24. Just Another High School Shooting

    People at work were amazed we went 12 days without a murder in Baltimore Sadly this is all routine. 1. Thoughts and Prayers 2. No law could stop it. 3. If only the school employees all had guns.......................
  25. Safing the Wind Generator with the LiFePO4s

    I'll get a diagram worked up that would fix all those issues. Not a big deal