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  1. paps49

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    This one is nowhere near some of the previous examples but WTF? How to sell a boat 101. Have a huge party on board the night before, hastily sort of clean up and wing it from there. Sorry got bored cleaning the loo so I just bailed. Ya fink we should have made the beds? Edit. Please enjoy the videos they are gold.
  2. paps49

    Comanche sold again?

    So it's confirmed or not? Asking for a friend in Minsk who really needs to get some sun.
  3. Very florid but I stopped reading when they turned the deck lights on.
  4. paps49

    Lusting on Yachtworld

    I think he got it. Its a big shark with no tail. Noice. Wow, I love it but that's one complicated mother, roadside service required. I don't know what to say except, bravo?
  5. paps49

    conversation starter

    Congratulations Bob on #1, well deserved but that's one funky list.
  6. paps49

    Active Marine Mazatlan MX Bottom job?

    No worries, my comprehension seems to fade as the evening rolls on. Or as I roll more in the evenings, I'm not sure.
  7. paps49

    conversation starter

    That or a legendary spliff.
  8. It would be nice to hear how things turned out. An intriguing tale.
  9. paps49

    Sydney to Hobart 2019

    Because it's Xmas and I forgot how much fun this is.
  10. paps49

    Active Marine Mazatlan MX Bottom job?

    To be fair, yes vagrant posted bottom job but Caca not so much. He has since clarified so we are all on the same page.
  11. Tried a search but no luck. A very nice boat that sank in an inlet maybe due to ice? Owner who lived nearby ducked for cover. Lovely drone footage. Was just wondering.
  12. paps49

    Daysailer rental in Miami?

    Not sure he is still there but Raul at Club 77 would lend you his boat for free as long as you dropped it off up river when you were finished?
  13. paps49

    Consider this before considering the DR

    Goes cruising with a Rottweiler on board? Stopped reading right there.
  14. paps49

    Active Marine Mazatlan MX Bottom job?

    Zonker I suspect he may be talking topsides repaint not bottom paint but I could be wrong.