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  1. paps49

    Sydney to Hobart 2020

    What, like the Ruby Princess that sent it's viral load all over the country?
  2. paps49

    Coolboats to admire

    Christ, that story just gets worse and worse. Looks Scandinavian.
  3. paps49

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    It's a genuine Perry but not mentioned in Bob's book. No clue who built them.
  4. paps49

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    That looks like it was laid up in a mold??
  5. paps49

    Controversial posts is a cunt

    Do you really do this for fun? Is there nothing better for you?
  6. paps49

    Controversial posts is a cunt

    Yeah she's a cunt.
  7. paps49

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Looks like wood epoxy but yeah if it's trad lapstrake you might have to pickle it for a bit.
  8. paps49

    It's my world now...

    Mate I think your avatar uniform would be perfect. Just needs a jacket for formal occasions and something for chilly evenings.
  9. paps49

    Guests realistic expectations

    Guests on boats seem to get more over rated the older you become. In my 20's every bunk filled was a good mix, nowadays we sleep alone unless they are happy with the cockpit. It's a nice cockpit.
  10. paps49

    Guests realistic expectations

    Was it something you said??
  11. paps49

    The new revolution in spinnakers

    All you need is a black belt in Origami.
  12. paps49

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    While I don't think I would own one I have met many people happily cruising the world in FC boats quite happily. It's all they could afford. I met a Canadian couple in NZ. They had headed off in a 30' aged FG production boat and stumbled across a 50' ferro in Fiji for sale by a desperate, gone home, "my wife hates it" owner. With help from family and friends they made the deal and never looked back. She was not that pretty or fast but got them where they wanted to go. Plenty of room onboard for an industrial sewing machine, he a sail maker, she a seamstress, they had a floating world girdling business to meet their modest needs.. Met them again in Sydney and last seen heading up to Asia both grinning like Cheshire cats. Horses for courses. Let's face it, an idiot can sink any sailboat no matter how well it's built. But if you know it's limits and you are sensible any type of boat will carry you off on your dreams. I find it's more about the person than the boat. Some people take what they can get and follow their dreams, others sit at home and criticize or nit pick. Or worse spend all their available dream time building and outfitting a yacht capable of rounding the "Horn" when all they really want to do is to go to the Bahamas.
  13. paps49

    Ferrocement Anarchy!

    She was a hell of a girl but I don't think Ben was involved I think that might be a Wiki glitch. After her racing career a couple of the crew purchased her, at least one was a copper as I recall. They took her up to Manila to do charter work and I bumped into them there. Interesting charters, both times we anchored with them there were 3 Filipina girls to every male charterer........ Sadly she went on the seawall in Manila during a Cyclone and was lost.
  14. paps49

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Cut the top off and instant pond?