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  1. paps49

    Ugly dodger collection

    What a great thread, it's a shame some of the links are no longer active. This one stole my heart, it's a work of art. My thoughts exactly, as profitable as bare boat with none of the hassle .
  2. paps49

    8 Bells Jimmy Howell (South Australia)

    Just back from Jimmy's farewell a great turnout and a nice tribute to a lovely man. They say you can judge a skipper by the longevity of their crew. Jimmy's last boat was Vulcan a Benny 47.7 with which he claimed even more silverware for his overflowing collection. He completed the Adelaide-Pt Lincoln race on her just weeks before passing. Each of the crew spoke this morning starting with the newby who joined 20 years ago. Many of us in the audience had sailed with Jimmy for shorter periods over 40 years or so. Stories were told and later over a few glasses much bullshit was spoken. He would have loved it.
  3. That's bound to have sponsors knocking the door down, I wouldn't be surprised if it was oversubscribed by this time next week.
  4. If the bag is soft and can be included or is disposable a box is the best way. Whatever it is someone has to stuff it in a container for shipping and standard sized boxes are easier. Lots more options these E commerce days, shit it flying all over the place. If you put it in 2 boxes you can use snail mail.
  5. paps49

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    So basically the home port designation is comical because it could be either or.
  6. paps49

    Another interesting boat

    That makes sense.
  7. I hope this grab isn't predictive.
  8. They certainly are a wild machine, sadly way past my physiology.......
  9. paps49

    Another interesting boat