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  1. paps49

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    That's the most extreme davit system I have seen!
  2. paps49

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    Shit, who knew we needed popcorn on Anzac day? Life is full of surprises.
  3. paps49

    Brisbane to Gladstone 2019

    But their buddies don't want them to any of that.
  4. paps49

    Considering a cruising cat

    Interesting, do you still have to buy the fuel canisters from EFOY or is there a way to fill them yourself?
  5. paps49

    Considering a cruising cat

    Cheers mate that is the sort of info I'm looking for. Yes it was in the Navy shed. How far along is the new project?
  6. I am approaching retirement and thinking of a boat to enjoy that time in. I have only sailed mono's apart from a few fangs in 2 up off the beach style cats and the odd resort sunset cruise. My partner has some mobility issues so a cat has many advantages. I have done some market research and the first obvious thing is Cats are expensive by comparison. We are in the sub $150k bracket. I get the original extra cost due to the construction costs but even old cruising cats think they are still expensive. I did the glass work on a Prout Snow goose in the late 70's and I still find them for sale above $100k. I guess I'm looking for advise as to what to look for, what makes a good local cruising cat. Where we will be, mooring is not an issue so the size is not a problem. One thing I constantly see is steering positions perched up on a chair with limited visibility and a leap of faith to attend to any "strings". Opinions on outboards v inboards would be most welcome. Can a Cat be maneuvered on one motor is another item, I have seen many of these. I have my own ideas but I really would like some input from someone who has done it, it's a bit of a quantum shift.
  7. It's kinda cute that us westerners can invade and decimate so many places but still expect to be able to cruise where ever we like with seeming gay abandon. Just maybe cruising around to dangerous places in a yacht that cost more than the entire village economy gives some sort of insight into what it's like for them?
  8. Maybe those countries hadn't yet realised they were being screwed.
  9. paps49

    Amalfi Coast - Bareboat

    We are all just really jealous man. You know how it goes......
  10. paps49

    Yacht Security PNG

    Well actually no Broken none of us has done this before. Mostly because we don't know what "this" is. Maybe you should broaden the perimeter via depth charges and mines? Is that the sort of thing your looking for?
  11. paps49

    Ugly dodger collection

    What a great thread, it's a shame some of the links are no longer active. This one stole my heart, it's a work of art. My thoughts exactly, as profitable as bare boat with none of the hassle .
  12. paps49

    8 Bells Jimmy Howell (South Australia)

    Just back from Jimmy's farewell a great turnout and a nice tribute to a lovely man. They say you can judge a skipper by the longevity of their crew. Jimmy's last boat was Vulcan a Benny 47.7 with which he claimed even more silverware for his overflowing collection. He completed the Adelaide-Pt Lincoln race on her just weeks before passing. Each of the crew spoke this morning starting with the newby who joined 20 years ago. Many of us in the audience had sailed with Jimmy for shorter periods over 40 years or so. Stories were told and later over a few glasses much bullshit was spoken. He would have loved it.
  13. That's bound to have sponsors knocking the door down, I wouldn't be surprised if it was oversubscribed by this time next week.