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  1. I do admire your tenacity Jack, taking all comers regardless.
  2. paps49

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    It is an unusual solution, but yeah nuh..... not sure what the winch handle pockets are doing there either?
  3. paps49

    Craigslist - Not mocking

    Not sure I would put a hatch there, then again it is on the center line.............
  4. Where do the sponsorship $ come from Mad?
  5. OMG, that's worse than the most cringe worthy of the last coverage...... All this stuff is nice but I do worry about all these sponsor dollars going here or there. All these circuses on water or off seem to be consuming more and more resources as a percentage of the item cost, whatever that is. Don't mean to be a downer but we are paying for all of this.
  6. paps49

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Exactly what I thought Ole a larger Mottle 33. God they were a crappy boat, 33 just isn't big enough for a CC, almost as crazy as a bloody Manitou. The Admiral is quite small but I'm just over 6' so I will heed your advice if we go there.
  7. paps49

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    Yes it is a bit shallow but I'm sure the Admiral wouldn't mind having a throne in her aft cabin.
  8. paps49

    Retirement boat dreaming.

    This one popped up in my email today. Nice looking boat and ticks most of the boxes.
  9. paps49

    8 Bells Jimmy Howell (South Australia)

    This from the club today.... Following a private funeral for Past Commodore Jimmy Howell next week, all Squadron Members & their partners, and friends from the yachting community are cordially invited to attend a celebration of Jimmy's life at a Memorial Ceremony to be held on Saturday the 13th April at 10am in the Dinghy Shed. (Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron) This will be a look back at Jimmy's extraordinary sailing history in the casual company of sailing mates at the club which was so important in his life I will be attending and partaking in one of Jimmy's favorite past times, having a beer in the morning. Sail on Jimmy.
  10. I have been realising this for a while but it really came to a head today. We have really scant information about our boat builders/designers of the modern era and as Google, etc make it harder to get past boats for sale the search gets harder. I searched for some details today an a boat built by Northshore Yachts, not one of their best sellers but might suit me right now a Zeston 36. Nothing, not just for the Z36 but for any NS boats apart from class pages. I knew they went under but was surprised all the information went with them. Not a single spec or brochure turned up. Some has been written of the Swansons and before them much about the Halvorsons but not much else and the information is slipping out of the search engines zone of interest.Nothing about people love them or hate them like John Buck, John Duncanson or that other John, Savage, to name just the Johns. It's a bloody shame.
  11. Yes the Arends 33 was a Swanson design and the 36 was an extension of that with the sugar scoop added.
  12. paps49

    8 Bells Jimmy Howell (South Australia)

    I messaged you before I saw this. Jim was a bloody legend and the nicest bloke you will ever meet.
  13. 10 minutes seems fair, even if your not authorised. Wouldn't even slow him down.
  14. Hold onto that Ol'e, I may need it for the book. But that's a great example, why is that not available online. I have never seen this toom you speak of......
  15. Yes Sailboat data is a good resource but is pretty light on for Ozzi built boats. Northshore Yachts for instance has zero listings and they must have produced more than a dozen designs, Swanson, Duncanson, Jarkan and Compass the same. It's a bit tragic really our yacht building history during this period will just disappear. David Bray a Sydney yacht broker did a profile a few years back on the Swansons and I have seen a puff piece on David Rose recently but that's about it. In the last few years I have stumbled on designs I didn't know even existed which never made it past 1 or 2 boats like the Arends 36 pictured and this Martzcraft 46. As far as I can tell the Arends 36 which would actually be perfect for us right now never made it past one boat show unit and it seems the Martzcraft something similar. It's really bloody sad and frustrating, maybe a retirement project. @fastyacht yes google these days is a shadow of it's former self. Gone are the deep searches bringing up long lost information from unlikely sources, now for the most part it just finds ads. I googled myself in the early days and was astonished at the diverse information that came up, even a court case I was a witness in in the 90's. These days nothing but stuff I have posted or an occasional website reference.
  16. paps49

    Fan belt Anarchy

    This may have been covered but I have spent some time recently looking at boats for sale. One thing that struck me was the difference in condition of engine bays. How do they keep the small engine spaces on modern boats so clean? Is it constant housekeeping or are there drive belts out there that don't sling black shit everywhere?
  17. Nothin useful in there mate apart from boat listings.
  18. Yes it is long Jack but there is fuck all information available that's my point. Not even an official list of boats built by NS for instance, let alone some of the others.
  19. paps49

    Coolboats to admire

    I stumbled on this today, I think it's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.
  20. paps49

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    I'd doubt a bottle of Jack would come in at 58% by weight. But I'd have to be pretty desperate to resort to that. Great for closet drinkers! I'm just making my health wizz darling.
  21. paps49

    Canned Meat Anarchy

    I've been having nightmares about those bloody pig butts! Only Squid I will be buying in future will be whole......