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  1. I see he has dropped his Secret Service protection.
  2. It could be as simple as a headline reading "Trump campaign official...." and our Narcissist-in-Chief seeing his name, and nothing else.
  3. It was a commentary on the pose they used for the statue. It was not a criticism of the statue, what it represents, or where it was placed. I think the pose is an odd one. Read whatever you'd like into that. As for the center, please re-read my last sentence in Post #171.
  4. Asking the investigator to drop an investigation would be a good place to start.
  5. Spicer did as he was told.
  6. Not sure I agree. It would seem that interfering with an investigation is a no-no, whether or not the investigation uncovers a crime.
  7. I have, but not that article. I am not criticizing the statue, or the decision to place it on Monument Avenue. I am simply saying I find it an odd pose. I'm hardly alone. (edit) The article you cited mentions the Arthur Ashe Center. That is where the held packet pick-up for the Richmond Marathon. It is a rather depressing facility in a depressing section of town. Pretty far from downtown, where the race started and finished. Not a criticism, but an observation.
  8. I found that statue to be odd. It appeared like he was swatting children.
  9. Tell that to President Trump.
  10. When it appeared operatives with the Trump campaign had met with Russian officials, and denied having done so, was it prudent for US investigators to look into that?
  11. As the nation's debt continues to climb, I look forward to all those who grew a financial backbone during the last administration to speak out about it, now. President Trump may well preside over a substantial increase in our debt, but the Faithful will blame the Dems he recently worked with to get that legislation going.
  12. So, you are really more interested in popping in to fuck with me. Got it.
  13. That meltdown will be on the part of the chronic ODS sufferers. They'll be outraged Obama is doing what their team does.
  14. Like his FIL, he swings both ways. Opportunistic chameleons.
  15. Nice of you to stick up for Dog. I bet he appreciates the moral support- what with his "defense" of the indefensible. It is the absolute loyalty of folks like Dog, TM, and s few others (you?) who provide a full-throated defense of anything and everything Trump. Doesn't matter if it's large or small, serious or insignificant, criminal or buffoonery. The defense is there. Must not let anything stick to the Teflon Don.