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  1. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    They called attention to the shortages. President Trump claimed a shortage of ventilators - False. President Trump claimed the Strategic National Stockpile "cupboard was bare" - Mostly False. A large part of the reason there was a shortage was the GOP who controlled Congress at the time refused to provide needed funding. But, you go on being you and blaming the evil Democrats.
  2. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    They left a detailed plan for just an event. An actual playbook. The Trump Administration disregarded the advice and suggestions. But, we need to blame Obama.
  3. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    Does it list the months of inaction? It's a Timeline. It lists the inaction of President Trump. I know you are looking for the word "inaction" attached to a list. That is how you roll. The many failures of the President to actually take action would be, by definition, inaction. Am I correct that you didn't read it?
  4. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    Read this - ‘Blinking Red’: A Running Timeline of How the Trump Administration Ignored Warnings, Misled the Public, and Made the Coronavirus Crisis Worse
  5. Bus Driver

    Are Illegal Immigrants Also The People?

    Would they have things like FICA withheld? As a non-citizen, would they be eligible for Social Security?
  6. Bus Driver

    US ranked #1 to best deal with a disease outbreak

    I'm guessing dog will start a thread calling the correction "the dead on Biden's watch". It will be interesting to see if he maintains his stance it is the responsibility of Governors, now that President Biden is in office.
  7. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    You refuse to acknowledge the President intentionally slow-walked the response, to the point of dismissing scientists and installing a series of lackeys in positions for which they were wholly unsuited. Then, you blame the Governors. You are a joke.
  8. Bus Driver

    Are Illegal Immigrants Also The People?

    Why not citizenship? - DSK Keeps them paying taxes and contributing to programs of which they cannot avail themselves.
  9. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    Prove me wrong. Pick one of the links in the page I cited and read it. Then, come back and tell us President Trump isn't guilty of months of inaction, with evidence to back your claim. Of course, I and others can provide a slew of cites detailing how the President dawdled, diminished, and dismissed the advice of experts. Not that you will allow yourself to hear it.
  10. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    Only due to your admitted aversion to reading. I provided you with a link containing more than 5 million results of a Google search of "trump inaction covid", as you wanted evidence of such. You simply refuse to educate yourself.
  11. Bus Driver

    So Where is he??

    I am leaving him alone. I just think its pretty fucking weird. He's almost 15. He was probably boiling bunny rabbits alive in the AF1 galley . NTTAWWT I can't imagine why anyone thinks poking at Barron is in any way appropriate. Talk about being powerless over your situation. I held the same position regarding Amy Carter, Chelsea Clinton, the Bush twins, and the Obama girls. I also believe he may have some issues. Reports vary from mild autism to worse. His affect and mannerisms would support such. Just give it a rest. Go after the adult Trump children. They are willing participants.
  12. Bus Driver

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Bullshit You're not suddenly changing your position on who is responsible, are you? There are many posts you've made where you lay the blame at the feet of Governors. And, dismiss the idea the President bears responsibility
  13. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    Take your pick.
  14. Bus Driver

    Today’s Trump Deaths

    Easy to blame an event. When asked for who is responsible, you limit it to Governors.
  15. Bus Driver

    The Patriot Party

    Would you mind citing where he called the virus a hoax, in context please. You request a detailing of the months of inaction by the President. Such is provided. So, you naturally try to steer the conversation in another direction. How utterly predictable.