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    Stupid move on the part of the District. Never issue an ultimatum in which you will look like an ass if you follow through.
  2. Just in. Mexico to pay for Trump's military parade.

    There’s could be 27 million people there, completely occupying all the streets, sidewalks, and grassy areas around the National Mall, and President Trump would claim his Inaugurations crowd was bigger. He’s that delusional. And, the Trump Defense Force would believe him. They are that gullible and loyal.
  3. Slip Sliding Away

    And, it was hilarious to watch unfold. He is too dense to see his goading was going to explode in his face like a gag cigar.
  4. America , why do you accept this shit ?

    That’s because of WHAT he says. The OP makes a good point why he is so frequently criticized. Because he lies so comfortably and frequently.
  5. Just Another High School Shooting

    Saw this at the Y, and am wondering what happens to your message when you misspell the word "misspell"?
  6. A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words

    Shirley you’re not just realizing this....
  7. 20 students stabbed at High school

    Actually, you don't understand a thing. No one is saying stabbings are "ok". But, don't let that fact interfere with your delusions.
  8. There have been enough times folks on here have either intimated or outright stated I am nothing more than a glorified, overworked babysitter who has a job so easy they could do it better and I only went into teaching because I wasn't able to do anything "in the real world". You know, that tired old cliche' - Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Now you want me armed.
  9. How many time can you say "That's disgusting"?

    Our President is a simpleton. We have fellow posters who dismiss that fact as irrelevant.
  10. 20 students stabbed at High school

    21 families. .. Good point. Sharp one, you are.
  11. 20 students stabbed at High school

    I bet there are 21 people who would offer they are glad Alex Hribal didn't have a gun.
  12. Just Another High School Shooting

    https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/02/what-i-saw-treating-the-victims-from-parkland-should-change-the-debate-on-guns/553937/ Read the article. The WHOLE article.
  13. Duh. We know. We're living with it. Every damn day. Is there anyone (other than the voices in your head) saying otherwise? You want to counter President Trump being disliked by the majority of Americans (fact) with "he was elected (also a fact). But, those are two completely different things.
  14. Suddenly, the folks who deride teachers as liberal, glorified babysitters, who entered the profession because they couldn't do anything more "important" in the real world, want to arm us.
  15. Drip Drip Drip

    Why is it such a major concern of yours that the label used switched from "investigation" to "matter". I ask because you continue to mention it, as if it is the most egregious of transgressions.