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  1. Jesus. You must be an asshole if your own siblings campaign against you. Of course, Gosar really seems to be an asshole.
  2. Bus Driver

    Time to wonder if Ford is a liar.

    You are an asshole. Plain and simple. This is not the first time I've use the term. But in this case, it has a certain purity to it that makes it exceptional. He really is. In Jack's world, Dr. Ford must be destroyed. Utterly and completely destroyed. She had the audacity to speak out against a GOP nominee. She must be destroyed to teach her, and any woman paying attention, how such things must, and will, be handled. Jack is one sick motherfucker.
  3. Bus Driver


    If you were to extend the presumption of innocence across the board, it would be a different story. I wonder how you will respond to Spatial's question in Post #936. If you respond, that is.
  4. Bus Driver

    I Took a Shit Again

    Just remember, when you are finished with your Morning Malarkey - be sure to properly wipe your Happy Jack.
  5. Bus Driver

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    It appears there were some questions about a supporter of Judge Kavanaugh. Whoopsies. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna912156
  6. Bus Driver

    I was right again.

    Jack needs attention.
  7. Bus Driver


    You really think she hasn’t been investigated and scrutinized six ways to Sunday?
  8. Bus Driver

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    Consider the source.
  9. Bus Driver


    Loyal lap dog.
  10. Bus Driver


    You keep repeating "collusion fiction" and there is no evidence to support that. There may well be, at some point. But, the investigation is not complete.
  11. Bus Driver


    I find your attempt "objectivity" to be particularly humorous. I doubt I am alone, in that regard.
  12. Bus Driver


    I act like it is practiced by both sides and take equal umbrage with the perpetrators, regardless of party. Try it, sometime.
  13. Bus Driver


    That is political grandstanding. They engage in hyperbole as a default. You act like it's the first time you've experienced it. At least, you don't ever seem as outraged when practiced by Republicans.
  14. Bus Driver

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    Go ahead and attack the credibility of a former US Senator. In case you don't like the HuffPo.
  15. Bus Driver


    How can we get you back 6 years in time to share your story with a therapist?