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  1. Bus Driver

    what it is to be an American teacher.

    A play about failure in 4 parts.
  2. Bus Driver

    Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin

    We had salmon, potatoes, and spinach from the InstaPot. Delicious, quick, and didn’t heat up the kitchen. I washed it down with a tumbler of tonic with a splash of lime. Perfect. Except, my daughter tried it and loved it. Now, I gotta share my tonic. When will this madness end?
  3. Biden is gaff-rigged? Who knew?
  4. https://www.thedailybeast.com/peter-navarro-claims-the-lord-created-executive-orders-because-of-partisan-bickering?source=articles&via=rss&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+thedailybeast%2Farticles+(The+Daily+Beast+-+Latest+Articles) That's hilarious, given how many of the folks who lean right (politically) had a major fucking problem with EOs when they came from President Obama.
  5. Bus Driver

    MLB 2020

    I'd hate to be a member of the Nationals' grounds crew -
  6. Bus Driver

    Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin

    That was a snapshot in time on a Saturday (lull in reporting) and not a 7 day moving average. That figure is 1,025 which compares to 1,058 on July 30, 814 on July 20, and 668 on July 10th and 580 on June 30th. Total cases 7 day average on July 1 were 47k and yesterday were 59k (even with admin efforts to “slow the testing and reporting down please”. don’t expect deaths to go down anytime soon. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ Dog pulls one data point and wants that to be the baseline. How about we trot out a single data point the next time it rises (likely Tuesday) and see if he wants to agree that is a valid baseline?
  7. And Medicaid which protects the really vulnerable Excellent point. The folks who bitch about calls to "Defund the Police" are rather quiet.
  8. If it is bad to "Defund the Police", is it also bad to defund Social Security and Medicare? Asking on behalf of the vulnerable.
  9. You've got to do a shit load of the actions I've italicized before it is safe to do the other stuff which I've bolded.
  10. That Georgia school, Paulding County HS, is the one where the 15 year-old girl was suspended for sharing a video of a packed hallway in which most students were not wearing masks. Once word got out about the suspension, she was very quickly reinstated. I love her response when asked if she regretted posting the video - “I’d like to say this is some good and necessary trouble." Mind you, they now have 6 students and 3 staff who've tested positive, and they are STILL not changing anything. The school district has not announced if students who were exposed will have to quarantine and have not given any notice about shutting down classrooms.
  11. And, when someone questions why the money is flowing uphill like a river, just tell them it will "trickle down"..........one of these days. Bound to happen. Watch. Be patient. Any day, now...
  12. Bus Driver

    Trump won my vote ,today

    ^^This^^ I've shared this so much recently, and it is one of the things my Dad said that has proven accurate time and time, again. "Dodge enough bullets and you start to think you're bullet-proof."
  13. The Joker must have been thrown by the words "That's like...."
  14. Bus Driver

    Epstein: the Deafening Silence

    It appears Paris Hilton is a better businessperson than President Trump.
  15. Bus Driver

    Portland "officers?"

    Accused murderers? There was little to no effort on the part of the Faithful to distinguish between the peaceful protesters and those who were bent on destruction. The label "rioters" was used widely. It's a shame they won't stand by the label they used.