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  1. Hillary: Trump Dreams Of Moscow On The Potomac

    President Trump is on record regarding the type of person who would invoke the 5th and how we should view that person. I have a hunch TM was all in when it was the Democrats pleading, but not so much when one of his teammates does it.
  2. Hillary: Trump Dreams Of Moscow On The Potomac

    Has Mueller ended his investigation and declared it “dead in the water”? If he did, I missed it. Or, are you just expressing your innermost desire?
  3. Moron

    Any stupidity due to fluoride is waning. Down to 32%.
  4. Moron

    It certainly seems like he did call President Trump a "moron". That said, the question being asked is the wrong question. If you ask "Did you call the President a 'moron'"?, it leaves enough wiggle room because he may have said "The President is a 'fucking moron'", which is different enough for some people to support a denial. You see that very same weaselly shit in these Forums. Instead, ask him if he denies saying what is reported. You know damned well he, the President, and all of the Faithful want nothing more than to say it didn't happen - IF it didn't happen. If Tillerson balks at denying the report, that is far more damning.
  5. Back Surgery -- Who's had it done?

    Mine was not quite as involved, as I had a laminectomy on L5-S1 in 2006. Cut me at 10:30 in the morning on a Friday, walked out of the hospital (pain free for the first time in months) at 9:30 that night. Two days later I walked 2 miles on a nearby trail. Returned to sailing after two months of PT and loads of core work. I hope your outcome is like mine. Best advice I got was to go with a neurosurgeon who had an orthopedic surgeon consult. Shit is too tiny, close, and delicate to trust it to anyone but the specialist.
  6. Eminem

    Not so much “channeling”. Just fondly remembering an entertaining thread.
  7. Oh it's twoo! It's twoo!

    Why do I get the feeling we’re going to hear excuses from the very same people who squawked about the 57 states comment by President Obama?
  8. Oh it's twoo! It's twoo!

    One just won’t do.
  9. Mike Pence

    It's this new board. The post I quoted had no actual comment from you, outside the quote box. It is infuriating. I like the old forum design.
  10. Why does Trump hate women?

    Yet another example of white guys deciding to make decisions for everyone. Of course, Dog will find no fault....
  11. Eminem

    That pronouncement should surprise absolutely no one. Of course, this could turn out to be a flop.....
  12. Mike Pence

    Refer back to the image you commented about, explaining what they are asking for. Your post reads like the request would be valid if broken windows are incidental property loss had not occurred. Maybe you were being snarky, maybe you wish those blacks would've asked politely for cops to stop shooting them. I really have no idea.
  13. Mike Pence

    You brought it into the conversation. Not sure how those pertain to the post you quoted. Maybe you could ask yourself.