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  1. Amateur SH racing boat for 30k USD

    Did you pull the trigger on a boat yet? Freshwater SR33 listed on YW looks tempting.
  2. Chicago Area III

    http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1994/C%26C-YACHTS-SR-33-2792683/MI/United-States#.Vu_q6OIrJmM I know the guy, he's got a high asking price but actually will take a lot less! (Two boat owner) Just up the coast in Grand haven, MI. PM me for his phone # if your serious. SR stands for Serious Racing.
  3. what is it?

    Looks exactly like my SR33 for sale in the classifieds! Even has the same under deck spinnaker port just in front of the primaries.
  4. West Michigan Thread

    Done, Since he's use to sailing on top of the water, is he coming back around for Ice boating?
  5. West Michigan Thread

    Ticklish is in! Friday night in GH, slip 25. Looking forward to the delivery home! (Holland- Musk, SW15-20, hoping it holds!).
  6. West Michigan Thread

    Ticklish is in for the Musketucky Gov. Cup. (see above post for a very long description of the event) So far I have a driver, mainsheet guy & pitt guy committed. Looking for....Bowman, Mastman, runner girl, Naviguesser & Railmeat. PM if interested Must have strong liver.
  7. West Michigan Thread

    Hey, with any luck that new rudder may get you a 42 and you can race Tuesday nights! Is 42 the cutoff? I heard as high as 84 was being considered.
  8. West Michigan Thread

    Very cool picture, thanks for sharing. (and for not showing all the other boats in front of us!) Hell of a way to end the season, played keel watcher because I fractured six ribs windsurfing last week. Fun times!
  9. West Michigan Thread

    Feel free to share your Anchorage experience as well. At least you did'nt hit anybody. Party was fun, band put on a good show.
  10. West Michigan Thread

    Ticklish is in. Looking forward to playing on the outside!
  11. West Michigan Thread

    Ticklish is in. 7:11.33 is fricken early. 9AM skippers meeting in GH. We must average 7kts+ to get there on time, South 9kts perdicted.....gonna miss it! Return trip looks like two bags of ice needed.
  12. West Michigan Thread

    Jack lines will be used tomorrow. Not sure what I'm more excited for, the race or the return Sat. Perdicted NW 20-35, .75 has not ben out of the bag for awhile.
  13. West Michigan Thread

    Ummm.... NO! In fact, HELL NO! As much as I would love to see Chico in Port Washington it will have to wait until next year ( I wasn't planning on it anyway but this solidifies my decision!) For those that go.Good Luck and BE SAFE! It should be epic! Peerless should make it in about an hour and a half if BT can keep it upright! Chico is going to get some early afternoon lovin! I hope the waterspouts don't dilute my R&C.
  14. West Michigan Thread

    Ticklish is in. Glanced at weather forcast 15-25 North East backing during the day, yikes! Looking for crew, who wants a quick ride across the pond? Have you back for breakfast Sunday.
  15. West Michigan Thread

    Two options this week end, MYC Pursuit race Friday night or MBCC. Leaning toward Pursuit because of how much boat time will be required next week for Tripp & Queens.