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  1. some dude

    I spotted Hotrod on the east coast...

    and really far from that free spot on the beach next to Diamond Head
  2. some dude

    Podcast Anarchy?

    Business Wars and Household Name and Marc Maron depending on the guest
  3. some dude

    Anal Cleft?

    she seems nice
  4. some dude

    Any body heard of pegging I mean WTF!!

    you sure?
  5. some dude

    sailor chick of the decade

  6. Not sure if it's the same but I have a coffee table book of Hurley's photos. It's incredible especially when you read that he dove on the wreck to get the plates of the shots he took before Endurance sank, and then carried those plates through the rest of the ordeal. Shackleton's own book is called simply "South" and is also amazing.
  7. some dude

    Sailx status?

    Same Just like real life-some boats you can trust to do the smart thing, some boats to do the dumb thing, and some are wild cards. Adjust your tactics accordingly-it's part of the game.
  8. some dude

    Sailx status?

    Didn't get one but I'd be receptive
  9. some dude

    Sailx status?

    LOL I had battles with RW for a while but we ended up friends-I believe his heart was in the right place. Protests were useful to learn/spark a rules discussion, and/or to smack a dickhead.
  10. some dude

    Sailx status?

    No but it would have to be a petition of €€€€ rather than signatures, methinks. Which reminds me-I had just renewed when it disappeared. I don't begrudge aestela or whomever for the money (I way underpaid for all the hours of fun) I just wish it would come back
  11. some dude

    Top 10 Most Prestigious Trophies in Sailing Today?

    add Finn Gold Cup
  12. some dude

    Alien Invasion Movies