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  1. some dude

    Finn sailing

    also, you mention pumping in light air. class rules say that the RC should fly the O flag, allowing pumping, in over 10 knot if wind. take one for a spin and then decide. where are you?
  2. some dude

    everybody doin' it?

    don't ask me, ask the knotmeter
  3. some dude

    Keeping Boat Clean in Saltwater

    back to the original question: teflon polish will help. but dont leave it in the water more than 2 days
  4. some dude

    Restraining headsail when on deck

    bungee from the bow pulpit back to the first (or 2nd) stanchion on one or both sides with a nylon/plastic hook in the middle (kept in place with a knot in the bungee) hook it to the lifeline on the other side or the other bungee on top of the jib. don't wad the sail up too much
  5. some dude

    Timex Ironman anarchy

    I'm cheap and Ironmans do the trick. Time for a new one. Question-the Ironman Rugged has a dark screen rather than they grey with black letters. Can you still see the numbers in the bright sunlight through wet sunglasses?
  6. some dude

    The world needs more 69, snowflake time

    what ever happened to a good old fashioned punch in the mouth?
  7. some dude

    How to sail close hauled

    get your sailmaker to come out in big breeze and help you if they won't, start here: pull all the controls really really tight. every control line. jib car back. keep mainsheet tight but ease traveler down. now feather in puffs and crew hike hard. main should just go inside out instead of rag like you described YMMV
  8. some dude

    Jury Duty

    ^^^^ this. Been a lawyer for 20 years (civil litigation). Picked a jury maybe 30 times. Been to verdict maybe 7 times. But last few years, we start picking a jury a few times a year-everybody acts tough till they see the whites of the jury's eyes. Especially insurance companies. Yes its a pain, yes it's anticlimactic when the case settled in trial, but even the juries that get sent home provide a valuable service
  9. some dude

    Should you round the gate on a knock or a lift?

    ^^that plus-are we talking about oscillating or persistent shift? which side had more pressure last beat? which side has better water (tide/current)? too many variables for an easy one size fits all answer-thats why we keep coming back for 40-50 years
  10. some dude

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    I like to watch
  11. some dude

    "Dis is Sayula"

    also $4 on Google Play. just watched it on a tablet. very very cool movie and great story
  12. some dude

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    foreguy caddy
  13. some dude

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    Are you racing, or do you just want to rippin around? If the former, contact the local fleet. If the latter, a Hobie 16 fits your description.
  14. some dude

    Trying to Buy a Boat

    This. you can't get insurance on a boat you dont own. of you could, my check for the Mimsy would be coming any day.