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  1. some dude

    Moore sailboats Liquidating?

    Not rando. Grendel (technically not a Moore 24 I suppose) and Gannet. Neither for sale. But I suspect BS too. I'd guess Ron can mostly spell, and doubt he'd start with a Craigslist listing to part out the business
  2. some dude

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    One crashed into the other.
  3. some dude

    stupid whisker pole launcher questions

    TAP Plastics for the win
  4. some dude

    Grand Prix Mast Partners

    +1 especially when I've been bad. Thigh high. And bright red lipstick on her sneer
  5. some dude

    What Have You Done Today?

    There is no such thing. Read this again as needed. Print it out and tape it to the mirror if you have to
  6. some dude

    Hemmingway's boat on I-95

    Was on the hard at his house in Cuba in February. Didn't look like it was going anywhere
  7. some dude

    Snug Harbor, Sailing Anarchy

    Snug Harbor? Sure. I haven't played bumper pool in years.
  8. some dude

    What is it?

    A blind person's attempt to recreate a 70's IOR boat from memory?
  9. Bring 8 friends and if between April 1 and October 1, pull all the controls all the way tight. Good to go.
  10. some dude

    SA Retro Review Santana 30/30 GP

    They were stronger than they looked, judging from the abuse we dished out Pre weight limit, the HVY #1 had no upper end of its range. Outside lead, 2200 lbs of big boys on the rail, backstay all the way on. I always expected the chain plates to rip out but they never did
  11. some dude

    what's wrong with it?

    Brrrrr. Time for the steam room and some French Onion Soup in the Mens' Grill
  12. some dude

    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    Nah if you blow them you to make a trip to the bow on the next beat to re-run them. Makes the cockpit dwellers fussy. Ease guy behind the Genoa, use the lazy guy to start pulling down the aft leach either on the bow, or under main foot and over boom. Then clip them all together while the sewer dude repacks/bands the kite and eats as many cookies as possible Also, clipping sheet and guy both directly to the clew keeps the clew closer to the pole. Guy shackle into sheet shackle makes the clew twice as far from the end of the pole. Dont forget, we're using the pole to hold that corner of the sail nice and still.
  13. some dude

    Dip pole gybe - keep lazy sheet on top pole

    Foredeck rodeo. A lost art.
  14. some dude

    Finn rigging

    Tightening controls (including the inhaul) flattens the sail Easing controls (including the inhaul) makes the sail more round Inhaul doesn't affect bend at all-its pulling against the gooseneck, about 6 inches above the deck. Mast not so bendy in that area.