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  1. meh. about the same as yoir SUV
  2. friend had a 71 Eldorado. quite roomy and you'll have $$ left over for a couple of sails
  3. I dont know if the girls were prettier, but their skirts were much shorter and their morally casual attitudes were definitely more aggressive. #twistedsisters #shockwave #cocaine
  4. you
  5. The bigger the boat, the less athletic YMMV
  6. Yep. All the more reason not to have some doofus was up on the bow of a little boat. Practice starts/stops and time & distance drills. Its all on the helmsman
  7. This. The guy driving looks under the boom at the pin, speeds up or slows down accordingly
  8. ^^^ this. PCCs in San Diego next weekend. Too old? Too soft? No youre not. HTFU. This is the biggest bang for the buck there is.
  9. REI backpack for big boats. REI drybag for little/wet boats. Should have nothing other tham keys, wallet and phone while you're sailing because you only brought what you need. Leave all the other shit in the car.
  10. Looks great. Do the Oxyclean thing (no bleach!) and go sailing. Put the big jib on in winter. Enjoy.
  11. This one. With a battery, the difference in fuel consumption is zero if theres any charge at all, because the alternator is charging the battery anyway whether the lights are on or not. The only way the lights can pull on the motor is if theres no battery.
  12. Are we talking cars with batteries, or generator wired right to the lights?
  13. Gotta be careful about whats playing when you leave the house. Had this stuck in my head in the Finn all day one time
  14. I think the pictures and video are cool. If you disagree, click on the little "x" in the upper right corner of your screen and go do something else. Maybe go sailing.
  15. People. Do we need to cover this again?