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  1. https://store.nike.com/us/en_us/pd/converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-high-top-unisex-shoe/pid-11214171/pgid-11593146
  2. This. Whatever the instructors are using/whatever the other kids are learning in in that area
  3. South Georgia Is.
  4. Is betting still open? Brisbane November 15
  5. The looms used to make line are lubricated with soap. Rinse it all out when you get new line. And put cover on where it goes through the clutch. Bury both ends into the core so it keeps going through exists, blocks, etc smoothly
  6. This makes me want to sail my Santana 22. In fact, I think I will. Nationals this weekend There's a cherry one for sale BTW (not mine, and no I wont buy an ad) for a ridiculously low price. Entries still open...
  7. Little tiny motors. Rarely use them. Great place to start. Get yourself invited back and keep coming back for more. You'll have a blast.
  8. Check the date on the story
  9. Shrouds give you headstay tension. Backstay makes it worse as it bends the mast. Fractional rig-masthead goes aft, middle of the mast goes forward= loose headstay. Upper and lower shrouds pull against that to keep the headstay tight. Find a tuning guide to get shroud tension numbers-try North or Ullman websites, and pick up a Loos gauge. The small one is fine.
  10. Yeah same here on Schock 35s and NY36s. Not that hard
  11. If youre up for taking the butt end off the mast why not just do end for end gybes? Simpler anyway
  12. Are there squells in the doldrums? I thought that was more of a tradewinds thing
  13. Youre going to pull the vang on hard upwind in breeze to vang sheet-that and the mainsheet bend the mast and flatten the sail. Very little to no backstay upwind. Let the vang off before you try to turn downwind/round the weather mark. If not the main stays too loaded and you cant turn. Also the load on the gooseneck breaks the mast. Put some backstay on downwind in breeze so the kite doesnt invert the mast. Mast go boom
  14. I think we decided that it wasn't on a halyard-just lashed to the mast at the top of the ladder
  15. I like to picture him sitting there staring straight into the sun all day while the sails hand down and the ladder drags in the water on one side up around the shrouds