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  1. Dibley K250 Carbon

    JL92S i would love to but its a bit far to go every weekend or two from Ireland even if the boat was left there getting crew over would be painful.
  2. Dibley K250 Carbon

    Hi All so I have decided to keep Supergroove, why should having a baby in the family stop me from flying down wind at 20Kts, Whats the worst that could happen! Big hello to Kevin. For those of you not familiar with Supergroove we received a huge amount of support and advice from a multitude of people that have owned,raced or built Supergroove during the last 22 years.. Amazing that she is 22 years old now but Kevin in particular supplied us with a wealth of info and we are truly thankful for his advice. It was also special to be rebuilding a boat with so much history . On the dis-masting of Carbon I would bet it was related to minor part wear or failure. It amazes me how little maintenance people put into mast especially considering the replacement cost and insurance rules if you lose one racing. We religiously fully break down our Southern Spar Carbon rig (built 2008) and clean/re lubricate each year with tufgel and coat all fittings with duralac. Usually we find a helicoil or screw that need some work/replacement. Not many people go to that extent of disassembling them but I was frightened by the replacement cost. In 2015 the wear and tear on the mast was very extreme as she wasn't maintained at all by previous owner so we know how quickly they can deteriorate when not maintained properly. Re,member carbon and Aluminium hate each other so corrosion can be very quick if the films between fittings are not sound. I can just imagine going from 20Kts to stop will quickly locate the weak point in a mast. We have no back stay and have been out in 37 Kts with no issues structurally. So with the plan to keep the boat we have secured two major sponsors who have supplied us with all new sails including new North 3Di for 2018 and we are looking forward to next years campaign at Cork week/possibly Cowes etc. Now if we can only beat those damn pesky 1720s we would be winning sport boat classes but they are very well set up and seem to fit into the IRC system very well for handicap. Roll on 2018 boats on the dry now for winter maintenance. Anyone who would like to go for a burn with us we are in Ireland so get in touch if you here between April to October each year when she is in the water. Picture below form 2017 DL regatta in Dublin vs what she looked like in 2015 when purchased
  3. A quick shout out to anyone in Europe interested in DunLaoighaire week mixed sport boat class. Race committee has allowed for first time a mixed sport boat class but we need as many entries before Christmas or it will be dropped... maybe some of our European (U.K. France Italy etc) neighbours are interested in a few days sailing and drinking in Ireland. Details here http://www.dlregatta.org/ July 6th to 9th IRC rating used and strict D/L requirements to keep racing close. Expected boats J80 J70 1720 backmans dibley melges 24 etc. Help make this a bi-annual class event!!!
  4. Carbon and Supergroove for sale

    Andy I'm based in SE Ireland Arklow marina as of this weekend when I move her from Courtown harbour. The boat was slightly damaged by another breaking its mooring the day after launch so I'm going somewhere safer. Was gutted considering the work we did in the off season to get her perfect again. (broken prop, skeg and dent to aft Stb corner) The good news is she is a rocket up wind we really didn't expect her to perform so well on the wind. Off wind we already know she is fast but have been unlucky first two races to use the wrong halyard first and then break a halyard and have to use the wrong halyard race two. Thinks thsi is slowing us by about 2 knots downwind but we still placed 4th and then 2nd and 7-17 minutes ahead of the fleet in short races. Once we get her going at club level its going to be fun. Big test will be the IRC racing at the end of the year in Dublin against the big boys. Kevin has a good picture up on his site at the following link and a big thanks to him for all his advice and support during the refit. https://www.facebook.com/294490505335/photos/pcb.10153991051705336/10153991044150336/?type=3&theater
  5. Carbon and Supergroove for sale

    I purchased Supergroove last year and brought her to Ireland I have completed a refit during the Irish winter. She will be launched tomorrow for trials / racing locally and will compete at competition under IRC in the next few years around Ireland and UK. The rating is painful at 1.030 but we will have to see how she performs before any IRC optimisation. Will post some video links in coming days.