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  1. CriticalPath

    Precision Sails

    OCS, I always understood that loads emanate from the pointy corner bits into the body of the sail (as illustrated by your diagram). But you're saying loads come from the leech and foot (which is contrary to your diagram - I don't see any loads coming from the edge of the leech or foot). I'm trying to understand your point, what am I missing? Geronimo, this isn't about Mack (they make a fine product), it's about mitre cut genoas. I just don't understand see any benefit besides the classic look when constructed with modern sail cloth. Cheers!
  2. CriticalPath

    New Comedy Boat for 2020

    That's a pretty hefty list... Every Club has it's own set of parameters and budgets and needs which often come into conflict with one another. 2020 sounds like an aggressive timeline, I hope WYC's BOD and membership are onboard and a more distinct budget than "in excess of $50k" has been approved. Most quests for new RC boats tend to take 2-5 years depending on membership engagement, especially if you're looking to find something used. If new, nothing talks more than $$$ when trying to nail down delivery timelines! Some Lake Ontario clubs have been turning to Stanley Boats' Sport centre consoles for their mark boats. Stanley make a well-proven strong and seaworthy aluminum boat. Expected lifespan is much greater than anything seen in the past. Stanley also make semi-custom larger craft that could be very interesting for signal boat application ( Costs aren't insignificant, but since it's $CAN it could work if WYC's budget is truly "in excess of $50k". Cheers!
  3. CriticalPath

    Precision Sails

    I've never heard of leech and foot loads as justification for a sail construction technique before. Perhaps*crosscut cloth is "the right cloth" for a mitre cut yankee sail in the style from your link, where the seams in the lower panels are diagonal. Not necessarily because the cloth is designed and suitable for the application, but rather because it's the least bad choice... But in Mack's genoa, the seams of the lower panels are nearly vertical i.e. the cloth is being used opposite to the design intentions of the warp and fill specifications, and also opposite to the intended loads of the tensioned loom construction engineered by the sailcloth manufacturer. Does anyone remember North's highly marketed but badly flawed "C-Cut" sails in the early 80s with all vertical panels contruction available in both woven and early laminated cloths? The sails may've been fast outta the bag, but bagged out shortly thereafter. Cheers!
  4. CriticalPath

    Parasailor chute, seeking feedback for cruising use

    My observations too when I spent some time looking into this for cruising use a few years ago. In fact, chatting with the Parasailor guys at the Annapolis show I came away feeling that even they had limited experience with conventional s-chutes. Their dialogue revolved around the classic issues of conventional spinnaker flying without any understanding or acknowledgement of possible cures (i.e. strapping down the sail in downwind conditions by leading sheet and guy forward in heavy air). Not an issue for the OP, but another issue to some would be that it's not measurable under (most?) racing rules. Cheers!
  5. CriticalPath

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    'Tis true, Ron drifts and putts about English Bay on his classic plastic C25. Cheers!
  6. CriticalPath

    Precision Sails

    Mack's sails are primarily targeted towards the cruising crowd. For an independent based in Stuart FL they've got pretty good coverage throughout the US and Canadian east coast, their products are generally well-constructed, and tthe Mack Pack cover in particular is pretty sweet. Having said that, I don't share their infatuation with miter cut genoas. Like they say in their promo materials (, the design grew out of need for stretch control due to less sophisticated sailcloths available at the time. I'm not convinced there's any benefit nowadays, and in fact a miter cut may hinder the sailcloth's performance since woven cloths are built with fill and warp yarns determined to maximize the cloth's performance in crosscut (horizontal seams) or radial (fan shaped panels extending outwards from the sail corners). The Marblehead cloth Mack recommend is a premium cloth for crosscut construction, but wouldn't be my selection for a miter cut sails with half the panels oriented vertically. Mack's radial drive quote sounds fair - any idea which weight Warp Drive cloth they've chosen? And Cristoforo can go pound salt with his 30% off recommendation. Why do so many sailors think it's appropriate to drive down pricing for sails beyond quoted discounts? Not many folks are getting rich as sailmakers, let your local loft make some money so they're still in business to serve you next year... Cheers!
  7. CriticalPath

    Really Low Tide

    Cold moon was at 12:12 on 12/12 last night. You can expect higher than normal tide fluctuations for the next day or two... Cheers!
  8. CriticalPath

    Motorsport videos that don't suck

    Always loved watching Gilles in action - equal parts skill, passion, and balls of steel. Cheers!
  9. CriticalPath

    All of These DTS Threads

    Sean was stirring shit around the sailing interwebs from the beginning - I remember some fun sparring session on the old Sailing World forum before SA. RIP buddy, it was fun times...
  10. CriticalPath

    Indentations from trailer pads in cored hull

    Wow Crash, nice find, that's so long ago I didn't remember the thread... IE, if you're looking for more info on the O25 from a Pacific owner, Tripod's had his for nearly 15 years and has lotsa experience with the boat and class. I'm not sure if he's active on SA anymore but I can connect you if you're interested... Cheers!
  11. I've always found myself attracted to people who are active, healthy, and have gained some personal success in their private and professional lives. Mix in a passion for sailing and it can be magic (as I experience every day with my wife!). People who are missing a few of those traits or successes can create a toxic environment. It's an unfortunate reality that some are unaware of the outdatedness of what was once considered the norm so can't see the forest for the trees. The good news is that dinosaurs are extinct... Carry on, I gotta go iron some spinnakers! Cheers!
  12. CriticalPath

    Ranger "R" logo font?

  13. CriticalPath

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    You are one serious oldtimer S20AE! I used to love YR&C too...
  14. CriticalPath

    Boat BBQ Feedback?

    Oh, I thought this was a boat BBQ, at least in False Creek... Cheers!
  15. CriticalPath

    Vancouver Island Recommendations

    This one's my personal favourite, unfortunately disco'd by Lighthouse... Nice flavour, easy drinking, and 9.1% makes for a dangerous combo. Cheers!