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  1. CriticalPath

    Older well known IOR Boats

    I sailed across the Atlantic on a boat with twin forestays too, but it was in 1975, and god-awfully slow. Eastward delivery from Halifax to Southampton, but we bailed into Cardiff instead after 42 days wallowing around out there. The boat was a 36' Alden woodie sloop named True North, delivering with the owner and two others for an OSTAR attempt the following year (from which he retired). The forestay setup was the worst I've ever seen - two forestays mounted to a chainplate that wrapped around the hull at the bow, each set back more that 1' from the bow, so they were at least 1' apart at deck level. Resulted in horrendous sailing abilities, impossible to maintain tension on the stressed forestay, and the skipper was far more suited to solo passages than crewed... It was over 40 years before I ever contemplated another ocean passage! Cheers!
  2. CriticalPath

    Harken 885 Large Snap Shackle Substitue

    If the Wichard 2476 fits (that's what I used to add snap shackles for the Hood Seafurl 5 furler on my Aloha 30), it's a high quality alternative at a better price - CA$118.99 at Marine Outfitters|10031|10032&product=57180046&code=68536 02476&source=search Cheers!
  3. CriticalPath

    Harken 885 Large Snap Shackle Substitue

    CA$148.99 at Marine Outfitters|10031|10032&product=57173582&code=097653013372&source=search Not totally unreasonable for a high quality piece of kit to handle sail loads on a 30' boat... Cheers!
  4. CriticalPath

    Batten Questions

    Brand new sails from Doyle, right? Here's the intro to "How to Have a Good Relationship with your Sailmaker 101": Ring up your sailmaker and ask him to swap the battens out, he can do that at the same time he's affixing the numbers and logo you were too thrifty to source from him too... But seriously, the sail loft should've provided info on how/why of several different options when choosing your new sails. If that didn't happen it's because either he's a tool or you presented yourself as knowledgeable about what you were buying or too thrifty to consider any up-sells... Cheers!
  5. CriticalPath

    Winter Car Storage

    Critters've never been a problem where we are now, but it couldn't hurt to add to my list. An ounce of prevention and all that... Thanks. Cheers!
  6. CriticalPath

    Winter Car Storage

    No need to make it complicated... I garage park the E93 for 6 months each year, our winter temps are down to -20F, no special fogging, no blocking to ease tire and suspension loading (that was a 70s thing). Here's what's worked for me: Fill up with fuel and add glycol stabilizer, change oil, wash and wax exterior, clean and treat interior, place on wood surface so tires aren't on concrete, connect battery to a smart charger, cover up, and call the insurance company to remove on-road coverage and save a few bucks over the next six months. Remove cover and charger six months later and car starts clean and fresh on first try every year. Cheers!
  7. CriticalPath

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    I got the same response from a BQYC Sharkie today, so knock this off as another example of the fleet's cheap and cheerful mentality! I understand the compulsion to save money, but IMHO the aluminum L extrusion's a kinda agricultural-looking solution, or at least it would be if created by my handiwork. Cheers!
  8. CriticalPath

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    What if I want to mount the ProStart on a flat horizontal surface? Does the ProStart unit and cradle fit your Deck Bracket? Cheers!
  9. CriticalPath

    Dimension Polyant Aramid Sport

    Oopsy, Tom's right, I was thinking Carbon Sport not Aramid Sport. My bad... Cheers!
  10. CriticalPath

    Dimension Polyant Aramid Sport

    Intro'd as a budget alternative to GPL, so there's the fact it's less expensive than GPL going for it. But it's also not nearly as strong or light a product... GPL's been around for many years, why mess with success? We had GPL main and genoa on a previous boat, after four years of limited shorthanded racing use the cloth was still in excellent condition. I've seen heavily used GPL that age that didn't look much worse. On the other hand, I've seen a two year old Aramid Sport genoa off a J/35 that I wasn't particularly impressed with the shape or wear of the cloth. Just my opinion... Cheers!
  11. CriticalPath

    identify this boat ? from a long time ago

    Bing-GO! Cheers!
  12. CriticalPath

    -100K race cruise boat Andrewa 38

    I've always been intrigued by AA's 38 cruiser/racer design, I wouldn't kick it to the curb for it's intended purpose, and Westerly build's a good thing... Pamlico won it's division in KWRW back in the day. PHRF rating was questioned, but lots of different opinions on the speed of the boat. More info at this ancient SA thread: Cheers!
  13. CriticalPath

    Thoughts on Novasail VS Prostart

    Thanks for the itemized list velocitek, some of the points on your list are valid explanations for an increased value. Combined with the fact that Novasail has a spotty distribution record in North America (and nothing in Canada), the scale's tipping in ProStart's favour. Thanks jacko, I appreciate the SA user experience to help make a decision. Cheers!
  14. CriticalPath

    Thoughts on Novasail VS Prostart

    Thanks velocitek, I'm familiar with ProStart and like the product, but looking for some understanding of why it's at least 50% more expensive than Novasail (in Canada, where the Novasail'd have to be shipped from Texas). Cheers!
  15. CriticalPath

    Evolution Sails (Canada)

    I’m new to the Shark fleet (not exactly, crewed on KYC boats 1980-83, finished second in the Worlds in 82). Bought 198 kraSh outta the National fleet last fall. Current inventory’s North, about to pull the trigger with KSL or Bay for a new set... Decisions decisions!