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  1. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Firstly, there was a Foiling Wasp, 29er and Open Bic on display in the foyer, discover sailing (yachting vic) had a booth inside as did Tiwal.nz (inflatable dinghy, very cool) There was also a main stage sailing forum including a Volvo Ocean race pro, Jessica Watson and a few others. (check the website or your program you picked up at the front door) 3rd, It all comes down to Economics. As others said it's expensive to get yachts into the show. Retailers would need to sell one of every hull you brought in just to break even, and people with the coin to be serious buyers would have no problem seeing the same yacht at an interstate show of directly at the dealers wet pen. The roof height isn't as bad as suggested, last year 38-South brought a Jeanneau 37 in a got the mast up (looked great) but at the end of the day, Snapper fisherman still make up the bulk of the local attendees followed by families and tyre kickers. 4th, and this impacts many weekend sports not just sailing. More people work weekends then ever before. retail, car service even banks are open Saturdays. That's a lot of people who don't have time for sailing not to mention that the rich are getting richer and the working class are struggling to meet the cost of modern living. No wonder big boats can't find crew, everyone else is at work making that guy the money that helped him buy the big boat. Would love to see a sailing show but it would need to be somewhere inexpensive, be well stocked by industry and well supported by the sailers (chicken/egg) and even then I dare say it would be hard for it to survive economically.
  2. prince of pain-from the FP

    Looks very clear. Rib was stationary, or close to it, M32 changed direction, could have easily past in front of the rib but wasn't looking. Anarchy way to quick to assume as a powerboat, they must be in the wrong. M32 Skipper lucky not to be up for manslaughter. Was the person on the cat's tiller a pro or tourist?
  3. Olympic selection issues

    "No sailing campaign if fully funded by YNZ, all athletes must part fund their own campaigns" Yet even though they qualify for an Olympic sport, NZ Sailing can still say no and all the 'self funded' effort and donated $ is now worthless. At the end of the day, the Sailing Governance ask a lot of athletes only to crush them if they aren't medal worthy. Is this the kind of culture we want flowing through our ranks?
  4. Olympic selection issues

    'While the selection policy is drafted to provide huge discretion to YNZ, this does not obviate its obligations to abide by the rules of natural justice and to ensure basic fairness in its implementation.
  5. Olympic selection issues

    It was Lloyd and Elks that qualified AUS, and I and enough people I know would gladly donate the cash needed to send them.
  6. Olympic selection issues

    Looks like it might be too little too late but... https://www.facebook.com/Aus49erfx/?fref=nf. I understand the budget points but cash for gold shouldn't be what the Olympics are about. Simply the best for each country competing in the spirit of sportsmanship. I'm sure the girls could raise the funds if Aus selectors gave them the opportunity. Even is Gold was the only goal, then a previous games under their belt would only strengthen their chances in 2020
  7. Olympic selection issues

    After Anarchy's interesting http://sailinganarchy.com/2016/04/22/stolen-dreams/article. Australia has joined the ranks of countries denying an Olympic dream to a young team of athletes. Ranked 13th in the world, yet not good enough to race against the 20 other countries at Rio, this isn't what the Olympics should be about! http://www.mysailing.com.au/latest/appeals-lodged-after-australian-selectors-omit-tess-lloyd-and-caitlin-elks-from-the-olympic-team Three more names have been added to the Australian Sailing Team for the Rio Olympics but two appeals have been lodged over the decision not to send a 49erFX team, and over the selection of the sailor to represent Australia in the Finn http://www.mysailing.com.au/latest/appeals-lodged-after-australian-selectors-omit-tess-lloyd-and-caitlin-elks-from-the-olympic-team
  8. money wins!

    http://www.theonion.com/article/rich-guy-wins-yacht-race-620 NEWPORT, RI–Some rich guy came in first Monday in that big, famous yacht race held every year at the Newport Yacht Club, a big, fancy yacht place with "a whole lot of really expensive-looking boats and shit," sources reported. "There were a whole bunch of boats out there on the water, with all these rich guys running around on them, moving ropes from here to there and switching sails around to, you know, try to make the boats go faster, I guess," said 61-year-old Newport-area dockworker Bill Duigan, who witnessed the rich guy's stunning 11th-hour victory from more than three miles away while hosing bird shit off a pier. "I couldn't see what was going on too well, on account of they were way the hell out there on the water, but from where I stood, I guess I'd have to say it looked like that one with the blue sails was movin' at a pretty good clip. I heard he was the one that won." Duigan was then yelled at to quit talking and get back to work. The victory marks the approximately 87,000th consecutive yacht race to be won by a rich guy since competitive yachting began, oh, probably a hell of a long time ago, sources figured.
  9. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    So who was the muppet that sent the keelboats on a course through PMYC's start line whilst div1 (sabots, laser 4.7s) were in sequence. Not like it couldn't have been predicted since we start at 2pm every Saturday.