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  1. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Here you go Santa Barbara. Have your fun with it as you will. I don't think T.H. is on SA, but I could be wrong. This is T.H. on my Merit 25 sailing on Lake Michigan during his vacation.
  2. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Yeah that's about right. I remember taking it pretty easy though. There would have been collisions for sure had I tried keeping up with Tom.
  3. Santa Barbara Sailing

    I am the Wisconsin sailor who sailed Cowabunga in the SCYA Midwinters (almost two weeks ago). There were a few people taking pictures from the committee boat. Wondering if anyone knows who and how I may get a hold of some. Thanks in advance. -Keith P.S. I had a shit aweful start in race six. Some of you may have watched your life flash before your eyes (I would have if there was time) as I barreled down on port amid four other starboard boats. How I didn't touch that boat or foul (I probably did foul, but nothing was said - thanks for that), just amazes me. Tom and I both about shit our pants. We asked each other if we even saw which boat it was, and neither of us were able to tell. Your words? reactions?
  4. Santa Barbara Sailing

    I vaguely remember your boat. I was there from 1994-97 (grad school 2005). Andy was a great guy. I still keep in touch with a good share of friends from S.B. One even came to Wisconsin and helped me race my Merit. Thanks for the advice about walking the docks. I'll give it a try. Max, Stop by Cowabunga Sunday and say hi. I will probably have time to help you out (love the Hobie - would love a tour). Are you the Hobie that's for sale in Santa Barbara? Maybe we can make a deal. Keep in touch everyone. Only 10 days to go before I'm sippin' rum and shucking oysters at Brophy's....can't wait. -Keith
  5. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Not sure I know Jane....or do I? Do I want to?? You make her sound so "appealing." -Keith
  6. Santa Barbara Sailing

    Hey everybody in S.B. I'm a Lake Michigan sailor who went to school in Santa Barbara. I raced J-24s and even came back for grad school. Some of you may know me, but its a big sailing community (so maybe not). I will be in S.B. Feb. 14 for a week. I understand you have a mid-winters regatta. I have my old position on Cowabunga (so not looking to crew 4-U). I am wondering, however, if anyone would like to trade rigging/cleaning/general maintenance on their boat for a bunk to crash on. I'm VERY respectful and quite honestly won't be around much (depends on your work load). I own a very tricked out Merit 25 and a Thistle. I am friends with the best Chandlery in town (Nope, not West or that other huge harbor book end). I have a hotel booked now, but would love to check out for something more my speed. PM me in the next few weeks and let me know. Thanks, -Keith