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  1. outoftheoffice

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    This! Not a fan.
  2. outoftheoffice

    Re-imagining a trashed laser

    I'm not affiliated with these guys but definitely used their boat for inspiration. I stuck an I14 rig on an old Laser but added a furling deck-sweeping jib instead of an A-kite. It was a really fun project: adding the stays, trap system, Hobie 16 rudder blade, furling jib, running rigging, etc. Unfortunately I only got to test the boat a couple times before selling it. I remember it was a real pain to right!
  3. outoftheoffice

    Graphics on sails?

    Sorry, this probably doesn't help but a long time ago I added graphics to a Laser sail using a projector and some fat Sharpies. Traced an outline then filled it in. Turned out pretty good, didn't add much weight and lasted a long time.
  4. outoftheoffice

    Gymkhana Ten

    Epic. Also watching The Gymkhana Files on Amazon, gives a great perspective of how much went into these projects.
  5. outoftheoffice

    what is it?

    As previously mentioned, the Falcon 9 rocket, first stage of the CRS-16 ISS resupply mission, didn't quite make it's intended landing site (land-based pad on the coast of Florida). Good video below.
  6. outoftheoffice

    I have found the solution

    Our username and location similarities are uncanny - are we the same person? Where in Texas are you?
  7. outoftheoffice

    Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Congrats on the J18 sale, Claire! I noticed today that Yeoshua had his listed, too, 'jumping ship' on the ol' Johnson. I really need to find a buyer down here in Clear Lake - it would be sweet to have at least two every week on Wed nights.
  8. outoftheoffice

    Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    IN for Summer Solstice - can't wait. Got a buddy coming down from Austin to race with me on the Johnson 18. We've done the race a couple times before on a cat but it was always a distance course, I'm looking forward to getting in the mix with the monohulls on a buoy course. As y'all probably know SSC is a great club that really opens their doors for the weekend. We're planning to get the boat setup early Friday and spend the afternoon on the water, in case anyone else wants to join..
  9. outoftheoffice

    Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    Claire - thanks for posting that message, I do really appreciate y'all for cueing me into the potential problem. I told Claire I'm sure it was a hard thing to do especially given I was between her boat or Joe's. Inspecting that Johnson 18 centerboard isn't trivial and I probably wouldn't have known there were any issues with it until the first time I had it on it's ear - which might have been too late. Ben Miller's got it now and should have it better than new before next Wed night's race.
  10. outoftheoffice

    Texas Centerboard Circuit 2016

    The Texas City Dike is a great place to sail, I used to be down there most weekends on my Hobie 18. Nice beach that's easy to sail from and most of the time you get a great south wind blowing, which after breaking the waves on the southside of the dike, gives you nice calm waters on the northside (beach side of the dike) to work with. I might be in for 8/6. Darin - have you talked to anyone from the Texas City Dike Yacht Club? They're a real good group of cat sailors and generally get a good showing down there most weekends, but in recent years had really been pushing to get more boats out on "First Saturdays" (the first Saturday of the month). We used to easily see 20-30 cats on First Saturdays just last year. That 8/6 date could maybe capitalize on their increased turnout. But it can also be tough to round up folks that want to race since instead you can just scream up and down the Dike all day on a broad reach! Let me know if you want me to reach out to them or if you want some contact info.