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  1. outoftheoffice

    Mythical Front Page Upgrade

    This! Not a fan.
  2. outoftheoffice

    Re-imagining a trashed laser

    I'm not affiliated with these guys but definitely used their boat for inspiration. I stuck an I14 rig on an old Laser but added a furling deck-sweeping jib instead of an A-kite. It was a really fun project: adding the stays, trap system, Hobie 16 rudder blade, furling jib, running rigging, etc. Unfortunately I only got to test the boat a couple times before selling it. I remember it was a real pain to right!
  3. outoftheoffice

    Graphics on sails?

    Sorry, this probably doesn't help but a long time ago I added graphics to a Laser sail using a projector and some fat Sharpies. Traced an outline then filled it in. Turned out pretty good, didn't add much weight and lasted a long time.
  4. outoftheoffice

    Gymkhana Ten

    Epic. Also watching The Gymkhana Files on Amazon, gives a great perspective of how much went into these projects.
  5. outoftheoffice

    what is it?

    As previously mentioned, the Falcon 9 rocket, first stage of the CRS-16 ISS resupply mission, didn't quite make it's intended landing site (land-based pad on the coast of Florida). Good video below.