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  1. Its probably not on the dock, it has just not sent an update since 11.45 (you can see that by clicking on it). Last year race control tried to contact each boat to reset if they had issues with the transponder...
  2. According to Jake Beattie, the tracker went down because of load - 10 times the peak load seen during swift sure.
  3. Getting close
  4. Yes, they are half way up the channel.
  5. First sighting of Elsie from the finish. You have to squint!
  6. The lama passage thing Was clarified at the skippers meeting. Full length of was bad wording and a notice was posted on the official notice board but not online.
  7. Young blokes who look like they know what they're doing. I think you're right… they're contenders. I was really impressed with these guys too, the boat/rig just does not look like it should go that fast but they seem to be making it go and making smart decisions. We spent time with them both sailing and under human power and they seem to have good speed in both.
  8. Hey All Firstly, thanks a lot for all the support, the community that this race has generated has been amazing and there have been lots of kind words about our project (Turn Point Design) in this thread and on our facebook page. We just docked and I just got home but so you have it from the horses mouth, I figured I'd explain our reasoning here. Fundamentally we where just out of prep time. We had a great start and great afternoon/evening of racing, we where swapping the lead with the Burds, The F-25c etc through the evening and where having a great race being competitive when sailing and under human power. We had a few issues during this time but nothing we could not deal with. The list of little things though kept building, no singular show stopping issue but as it got dark and the breeze/chop built, the list of smaller things reduced our confidence to drive the boat safely in the conditions that where forecast, especially while being able to get any rest. We wanted to be in the race with the fast boats, not an adventure where we stop for fixes/rest every day or two. These issues where anything from ergonomic issues where we did not feel locked in, to rudder load issues and broken tiller extensions etc that just reduced the confidence to drive the boat safely in tough conditions. A week before the race we had a frank discussion about the fact that this is not the way to do a race of this severity and we agreed to keep the conversation open and see how we got on, so this was a serious possibility already. We are totally confident that with a couple of months of time rather than a couple of weeks all of these would have been easily resolved but we were just beaten by the clock and did not get enough time to vet/iterate/tweak enough of the finer details that are necessary when you are doing these long distance, over night races. If we where doing it again, we would also sail with 3 people as the boat is far easier to push with 2 people sailing and someone can rest. Its just too light/powerful to realistically single hand at speed, at night etc. I am absolutely gutted as we put so much into it, but I also know it was the right call, there are so many details in a new design that need to be right and that takes more time than we had.
  9. No, he he was just shadowing the fleet. (The front of it!)
  10. It's a small boat with low power budget on a long race. Only be using it in certain situations and the wired one would be great. I've had the wireless ones on other boats and the madman ones are apparently great, looking for simple right now though. Thx! Jukka - thanks, I sent you a Private message.
  11. They are not sold any more but does anyone have a wired raymarine remote for a tiller pilot? I'd love to get my hands on one!
  12. John's pass should be pretty feasible with favorable current, especially with human power. Wind speed/direction though will determine whether that would be a net positive, but again, with human power keeping the lowest speed up, all these short cuts will feel more favorable than when in the usual sailing mindset....
  13. That will be the really interesting thing about this race, its not like a normal sail boat race, we should have a minimum human powered speed that may make cuts through the islands slightly more feasible depending on conditions.. ... or not....
  14. Live tracking will be here: