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  1. Its probably not on the dock, it has just not sent an update since 11.45 (you can see that by clicking on it). Last year race control tried to contact each boat to reset if they had issues with the transponder...
  2. Would be shocked if they would have knowlegeable answers to those questions. I'd talk to the boat designer, and top sailmakers, and owners who've used both. But not the boatbuilder. I believe that even the best set up self tacker will sacrifice some absolute performance for the convenience. But if it makes the boat easier to sail shorthanded or singlehanded, or simply more crew-error proof, it might well be faster around a race course. Agreed - my experience with Melvest is that they just build the boats to plan or your requirements (very well) you should speak to some current racers to see their opinions on speed. I am adding self tacking to my 32, I dont expect it to be faster but I expect to sail short handed and in generally shifty conditions.
  3. The idea is to reduce pitching by having the bow go through more of the wave and less over it, keeping more drive in the sails, less slow down compared to higher volume going into the wave so less loading etc.
  4. They are for efficient power boats (a cat and a try)... .. to be installed in a couple of weeks hopefully...
  5. I am definitely not saying I am right and absolutely assume that my short experience leads me to wrong conclusions - was just curious as to the answers or reasons why they are the way they are. Would love to have the time/money to build and try one, I have always thought they are great boats (more so now they are dev) but I would take your comment about comparisons to Chris's boats to another level.....
  6. So what is the usefulness of the boom clearance?
  7. Assuming you want windward heel yes. I was just trying to think how you would get the end of the seat to be the same height while giving more height at the deck level but not increasing the height of the weight etc.... (Its the boat end of the seat that kept hitting, not the outboard end) I thought I had read in this thread that everyone was trying to keep it as low as possible for stability etc.
  8. Maybe I was sailing it a bit flat, its probably a bad habit from moths (not just foilers) to heel to windward and maybe that makes it a bit too sensitive to the chop coming past the inboard end of the seat. Its hard to say without sailing other canoes. All I can tell you is that it was the one area of the boat that felt drag at any time but that may just be par for the course. I dont think it has anything to do with being used to sailing further out of the water, it was the impacts I was feeling, not height etc. The only (non sexy) suggestion I could come up with was to make the seat flat and raise the carriage a bit so that the center of gravity was the same but the lowest point of the seat could be a few inches higher. I am sure there are practical and aesthetic reasons not to do that though. It seems to me like the bit of seat closest to the hull needs to be highest as that is where most of the water pushed up from the hull is going to go. Another possibility would be to make the bottom of the seat flat rather than a shallow V so that there was even less frontage to the water. Again though, this is from one sail, I am sure there are a ton more reasons to have the seats shaped the way they are. Maybe the just need to be sailed with a touch of heel? Either way this is focusing on the one minor negative that I noticed, the boat felt REALLY good in all other respects. (Other than when I was getting buzzed by the chase boat - then it felt like someone pulled the daggerboard out)
  9. Ha. My estimation of Tim has just gone up, didn't realize people that knowledgeable would hang out with him
  10. A lot of this is over my head but I have to say that this is a great thread. Dan - what do you sail?
  11. Isnt part of the issue with the una rig on a canoe the mast height/luff length limitation? i.e. its hard to get the most efficient sail shape as you cant fit a 10m sail on that mast height with the aspect ratio that you really want?