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  1. J/80 shackle between traveler and main sheet

    I think the only reason for the second shackle is to keep the block high enough to clear the traveler control blocks.
  2. J80 Bow Pulpit Replacment

    Tops In Quality used to make them...
  3. J/80 Redux

    I owned one of each (Hull 45 TPI built and Hull 406 French built). Aside from hull 45 losing her keel and sinking (long story - search the archives) it was a good boat when I owned it. The French boats have a superior build in most ways: molded in toerails, foot braces and winch islands, shorter stanchions and pulpits, properly framed windows that don't leak, and clear coat anodized spars instead of painted. Performance-wise they did not seem to be any faster but I have been out of the class for a long time so things may have changed. I think the J-80 is a great boat that does many things well and would have been awesome with carbon spars to enhance performance and simplify trailering.
  4. What is this boat "nelson 28"

    Wow! You weren't kidding about the bent mast...
  5. What is this boat "nelson 28"

    Trailer alone is worth more than that.
  6. Mills Race drowning

    This reminds me of a situation that happened here several years ago. We were watching a buoy race and noticed a MOB incident. Incredibly, the boat that lost the MOB communicated with him and then continued sailing! Being the nearest boat, we came to his rescue, pulling him from the water and giving him a towel (warm Texas water caused him no harm). We then hailed the other boat by VHF and advised we had recovered their MOB and had to motor to catch them and return him onboard (after they finished the race!). Incredibly, their story was they knew he was not injured and assumed that one of the nearby boats would pick him up. I strongly advised they withdraw from the race.