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  1. Innocent Bystander

    The F1 2020 thread

    I suspect there will be bonus opportunities and drivers will be free to make team approved sponsorship deals. Cut Lewis’s salary and give him a $15M “brand spokesman” deal with Petronas and you have a classic F-1 loophole. Petronas just gives $$ directly to Lewis rather than washing them through the team. Then, of course, Ferrari will have a separate arrangement because- Ferrari. FIA isn’t going to geld the world’s best known sportsman.
  2. Innocent Bystander

    Yacht Transport USEC to STT 2021- Oct-ish

    Most won’t cover south of Hatteras until 1 Nov without a big rider. Fairly often we have southbound boats hanging around Solomon’s from mid October until they get a weather window the go south. It’s a day from here to the Great Bridge lock into the inter coastal from the Elizabeth River.
  3. Innocent Bystander

    2020 Hurricane season

    Moving like a freight train so to speak. Getting the outer bands now on the Chesapeake and likely to be past us by 6:00 PM. Warnings for u0p to 50 knots and 3" of rain. Ground is already soaked so flash flood warnings out and likely to see some trees down if we get 50 knots.
  4. Innocent Bystander

    Is it a cult?? Stick-shifters (if there are any) unite....

    I’d go for 200 hp and a 6 speed but I like your thinking.
  5. Innocent Bystander

    What Have You Done Today?

    Voted (early)
  6. Innocent Bystander

    Generator Anarchy??

    I don’t have a better idea. The champion is made in China and sold by Tractor supply so I’d guess its consumer grade and not a lot better or worse than anything else in that market. Dual fuel is a real plus. I’d use it with propane and only go with gas if power was out for a long period. I would look into who provide warranty service and if that’s anyone near you. I don’t trust internet “what’s the best generator” type sites as they usually don’t come from technically savvy people and never disclose any sponsorships, etc and someone is paying them to write that stuff. 7500 watts is a very competitive market. Big enough to power well pumps, a microwave, lights, fridge, freezer, etc while still portable. As I said, I really like the dual fuel option so would restrict my search to those. I would not shy away from a “normal” generator to pay extra for more electronics, complexity, etc for the inverter options but that’s me. My now 10 YO whole house generac has never hurt any electronics, has several hundred hours on it and starts every time. 2 repairs under the 5 year warranty and there are several dealers nearby who can fix it. It runs for a test every Saturday, I load test it once a year (run the house on it for several hours) and service it with plugs, oil, and filters annually. On the other hand, my neighbour is on his 3rd 16 KW Generac in 15 years so suspect he might have a different opinion as to the quality.
  7. Innocent Bystander

    Generator Anarchy??

    Well, after more research on the one Billy is buying, it produces high freq AC, converts to DC and inverts back to 60 HZ AC. Unclear if it varies rpm with load. The consumption is about the same as the 7500w generac but there is no standard comparison. At 74db at 21 feet, it’s not all that quiet. That 3 step conversion would give cleaner power but unless you are running processors direct, any electronic device already has a power supply that gives it some isolation from the power coming out of the outlet. Billy. Hope you are happy with your purchase.
  8. Innocent Bystander

    Generator Anarchy??

    Inverters on DC generators with acceptance of a wide range of input voltages are very smooth and provide good power quality. AC Generators usually run at a fixed RPM and lose frequency first when overloaded or when responding to a sudden increase. They monitor frequency drop to control load shedding relays. Any ICE driven generator will throttle up and down with load and you'll hear that initial bog as the engine throttles up. How quickly the engine throttles up and how much higher than base load the new load is make a big difference in engine response.
  9. Innocent Bystander

    Is it a cult?? Stick-shifters (if there are any) unite....

    Keep in mind that at the limit and turning in you are managing slip angles. With FWD, the rear tends to follow along like a puppy and take a a lot of effort to get it sliding while the heavily loaded with both lateral and longitudinal acceleration front end starts slipping and provides safe, boring and slow understeer. Tapping the brakes or using the handbrake (rally cars have those massive handbrake levers for this reason) can force the rear end to rotate and get the car pointing into the corner quicker. FWD autocross cars can use reverse stagger, massive pressure differences F/R, harder shocks and stiffer roll bars in the rear to encourage the back to come out when you want it. basically, not a routine street procedure but one to use to get 10/10ths out of the car under competition circumstances. Just left foot braking with an automatic can help improve reaction times on the road but takes practice and you have to “unlearn it” to drive a manual.
  10. Innocent Bystander

    Generator Anarchy??

    Hard to convince yourself to spend $$$ to replace a functioning generator. We only do that for boat stuff.... I agree. A hot shower after a long hot and humid day of cleaning up after a hurricane is divine. We did showers, a dinner and then a bottle of wine and the hot tub. Got the joints and muscles ready for another day of chainsaws and loading trailers.
  11. Innocent Bystander

    Generator Anarchy??

    Same approach I took. I’ve been happy with the Generac for 10 years with no additional conditioning. Load shedding relays for the 2 hvac units and the hot tub but haven’t been able to force them to kick off during periodic load testing. The 20 KW generator can handle 83 amps/leg. Most we have been able to draw is 78 on one leg and 82 on the other. Close but the generator can handle our peak loads.
  12. Innocent Bystander

    Is it a cult?? Stick-shifters (if there are any) unite....

    Most FWD cars are hard as hell to get to rotate. Left foot braking is a way to encourage the rear to step out and get the car turning when they just want to understeer to oblivion.
  13. Innocent Bystander

    The F1 2020 thread

    Awesome 919, but as they say, imagine throwing away the rulebook on F1. Merc engine with no FF or other restrictions, active aero on a Newey chassis and FRIC, etc. F-1 designers know how to make a faster car, just nor within regs.
  14. Innocent Bystander

    Generator Anarchy??

    Not too bad. A few hours out at most for us and scattered around the county. Powerwall has 12.2 KWH of usable energy before its done. That's roughly 55 AH at 220V without looking at power factor. For reference, a 1 hp well pump sucks 10 amps at 220. AC is probably a non starter for any period of time. An average suburban home can such up a powerwall in an hour unless you are in full conservation mode. Good for a short outage and might get you through with enough solar to run the house and recharge it during the day. A 20 KW generator puts out up to 480 KWH daily at full chat. Depends on what you are looking for on a backup system and how long you plan for the power to be out. History says we need to plan for a 2 week outage every 5-10 years down here from either a TS/Hurricane or a winter storm. For that reason, we went whole house and plenty of fuel.
  15. Innocent Bystander

    Generator Anarchy??

    Billy, Availability of gasoline on a normal day isn't the same when most of the county is out of electricity. That's what happened here after Irene. 93-95% of the customers for our electric coop woke up without power. Because we are the second to last house on a 6 mile above ground powerline through mostly pine trees, we put in a 20 KW, auto start/auto transfer Generac. No NG so went with propane and buried a 550 gallon tank, good for about 14 days of heavy use and 21-28 days of conservation. Came on when the trees started falling during the storm and we went 11 days before power came back on. 36 poles down between the house and the substation. Co-op properly went after high impact repairs first leaving the few houses in my neighborhood until last. Once we cleared the road out to the highway, we went into power saving mode. Generator was off from 0730-4:00, ran living area AC zone only until about 10 PM and then sleeping area zone overnight. We are on a well and septic so no power means no water. No water/toilets means moving into a hotel or onto the boat until the holding tank fills up. No power also means losing all of the food in the fridge and freezer. Basically, power out for more than a few hours worked out to about $300/day in cost of lost food and hotel. Add in more for restaurant food. With the generator, we were able to shift from work mode to cleanup mode, have a hot shower and dinner followed by a hot tub. Rinse and repeat the next day. Laundry and cooking as needed. After it was over, I calculated we spent less than $100/day on propane. Underground tank also feeds fireplace and grill. Without an outage, we fill it in late spring to have a full tank for the hurricane season. Installation and stocking up is pretty expensive About $10K in 2010. When the lights go out, it takes about 25 seconds for the generator to turn them back on. No action required. It's all automatic. Makes the bride happy. Over 10 years, we are probably still in the negative on investment/return but we lose power several time per year for a few hours up to a day. Pretty nice to be able to count on lights and water when the grid shuts down.