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  1. Given its the only aircraft aboard, its likely that it's a "retired" airplane stripped of engines and radar that is used to train the handling crew. Usually crane one or two aboard for post availability sea trials to give the yellow shirts something to use for practice.
  2. No problem. Perhaps California could break the deadlock and offer up a site for long term storage. Geologically, yucca mountain is fine except for the NIMBY factor. If California can overcome their own NIMBYs you'll solve a 50 year stalemate.
  3. For new fuel, supposedly reduces the amount and decay time dramatically. AFAIK, we would still have to deal with existing spent fuel. Of course, the chance of regulatory approval and population acceptance of any new nuclear plants is pretty slim.
  4. Full rudder turns at speed. Purpose is to verify rudder actuators are operating at full force. Doing that on Nimitz in 1994 cost me a favorite coffee cup. Left it on my desk when I went to one of my shops to verify we had our stuff all tied down. Missed getting back to the office in time by about 30 seconds. Really interestimg to be below decks when doing those maneuvers.
  5. Well, not exactly. Spent fuel is stored on site in sealed cask dry storage or in stainless lined pools, like every other nuclear power site. SCE's plan was to ship it to an operating plant in Arizona and make it their problem. Not surprisingly, the Arizona plant said no to that proposal. DOE has been trying for years (since the 70's) to identify long storage for spent fuel, mostly looking at Yucca Mountain in Nevada, adjacent to the Nevada Test site as geologically stable enough for long term (as in permanent) storage. 40 years of NIMBY for each proposed site have left plant operators with pool storage on site until the fuel is "cooled" (5-10 years) and then dry cask storage on site after that as the only option. Casks are something like 25cm thick so it would take a bit more than a few pounds of C-4 to make that a problem. Permanent safe storage of spent fuel is nuclear power's Achilles heel. 40 years after coming out of the reactor, you are down to .0.1% of the radioactivity but still radioactive enough to be dangerous. Ultimately, it has to go somewhere, essentially forever.
  6. That's the only explanation that makes any sense. didnt look like Max had any way out once Seb turned in.
  7. I'd argue that today Max was the meat is a reckless Ferrari sandwich. Hate to be in the next Ferrari team meeting. Wtf was Seb thinking?
  8. Problem with the 4 seat ragtops was mentioned above. Rear seats end up really small due to the top mechanism. Daughter had a different budget (25k or so) and tried them all from Infiniti, BMW, Audi and Lexus. She ended up deciding a 2 seat Abarth 124 Spider (the new one) was a better option. I've rented mustangs, solaras and the like and had the same small rear seat perception about those.
  9. With more 20 or so laps to go, you must watch the start of this race.
  10. Sorry, you have a 2 tier system. I'm paying for my pensioner SIL in Melbourne's private insurance today as the public system failed to provide the appropriate continuity of care for her long term mental health issues. Carefully chosen, the supplemental isn't that expensive. Jeff's "basic care" is a little severe for my tastes, but somehow limits will be placed on medical care to help control costs. An example in Aus is the Shingles Vaccine. Risk starts to climb at age 55. In the US, Medicare and many insurance companies will pay at age 60. In Australia, it isn't covered until age 70. In the US, some high dose cancer treatments using doxorubicin are done during inpatient stays as a continuous infusion to significantly lower the risk of heart damage. In Canada, "standard of care" is outpatient treatment at much higher infusion rates that will cause heart damage at a fairly low lifetime dose. Appears Canada has traded off the probable heart damage to provide lower cost treatments for those drugs. Limits on procedures and treatments are part an parcel of controlling costs. Private supplementals are a way for those who can afford it to go to the head of the line and/or circumvent those limits. Where the "standard of care line is drawn is an important discussion but there is a line.
  11. Sorry Dog. Don't agree. While some medical research in the US is state of the art, Germany, France, Australia and others are just as active and possibly more innovative. Medical research is mostly driven my government grants, not free market at all. Drug development is focused on high profit and protecting patents, not high impact treatments. Free market in health care is more about runaway profits than patient care. Outcomes don't support your presumption that we are "world class" in many ways.
  12. i can see that.
  13. 28 teams have dropped out of F-1 since 1990. This isn't about RBR trash talking Renault. It's about the ability of anybody but Merc or Ferrari and possibly Renault (if they can build a car that works) to compete going forward. Renault has just decided to try to hobble the only non engine manufacturer to win a constructor's championship in the last decade. Cost and availability of Power Units is a determining factor in competitiveness in F-1. Given the difficulties and cost of developing a competitive power unit, we are seeing the front of the grid not only dominated by, but controlled and managed by 2 teams today with Renault wanting to join that club. As long as you engine supplier can give you a second rate engine or cut the cord, you aren't in control of your own destiny. Will it be F1 when 6 cars total line up on the grid? Unless Liberty does something to enhance competition, you can see it going there. Much as we malign IndyCar, they put 30 something cars on the grid at every race and it is seldom a parade. If they would only get rid of the damn oval tracks!
  14. Yeah, but are you better than the European Model?
  15. Obviously, STR is RBR's test case for Honda as they want control of an engine manufacturer similar to their old "works" arrangement with Renault. I do think that constructors managing the competition through what and who they supply as customer engines is one of the biggest issues in F-1 today. Typical F-1 "Rich get Richer" but the field continues to shrink and even Gene Haas, who has done really well for a new team, is openly questioning the competitiveness and value of being in F-1. Hard to understand why Sauber is still there and Haas is a businessman. If he doesn't see increased machine tool sales in new markets, I'd say he's gone in 3 years. Williams and McLaren are perpetually out of money and SFI is only "rags to riches" story over-performing their budget but you have to wonder with . The "pinnacle of Racing" is 2 teams who effectively conspire to shut out the rest and have pretty clear number 1 drivers so it's a 2 person race with little chance of other teams winning. I think Liberty will have their hands full when the Concorde Agreement expires in 2020.