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  1. But IB I expect you might have a more informed opinion than I on those questions. I have my own opinions based on long years of warfare and capability analysis as well as in the trenches budgeting and executing ship and aircraft modification and procurement programs in the real world and understand that ships/ship classes generally have to be effective over a 40-50 year life cycle so instant solutions rarely stand up to time. We seem to have several experts here willing to state unequivably what the Navy should do to recapitalize the fleet. I'd like to hear the depth and quality of their reasoning..Some, like Evans, I've met and respect their general quality of thought and believe they can effectively state a well reasoned position. Others don't have the intellect to comprehend M=FA. Throw away pontification online doesn't allow differentiation. Sort of like post grad work - take a position, define it and defend it. If not, you are just blowing smoke and deserve to be marginalized.
  2. Respect
  3. Evans, what capabilities do you expect each drone in the swarm to have and what size do you expect them to be? Anti surface? Anti air. Shore fires support? Anti sub?
  4. Yeah, but we never pulled the rods "all the way". Well, there was this one time for testing. Its nice to point a carrier and hit the throttle without worrying about where the next gas station. Of course, once you start throwing lawn darts off the pointy end, you burn the JP pretty quickly. I can remember a long time ago crossing the entire Med at speeds that were only whispered about.
  5. No money. The FFGs were the unwanted stepchildren of the Surface force. We kept them because somebody wanted to count them as real ships. Even as a Aviator, I felt bad taking their refit(availability) money and giving it to the Submarines I threatened to park a submarine once because they overspent its maintenance budget. Had a call from a 4 star within 2 hours telling me even joking about that was not allowed. Blu. Nuc ships are pretty sweet until you have to decommission them. Not having to worry about refueling on a daily basis provides wonderful operational flexibility but there is a lifecycle cost.
  6. Imagine you have someone in their mid 40's walk into the bar and starts telling you how important he was 25 years ago as a teenager. I suspect I'd remember I needed to get ready for a root canal and leave. That is how he impresses me. YMMV
  7. Issue with the Burke class has been high fuel burn at slower speeds. For a lot of time in the "NAG" or north Arabian gulf, they would conduct "drift ops" as their mission was AAW/Picket and they didn't need to be in a specific location or headed in a specific direction just sitting there, outside of sea lanes in and out of the oil ports and watching the radar. Generators on but main propulsion essentially shut down. On the battle group staff, we tracked their fuel burn to budget daily as fuel for them was a big bill. I suspect the hybrid is an outcome of that. Takes a few minutes to spin up the main turbines.
  8. He certainly has a track record of success.
  9. Don't disagree. I don't care much for swing keels/boards with wire pendants. I like how a shoal keel with a daggerboard goes to weather other than limited RM and they are great offwind. I'd love a POGO style but not in the budget. Existing boat is paid for.
  10. This, My last boat was a fin and I was a lot more bold motoring into shallow coves/sounding channels. I've has my current wing aground in anger (6.8 knots beating) and kedges off the heavy mud without a problem. In any case, I have just over 6' MLLW at my dock and a 5' draft wing still grounds at springs low tides with a north wind. A 7' draft fin (same boaot with a fin) would be a non starter and would keep me out of many of my favorite anchorages. Would love to see more lifting foils but there are far more wing keels on the market than lifting keels. Pity.
  11. I thing the span of a lot of shoal drat keels in production boats is largely driven by a desire to make no changes to the grid/attaching structure (sump in the case of my boat). Same Hull to Keel interface/floors, etc. Just whack off 2 feet of Keel and shape the required ballast weight into something that looks like a wing.
  12. Thank so Brain. Hoping you had some Intel. Horrible accident. Wishing the best for the crew.
  13. AYC still in temp quarters after the fire so call them about reciprocity and menu. How fancy? Carrol's Creek is pretty good across the Eastport Bridge. Standard fare Chart House and Ruth's Chris. Davis's Pub is bit of a dice but great for a beer and a crab cake or burger but can get very crowded.
  14. Hmm. I have 5 Stihl tools, all less than 10 years old. I routinely used 10%ethanol fuel in them and drained them in winter until I found the ethanol free dock nearby.