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  1. F1 2018...

    Lot a of empty sponsor space on that car.
  2. Taxpayer Bailout of Retirement Plans

    Retired people vote. Retired people who are eating cat food vote against those that they blame and it’s not their union leadership or themselves.
  3. Taxpayer Bailout of Retirement Plans

    Multi-company plans mostly, established with the unions. Many state plans are also underfunded. No one requires them to revisit returns and increase contributions (employer and employee) when “past performance doesn’t equal future returns). Most of those plans counted on returns far more than the long term market performance and were very likely to underperform. When they did, neither company or union leadership wants to call for increased contributions or lower payouts so they hid their heads in the sand. Problem has been festering. Now folks are retiring in greater numbers(baby boomer effect) and need the money. Bail out is gonna happen.
  4. F1 2018...

    Aero looks very busy at the midbody transition. Trying to scare the air into submission?
  5. F1 2018...

    Be silly not to take aero advantage where legal.
  6. Fremont California and Tesla

    Rumors are the work ethic is it’s all about Tesla. For engineers, disagreeing with the King is damaging, if not fatal to your employment expectation that you do whatever you have to to make the promised real. For Blue Collar, google Tesla labor relations. May just be sour grapes from those who got nowhere with their applications but worth looking into. Glassdoor.com has pretty decent reviews of a lot of companies, keeping in mind only the very happy or very unhappy normally post on line reviews. Congrats. A lot of folks apply there. Few get interviews.
  7. F1 2018...

    Bianchi was killed by a Diffuse Axonal injury. Basically, his head stopped and his brain didn’t, severing connections all through his brain, the cabling, if you will. Slowing from something like 140 mph to zero in about 1’ created the injury. Halo would have not changed the outcome. Tethers have pretty much stopped wheel/tire loss at speed. Smaller debris will make it through the Halo. It may have some impact on a “crashdor” style driveover. It’s the most unobtrusive “something” that FIA could devise but is not a fix all. We’ll get used to the look.
  8. spacex

    Need to pull that string. Haven’t looked into it for several years so suspect there has been some movement. Basically put it into the “when I have to replace” and my HE heat pumps with oil based hydroponic emergency/backup are relatively recent (10 years?) and have been trouble free except for a start capacitor on one of them. Redesigning the entire system for the remodel will have to reuse compressors, air handlers where able to reduce costs but also be adaptable for the future. Don’t really want to go to 3 separate systems and zones from 2 but it does have an attraction to heat/cool where we are and not the rat of the house. Considering mini splits for the addition but will have to see what the bids say when I get them..
  9. spacex

    One problem is that some jurisdictions prohibit direct refrigeration into the ground and require non toxic exchange fluids and a heat exchanger. Here, with the aquifer at 180’ +- and groundwater at 1’-30’ or so won’t allow the system you mention due to contamination risk.
  10. spacex

    Mike, thanks. Along the lines of my current thinking. Core of the house is siding covered block walls with lots of glass, amazingly open for its vintage and very nicely takes advantage of the views of being on a waterfront point. Plans include new Low E glass to replace the aged double panes and insulated siding and whatever else we can reasonably do to add R value. Addition (second floor) will be 6”studs well insulated with insulated siding and separate HVAC so it will only be heated and cooled when required. Zoned GSHPs are on the horizon when current HVAC core systems require replacement. Other than draft elimination and insulated siding, do you have thoughts on how else, without major demo, I can improve the energy efficiency of the structure?
  11. spacex

    Yes. You can install vertical GSHP that use a grouted in spiral loop. Friend did that. 3 wells for a modern (2001) house of 3600 sq ft.
  12. Need Advice on Mono to sail to Hawaii and back

    Well, that must not be it then. Weekly is enough to keep moss from growing in your north armpit this time of the year.
  13. spacex

    Panels are not a good look (may get over that) and payoffs a lot longer @38 north with tall, environmentally protected trees limiting sun exposure. Add in our rates haven’t seen the inflation you have seen and payback is closer to 20 years or more, by which time, panels are likely to require replacement and I’ll be too old to care. I also predict you will end up with additional distribution costs to offset lower centralized generation that will continue to increase rates unless you can completely go off the grid. As solar become persuasive, buyback rates will also likely decline as long as a grid has to be maintained. I have to look at it as an investment in the environment, not a pure numbers issue and not sure I’m willing to further delay retirement to fund it. Programs to encourage solar are limited other than the tax credit as the other renewable energy credits in this state are minimal. Solar hasn’t proven to significantly impact resale so it’s hard to justify in a spreadsheet. House renovations are age driven (66 year old house) in most part with some remodeling the wife wants thrown in so relatively inflexible.
  14. Need Advice on Mono to sail to Hawaii and back

    Ish, Maybe its you? Do you shower regularly?
  15. spacex

    Stop the presses. We agree on something although I’m not as anti space tech as you. I penciled in the tiles as desirable for a large home renovation I’m planning. After all, what better time than when I’m replacing the roof anyway? Lag in introduction, lack of real data and release initially to employees under NDAs (same as the model 3) have pushed me from looking at a developed product to possibly an early adapter in a market where you still can’t buy them. For $50K, a questionable payback and limited warranty, it doesn’t make sense. 5 years from now? Maybe, but 3 years ago I said “maybe in 3 years, they will be proven.”