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  1. I got divorced today.

    CL, Having spent time with both of you, I assure you that you would get along very well in person. BJ is pretty rational in person for a flaming liberal.
  2. Cable modem/router question

    Excellent explanation. I’ll just add that newer NETGEAR routers have a “Network Access Point” selection in the setup configuration page. Takes away having to remember the details of disabling DHCP, etc. I had to replace a couple a few months ago and now it’s dead easy.
  3. Cable modem/router question

    In that case, the converters TM suggests should work. Don’t cheap out. I’ve seen tons of noise created by cheap ether to Anyhi g else converters.
  4. Cable modem/router question

    To use the same modem (single Account and modem) you should have buried fiber or CAT6 and run either a single wired connection or a network access point (or wireless router configured as an access point) that allows your primary router to assign IP addresses with the access point only serving as a pass through. A so called range extender can accomplish the same task but has to have a good wireless signal t/f the primary router to work. My 65 YO home has metal lathe and plaster walls so wireless has a lot of trouble reaching through more than two rooms. Running CAT6 out from my primary router to the ends of the house in both directions allows me to set up access points at each end to extend the network. CAT6 is good to 100 meters. More than that and you should go to fiber, either direct or with fiber to ether converters at each end. Or pay your provider for an additional connection and router.
  5. NFL 2017

    Goodell will win but the committee is crazy to give him an extension with 18 months left on his current contract. Attendance is down, “kneeling protests” haven’t been addressed one way or the other, concussion issues are a big deal, etc. $50m and a private jet? Really?
  6. Voltage regulator blues

    That’s what happened at my place. Wife wanted a Honda S2000 last year so she got her “cute” Suzuka Blue roadster. Daughter got rear ended in her sensible Mazda6 and decided she needed a new car. She looked for a couple of months and bought herself a new Abarth 124 in Rosso Red. Now mom and daughter have to make the decision of which roadster to head out in.
  7. My newest project

    You left out the near fatal licking should the intruder fall.
  8. J-34 IOR

    Never buy a PHRF boat with a bad rating thinking you'll be the one guy that as a successful appeal and have a cheap PHRF winning boat. You are going to have to fully prep the boat, including bottom, foils and new string sails and then race it hard for a couple of seasons to demonstrate that the performance doesn't meet the numbers. Then you might get a small adjustment.
  9. Health care sticker shock

    SIngle payer isn’t free but a hell of a lot better option than the ACA.
  10. Rememberance Anarchy

    Well now that it’s the 11th her and past the 11th hour in Europe, I’ll offer my respect for my fellow veterans and again offer the hope that our leaders exercise restraint, seek diplomatic solutions and send those who follow in our footsteps as a last resort with a full understanding of the impacts of the blunt instrument of war. We have come a long way in avoiding collateral damage but never far enough and innocents will be caoght in the battle and particularly the aftermath. Be well, my brothers “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;For he to-day that sheds his blood with meShall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,This day shall gentle his condition;And gentlemen in England now a-bedShall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaksThat fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day.”
  11. First whiff of the Pee Pee Tape?

    People are saying, are they?
  12. Mixed feelings on Barry. I think he stayed too long but, more than a lot of others, he stood up for the people of DC, DC home rule and the development of DC as a city in in's own right, not just the embattled host of a demanding Federal Government. Plenty of failings as well, hence the mixed feelings but a statue of him means more to the people of DC than any of the statues and memorials lining the mall. Of course, their damn speed cameras mean I helped pay for it.
  13. Hull Flex on Trailer

    Pretty ugly and the "broken hull support" on the trailer and just letting the damage continue should tell you a lot about the care he's put into the boat. It might come out, as SJB suggests but it might also be serious damage. Lots of better boats available. I'd walk away unless nearly free - and you know what they say about free boats.
  14. Election Night 2017

    Certainly sent a message. May not be understood, but sent nonetheless.
  15. Election Night 2017

    Despite the cold rain, turnout in VA was 2.5M, way up from the normal 2.2 or so for an off year race. Given the weather, no one would have been surprised at 2.1M. People wanted to be heard yesterday. Gillespie was behind in every poll from day 1 and Northam the sitting LT Gov. Neither was an inspiring candidate but the solid thrashing sends a strong message. Gov, LTG and AG were as expected as sunrise each morning and are Dems replacing Dems. State house is the real story. Voters are punishing the GOP.