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  1. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Can’t you skip that on an export sale?
  2. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    I guess that eliminates the Pogo 50 at E 525for the basic boat. Sails, electronics, etc. additional.
  3. Stop eating beef?

    I'm amazed every time but it does work and work well. As you say, you gotta trust.
  4. OK, I'm convinced

    Hallmark Holidays. Greeting card companies need something to get you to buy their products.
  5. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Something to consider is draft. Many places and boats, it’s not an issue but other places, a 9’ Draft means anchoring our, missing some of the better places or just skipping the region. Probably worth deciding up front what your maximum harbor draft will be. For example, Stealth Chicken is a great boat but the 9.5’ Draft makes her a non starter for a lot of places.
  6. Crosswind A380

    Left engine quit on the go around. Not enough rudder authority meant yaw (and proverse roll) left. He had two choices. Chop throttle and crash land straight ahead as he said he would or leave the power up and go left.
  7. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Listing says 15,400 empty, which is pretty impressive. Add 5k for cruising gear and stores and you are off the dock to cruise at just over 21. Should be pretty easy to handle.
  8. Darwin cheated again

    Lion sometimes gets the young but clueless ones as well.
  9. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Pano. Those are nice picks. For two up, you are right. The 14 is a better choice.
  10. Crosswind A380

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion but there is a reason we don’t kill folks in flight test as often as we did 40-50 years ago. This was reckless. Given acknowledged questionable yaw control, an untested engine installed in an untested configuration, the DER should have required very strict crosswind limits for the initial flights. In the video I posted, he mentioned no single engine flyaway capability, limited rudder authority and stated that if he had an engine failure, his plan was to shut down the good engine and land straight ahead (land where it lands). When it happened, he doesn’t fly the plan. From the video, the crosswind has to be very close to the unmoodified airframe limit, if not above. He can call himself a test pilot if he wants but appears to be more of a crash test dummy. No SETP member would have tried that flight on that day. Stupidity and experimental aircraft on their first flight don’t go well together. Just my opinion after 50 years in the business.
  11. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Jeff, Comes down to displacement when talking monos. Brianjb is probably a good guy to chat with. Doublehands a Big, heavy C&C 60 iirc or reach out to Evans. Keeping normal loads within the range of what a single person can handle makes a big difference in how simple it is to cruise. In my mind, 30k lbs displacement is an upper limit for a very capable couple. Stealth Chicken is a good start for consideration. Brian’s main is about 250lbs, kites are 100, Genoa 150 just to give you an idea. OTOH, folks have cruised class 40’s and for a couple, I’d look very, very hard at a POGO. When you go bigger, you’ll have to make more trades to limit loads.
  12. Crosswind A380

    Associated video has a preflight interview. Accident waiting to happen. No real engineering involved, just stick on a couple of scaled up RC turbines and give it ago. Makes the statement that “if one engine quits, I don’t know if I have enough rudder to counter the yaw”. Then take off with a big crosswind, fuck up the first approach and lose the downwind engine on the go around. Both he and the DER who signed off on airworthiness should be shot. [youtube]
  13. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    Interesting that GCaptain puts his editorial alongside Links to stories about a bulk ship loss, a collision between two merchant ships, a cargo fire and a drunk pilot who died when he fell while boarding a merchant. Many of his comments are right on the money.
  14. Yamaha 9.9 Timing Question

    Part of the afterguard on a successful club boat on the Chesapeake. Real deal.
  15. Drone anarchy

    Yeah. We agree.