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  1. Cable modem/router question

    No reason to use CAT 5. Use solid CAT6A if you are going to go that way. Specs call for a maximum run of 100 meters which includes a presumptive 5 meter patch cord of stranded cable at each end so 90 meters for the run. I would not do this unless you have a future problem and then I would go to fiber in a buried conduit. The MOCA option is probably your best bet from a cost/ complexity standpoint, given the existing buried RG.
  2. Missing Argentinian Sub

    Agree. My father served on pig boats and I have some time on boomers and fast attacks from time as a staff weenie (aviator). Some things you just don’t want to dwell on. Respect for and condolences to the families of those still on patrol. The memorial at Pearl is one of my “quiet places.”
  3. Moving 30 amp power cord outlet?

    I believe you are correct. Fuse or breaker. I liked at doing this with my boat and using a trawler style "input source" switch to keep from having a hot outlet. Concern for anchor locker moisture, cost of the required components for it to be safe and PIA of the run put it way down the job list. Doubt it will ever climb to the top.
  4. Man gets eel stuck up his anus

    You certainly have some arcane knowledge there Ish. I would ask where you obtained it but I'm afraid. Ish has nothing to occupy him in those long Canadian winters. An idle mind is a dangerous thing.
  5. NFL 2017

    Yeah. I went away for a while after halftime and turned it on again with about 12 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Quickly turned it back off and went to bed. Dallas' party is over this year.
  6. NFL 2017

    Hate to admit it but I think the beagles are a lock. My Cowboys were thin to start with and injuries and suspensions means they will be unlikely to get a wild card slot. I’m guessing eagles by 10 tonight and I’ll turn it off around halftime.
  7. I got divorced today.

    CL, Having spent time with both of you, I assure you that you would get along very well in person. BJ is pretty rational in person for a flaming liberal.
  8. Cable modem/router question

    Excellent explanation. I’ll just add that newer NETGEAR routers have a “Network Access Point” selection in the setup configuration page. Takes away having to remember the details of disabling DHCP, etc. I had to replace a couple a few months ago and now it’s dead easy.
  9. Cable modem/router question

    In that case, the converters TM suggests should work. Don’t cheap out. I’ve seen tons of noise created by cheap ether to Anyhi g else converters.
  10. Cable modem/router question

    To use the same modem (single Account and modem) you should have buried fiber or CAT6 and run either a single wired connection or a network access point (or wireless router configured as an access point) that allows your primary router to assign IP addresses with the access point only serving as a pass through. A so called range extender can accomplish the same task but has to have a good wireless signal t/f the primary router to work. My 65 YO home has metal lathe and plaster walls so wireless has a lot of trouble reaching through more than two rooms. Running CAT6 out from my primary router to the ends of the house in both directions allows me to set up access points at each end to extend the network. CAT6 is good to 100 meters. More than that and you should go to fiber, either direct or with fiber to ether converters at each end. Or pay your provider for an additional connection and router.
  11. NFL 2017

    Goodell will win but the committee is crazy to give him an extension with 18 months left on his current contract. Attendance is down, “kneeling protests” haven’t been addressed one way or the other, concussion issues are a big deal, etc. $50m and a private jet? Really?
  12. Voltage regulator blues

    That’s what happened at my place. Wife wanted a Honda S2000 last year so she got her “cute” Suzuka Blue roadster. Daughter got rear ended in her sensible Mazda6 and decided she needed a new car. She looked for a couple of months and bought herself a new Abarth 124 in Rosso Red. Now mom and daughter have to make the decision of which roadster to head out in.
  13. My newest project

    You left out the near fatal licking should the intruder fall.
  14. J-34 IOR

    Never buy a PHRF boat with a bad rating thinking you'll be the one guy that as a successful appeal and have a cheap PHRF winning boat. You are going to have to fully prep the boat, including bottom, foils and new string sails and then race it hard for a couple of seasons to demonstrate that the performance doesn't meet the numbers. Then you might get a small adjustment.
  15. Health care sticker shock

    SIngle payer isn’t free but a hell of a lot better option than the ACA.