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  1. Just to be clear, you are referring to the EB-5 Visa program that has been in place since 1990. Not a Kushner special program? Ruling on removing the stay and hearing in the fall was a 9-0 decision. Seems the Supremes were pretty aligned on this one.
  2. I think you may be confusing track with heading. What the chart shows is track(path of the ship's COG) not heading. The chart indicates the rudder input forces the Center of Gravity of the ship to displace to the outside of the turn.
  3. Shipping lines are selling freighters less than 10 years old for scrap. Merchant captains are going on the beach for lack of jobs. Any surprise the guys who's job is on the line is first to the media with a "Not my fault" story? Sounds like the teenager who t-boned me "launching out of a parking spot in a parking lot. Honest officer, I was driving slowly and looked carefully. He just have been speeding, or had his lights off or something. Plenty of blame to come and I'm pretty sure Fitz did a lot wrong. The investigation will tell us what happened.
  4. Agree but we have seen Lewis pull the "brake check" and other aggressive blocks more than once. I suspect the stewards put a bit of "Lewis asked for it" in the determination of how much of a penalty to give Seb. OTOH, Seb is all about "they can't do that to me" when he's pretty quick with a block or dive bomb. Giving up a sure podium won't sit well in Maranello. We'll see Seb and Lewis take each other out by season's end. A bit glad Lewis could not catch up to Seb in the last 10 laps. He was not going to get that pass. Do we need tracks like Baku? Very hard to pass. A car eater due to the narrow streets and no runoff. 14 classified finishers including Kimi who retired late so 7 actual retirements of 20 cars.
  5. You should educate yourself about oil reserves. OPEC no longer controls the oil market. US production couples with a tapering off in demand has driven and held prices below $50/bbl. Saudi needs $100 bbl to fund their "pay off the religious kooks" programs and is spending national cash reserves. They tried to squeeze production to raise prices and failed. A lot of oil reserves in the US and the Canadian tar sands oil isn't economically recoverable at current prices but its presence in the ground places a cap on how much oil prices can rise. None of this means we should not continue to develop alternate energy but those who think oil is running out are fooling themselves. As to Aussie coal? Perhaps we should count carbon emissions at the source. China smog is fair dinkum Aussie born.
  6. It is the "value edition" with power windows and seats and remote locking (no alarm). No pedal adjusters but Steering wheel adjuster. If you rented a mid size car in 2005-2007, you probably drove one. Problem is that it's "her car". I only drive it when she borrows mom's minivan or my Lexus RX for hauling/towing. Her rule is "I leave the seat where I need it tomorrow morning." asked her for a couple of pics.
  7. 5'4". Car does short OK. I have to stand outside and put the seat back before entering when set up for her.
  8. Sounds like a perfect buy for you. Good luck.
  9. My daughter's 2007 has 126k on the clock. On,y really weak spot in the engine is the VVT cam gear non hardened pins as built would wear. Symptom was a rattle on cold start until oil pressure built up. Cost $600 P&L to fix. Silent warranty applied but hers failed 2 years past that. If you can determine that the engine had that repaired, it is likely to go 175-200K. Automatic trans trouble free. Headliner sagged at about 100k. Same mechanic that did the engine fitted a new mouse fur one for $100. No other issues over 10 years. Period. Other than being. Magnet for idiots to hit. Latest was a rear end that is a "constructive total". Chose to take the initial estimate and sell as is with a solid engine and trans, A damaged front and rear bumper and slight unibody damage right rear. She is currently shopping for a replacement car and I expect to sell the Mazda to someone as a near bulletproof commuter bomb for $2,500. Serviced every 5,000 since new If it hadn't been hit, she would be driving it for another 3-4 years. if you find a good one, it's hard to beat as a reliable and cheap commuter. Hell, if of my daughter pulls her thumb out and buys something in the next week or so, I'll sell you this one. She wants a specific color and option package Fiat 124( the new one), has cash to buy it in the bank but is having trouble pulling the trigger. She is so tight, her checkbook is dusty. In the meantime, she commutes in the bent Mazda daily
  10. Interviews with Lewis and Seb worthwhile for what they would not say.
  11. Well.... Q-ships are not a new idea and a "missile in a box" that can fly to a gps coordinate is similarly old news. Nothing I see there that is intelligent or even autonomous. Someone will set the target and push "fire." I do agree Israel is a likely "early adopter" of enabling a fully automatic large scale system. Still likely to be based on a rigid, hard coded rule set and not a learning system in my mind.
  12. All 34 evacuated as unsafe. 2-4 weeks minimum to correct (?) the deficiencies.
  13. Agree it has been cracked open but to my h deratamdif "learning" hasn't been enabled. You speak of testing but I think an Aegis cruiser full system would run 200-250m SLOC, much of which could be locked down. The "hard part" would be how t regression test every "learned" update in the control system wophich I suspect would be 15-20 M SLOC. Once you go down that path, it's no longer a learning and adaptive AI system. JUst my random thoughts on a slow weekend.
  14. News from the U.K. troubling on additional hazardous blocks of council flats. BBC story tonight pretty sobering.
  15. I think there is a big difference between "automatic systems" that operate within a clearly defined rule set and networked AI systems that learn and adapt their rule set base on own ship, other ship and battle force system input. Engagement 1' I know what an AI based system will do. Day 5, after learning from multiple same ship and other activity engagements, I don't know what it has now determined are the kill criteria. Therin lies the rub.