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  1. Innocent Bystander

    Maybe Storming The Capitol Wasn't Such A Good Idea

    More an outcome of the all volunteer military and the reluctance of many educated liberals to serve. Enlisted folks since the end of the draft generally come from red states. Officers more likely to be moderate but still trend right, at least through O-4. With many notable exceptions, you find 0-6 and above more socially liberal but fiscally conservative. A lot of less than career enlisted exit because the general trend of the military is to fiercely defend the concept of civilian control and the hard right youngsters don’t fit as well as they would like. More technical folks (cyber, advanced electronics folks etc) tend to be closer to the middle. Shooters tend to tend further right. Just my observations over a 33 year career and staying close since retirement late 2005.
  2. Innocent Bystander

    The hotter Hot Lips

    Sally much hotter. Loretta probably a better fit for the TV show long term.
  3. Innocent Bystander

    Regressive Lose Lose Lose and want compromise

    50-50 split means agreeing to power sharing by agreement since the VP can’t do her job and attend every session. Mitch is a master politician and knows how to play defense. Currently, you can escape a filibuster using the Budget reconciliation process. Mitch want to keep it that way to maintain some power. Shumer needs an agreement on rules to get moving on their agenda, including key cabinet appointments. History says Shumer will be a lame duck as SML in Nov 22, so no time to waste.
  4. Innocent Bystander

    It's a New Day!

    Agree. Add in a somewhat radical progressive far left attacking their own party HQ last night and the slim majority is constantly at risk. Best thing for the dems would be for trump to quickly fracture the Republican Party with this patriot party BS. As I have said before, the Dem weakness is the big tent with little consensus across the factions that create a management challenge and can chase away left leaning moderates like me. My republican friends are quick to forgive Trump and the insurrection at the Capitol and quicker to point to the Portland, Seattle, etc. ongoing protests now “progressive vs Left” in nature.
  5. Innocent Bystander

    COVID Dreaming

     That image made me laugh out loud. Should sustain me for the rest of the day, thanks!  You didn’t stop to “smell the roses”? Or did you want to but couldn’t? Dreams can definitely be weird. Yeah. That’s a hard one to remove from the frontal cortex. I’ll be checking out my nurse today for sure.
  6. Innocent Bystander

    Cars you dream about owning someday

    Newer version my son’s 2006 997-1 C2S MT6 with factory aero. The ugly lobster claws were done by the PO and now hold sticky AX tires and have lost the gold stripes. Street setup has forged Titans with PS4 rubber.
  7. Innocent Bystander

    Day 1, Press Conference 1

    Still in process. What a refreshing change. Well prepared and well conducted. I’m impressed.
  8. Innocent Bystander

    President Biden

    The 400 was a compromise smog hobbled POS engine anyway. Ugly as it is, an LS swap is the way to go these days.
  9. Innocent Bystander

    Trump expected to pardon upwards of 100 Tuesday morning

    A bit surprised that the list was pretty non exciting. A few stupid but expected inclusions like Bannon and some big donors but also a lot of folks who served their time without complaint for pretty minor offenses getting their records cleared after years of excellent behavior. Some life sentences committed after 15-24 years time served for non violent crimes. I have to wonder if a big political list of pardoned friends and family will get released from Mar A Largo at 1155 EST when the nation of focused on the oaths about to happen.
  10. Great troll but didn’t happen. Would have been great. there are some “your fired” signs around DC today, I’m told.
  11. Innocent Bystander

    Random PicThread

    The well known Thud for the doubt it made when it crashed. like a high performance sailboat, good fighters have a bursary of their own. The Thud was just butt ugly.
  12. Innocent Bystander

    National Rifle Association - Bankrupt

    I hear Rudy is available.
  13. Innocent Bystander

    Trumpeachment Part Deux

    Well. Insurrections have consequences.
  14. Innocent Bystander

    What If It Worked

    Just take in Cascadia. Immediately, you would be outnumbered 60/40 by them and find yourself with a third mandatory language, a rush project to build a lot of electric trains to nowhere and legislation to get rid of what is left of your manufacturing.
  15. Innocent Bystander

    Helping kids though the passing of a friend...

    Tough one. My daughter had a classmate die of cancer when they were 16-17 and I was pretty amazed and how well the group of kids dealt with it, including a crowd with him until a few hours before he passed. An accidental death is harder. Yesterday they were all happy and goofing off and today, they are down one. I think the best you can do is be up front and supportive of your son and his friend. Hep him understand that it’s tragic and make sure he knows that just being there with his friend is the best thing he can do. There will be awkward moments and some denial, etc but being there is ultimately the right answer.