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  1. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    And re the NZ SSANZ Round North Island Two Handed race, here is a summary from Andy Pilcher of Doyle sails - AP makes up one half of the unbreakable J/111 Django crew!! "Finished!! Well, that was epic, in every sense of the word. The final leg was, well, pretty shitty for the most part. If I said that Leg 3 was the longest 200 miles I'd ever done, then Leg 4 was the longest 340 miles I've ever done. I honestly think that you could not have designed a race to be more upwind, especially given the number of corners we turned, only to find the wind had bent around the corner just before we arrived there! To summarize, we left Napier heading E/NE to get out of the Hawkes Bay. Then veered left to head N/E towards East Cape. From there, another left turn to head across the Bay of Plenty towards Cape Colville, bearing N/W, before the final left turn heading S/W into a 35 - 40kn wind against tide maelstrom, for the "dash" back into Auckland. Sure enough, there to greet us at every turn was a windshift with our name on it, saying "Hey lads, welcome to the corner, your next leg will be upwind". It was not entirely unexpected however. The weather people had been predicting this type of Leg well in advance, just as they'd predicted Leg 3 would be entirely upwind. Why is it that the shit weather forecast's are always the most accurate?? Anyway, as with the previous leg, we surprised ourselves with a better than expected performance, and were delighted with our finish this morning. I need a bit of time to get my head around it, but am rapt to have been able to do this race, which was a real adventure, and just worth it to have simply completed a circumnavigation of the North Island and see this incredible country of ours from a unique angle. Hats off to Mr AJ Reid for his impeccable preparation of the boat, where we sailed over 1200 miles and didn't break so much as a shackle. It's been a pleasure and a privilege. For the final time - on this journey anyway - "Django Out"
  2. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Thanks, Jono - an amazing race, with a bit too much upwind for our liking (!!) but we managed the 7th fastest total elapsed time, 5th overall on handicap, 2nd in Division and a Division win on Leg 2. This leg was the fun one, from Mangonui in Northland, around NZ's two northern Capes (well, 3 actually), then a fast ride down the Wet Coast, high speeds at night, oil rigs, siesmic ships towing 4.5km arrays, heaps of dolphin action, almost becalmed in NZ's notoriously stormy Cook Strait, 5 kts tides across to Wellington (in our favour, luckily), and a match race to the finish! The same 5 boats we diced with at North Cape were in a bunch that finished within 10 minutes of eachother 500 miles later in Wellington. Unbelievable. This race is a true adventure, and uber competitive. Everyone is relentless - short-handed sailing is highly addictive and heaps of fun. Apart from the lack of sleep, the degree of difficulty of every manouvre being tripled and the lack of sleep. Hats off to all the crews! Our next distance race will be from Auckland to Fiji in June. Fully crewed, this one, so should feel quite luxurious being able to sleep for up to three hours at a stretch! A couple of photos attached, one three sailing at the start in Auckland, and the second two sailing with the mini Zero off Cape Egmont on the way to Wellington
  3. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Try this version of the NZ SSANZ SIMRAD B and G 60 race start.....
  4. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Hi, all Thought you might be interested in our sharp end setup. Having broken the prod, we decided that a bobstay might be a good idea, and then added another nearer to the stem to take the tension of the new Doyle's Stratis Code Zero. One of the two tacklines tensions the Zero bridle forward, and we then crank on the halyard - gives pretty good luff tension without too much direct upward pull on the prod. We finetune with the backstay ram.
  5. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Thanks, Clean. Team Django (with secret weapon one A Pilcher) is starting to rock! And that start - what to say? We chose the other end of the line, cos the pin was closer to the next mark, it had wind, and nobody was there except us and Wired. It was a reaching start anyway, theoretically plenty of room. So we didn't see what happened at the boat end till we watched the Dumb and Dumberer footage. Guess everyone decided they wanted to be upwind of the next guy, which really means only one boat gets what they want. And, astonishingly, not one red flag!! Gotta love us Kiwis - we know how to barge!! Suspect it would be even funnier speeded up with some Keystone Cops music in the background. Looking forward to the next one - Dumb and Dumberest?
  6. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    And here is a short video of the SIMRAD 60 on Django. This Hauraki Gulf place might be a nice place to have the next America's Cup....just a thought....
  7. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Good luck to all for the Mac! We had a blinder here in Auckland last weekend. Race 1 (60 nms) of the 3 race SSANZ SIMRAD series started at 0900 on Saturday morning. Trying conditions, with TWS from 0-17 kts and a variety of directions. We got a clean start, unfurling our new Doyle's Stratis Code Zero for the first time 15 seconds before the gun, and from there managed to make more good calls than bad, taking the Division 1 handicap honours nearly 12 hours later. Plenty of sail changes, a bit of drifting around and a gliding finish in the dark under Code Zero, doing 6.5 kts in 5.5 kts of breeze. The boat in the background of the photo is Wired, a well-sailed canting keel 52 footer - nice to cross those boys once in a while... Bring on Race 2 - a 100-miler next month...
  8. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Last Sunday on Auckland harbour....getting faster
  9. DjangoNZ

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    I'm sure you have some kind of agenda but you might cut them some slack, since they're new to the boat and need the season to get up to speed. It's up against Elliott 12s and the very successful First 40. Pretty ok for a production 35-footer. On the "No measurement rules", sure, seems to be plenty of them http://www.aucklandr...NM Race 1-4.pdf Naturally you can't compare the J/111 to Elliott 35SS or Shaw 11, that are full out carbon racers with canting keels costing 20-50% more (yeah, I did the comparison before buying the 111). Completely different tools. As is getting a 35' cat to go 115% faster than the Elliott 35SS Thanks for your post, Peter - we are stoked with the new boat (which is Hull #1, the old "Stella"), and just getting our heads around sailing it. Might take us a decade or so! Thanks for all the info you post on Blur, it's super useful to us in learning our boat. And re the Elliot 35SS, you're right - this is an amazing boat, but quite a bit more $$$ than our 111's. It's seems to be a fundamental physical law of yacht racing - linear speed increases require exponential $$$$ increases!! A couple of pix of Django attached - the new Doyle's light headsail is looking very good.