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  1. I would recommend a tuff luff to make head sail changes easier and faster. I would not reef the main by any means necessary. I had a j30 that we would reef cruising and all the helm would evaporate. I imagine it would translate to the 24, but I have never tried it.
  2. i dont block people because i do like thought provoking dissent, but i am going to disengage this conversation with you. we are hijacking the topic and i dont care that much about the sewing machines or trucks. have a great day captpiratedog. sail fast
  3. maybe someday but not just yet. thanks snaggs
  4. pretty sure the contender cloth i get from fall river massachusetts is made in germany soooo fuck you again?
  5. hows my profile look pussy?


  6. mine were hand made in newport by north atlantic sails by my boys chris and jay. no siri lanka north sails on my boats. i cant afford those brand name sneakers. i wear the off brand and still do fine for how good i am. sooooooooo fuck you?
  7. two headsails are most common a blade, all dacron, and the genoa which can be exotic. Some folks use a pan am cut headsail which is a little bigger than the blade, but it is uncommon. second hands from a rock star like will wells is the way to go. then you know they go and if you stink its operator error.
  8. I dont care how they made there money. since i can only afford my j24 i will pimp out for fun fast boats i cant afford.
  9. For the $ i think so. I only race with my boys and we have a blast.
  10. Did this race a few times before wife and kids came into play. Great club, great sailing. I remember getting handles of booze for lasts. We got two of them. Only one on purpose. Good people up there Aerodoodle, MoJo and a few others.
  11. (248): View more from Michigan You were so drunk last night you thought you force pushed the automatic door open.
  12. (215): View more from Pennsylvania No we are not "bros" because I came out of my moms vagina& you went in there.
  13. 608): View more from Wisconsin I'm at a nursing home getting weed. Lol when times are tough, things tend to get a lil weird
  14. (479): View more from Arkansas Big girls don't cry they get day drunk
  15. +1 Ted and his program are a class act. go gut!! what was the protest? Haven't heard the details just yet. Letting everybody wind down, before getting the scoop. It was a hell of a regatta from what I gather. Big breeze on one of the days, with most boats not flying kites except for Gut and Caminos. I heard they bent the masthead VHF antenna on Gut due to a massive wipeout! yeeehhhhhaaaaaa