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  1. My old buddy the St-Laurent is for sale.

    Maybe I could write you the St-Laurent story. Chapter 1 My father was young, he was spending his summer at their summer chalet at the Lake Magog in the eastern township in Quebec province in Canada. He was a little boy then and his older brothers manage to make a kind of a sailboat with an old motor yacht. They cut a tree, sew some sugar bags together and just go sailing. It was awkward at the least. But one day, my father said he was 6 years old at the beginning of the thirties, he saw a magnificent gaffrig sailboat sailing away in a distance. This event imprint his imagination and he began to dream about this boat. Few years passed. His brothers bought some more decent sailboats. I remember him talking about Interlake and the likes. But always in the back of its mind he was thinking of the dream boat he saw and hope secretly that one day he could have it. Then he got married, did a few children like me. He had the chance to get a summer chalet near his own family at Lake Magog to. So our little family started to spend its summer at the lake beginning in 1960. He was working at Montreal during the week and come back to his family during the weekend. Then one day, he said Christian come with me. We went to North Hatley, a little town on the border of Massawipi lake and there in the little river was the St-Laurent floating quietly without its mast. My father manage to realise his dream and find the boat. It was the St-Laurent. He bought it and brought to Magog lake. I was 6 years old. This event was the seed to my life passion for sailing. Here is the boat in 1960.
  2. My old buddy the St-Laurent is for sale.

    Actually it is $5,900.00 USD
  3. My old buddy the St-Laurent is for sale.

    If only I knew the correct selling price. $8500 is reflecting the like new condition of the boat. Sale price will be the one the buyer will pay for it.
  4. My old buddy the St-Laurent is for sale.

    Thanks Tucky.
  5. My old buddy the St-Laurent is for sale.

    Thanks __________________________
  6. I had this boat for since 1960. She is my old buddy. I had so much fantastic experiences with her. I saved her life a couple of times and I rebuilt her as new in 1986. She was the major cause of the way I lived my life. Because of her I spent thousands of hours sailing. She was the ground for discovers and upgrades from a traditional wooden boat with Egyptian cotton sails to a modern composite construction racer. I completely restored her in mint, like new condition. She is gorgeous in her pure essence and simplicity. (Read nothing to degrade and easy maintenance). Because I want her to live another man's life span. She is fantastic to sail. She moves easily in light air and do high speed planing when it blows. Put a big guy on trapeze and experience the heart the old lady still have. But... I don't sail her anymore. Throughout the years, I built myself have another boat. And she was put to sleep for too long. So now is the time for me to let her go. To find another proud owner to make her live again her sailing life, bringing joy and passion in return to the heart of the new owner. This boat has so much years and life experiences that we can say that she has a soul. She is a living awesome mankind creation. So what next... Some photos: More photos: Photos galeries: Facebook page Sailing Anarchy ad Christian Oh yes... I bought an ad.
  7. Bieker 650

    Your thumbnails are really thumbnails. I mean the photos are really small.
  8. 20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Oups, I guess me and everyone should forget about lauan. Thanks Mr.Donovan for all your inputs. It is very eye opening. I agree with you that using fancy plywood or high quality cedar do not make a cheaper built than foam. I understand your preferences. And of course, the builder using the grp method needs a good building plan for proper foam density and laminating schedule. And you have demonstrated that you know your stuff. I was quite fascinated following your built in this thread. I hope that enough readers will make the jump and buy plans. I would like very much to see the D20 take the same momentum than say the i550. Voilà Christian.
  9. 20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    I am not sure if I can bring this about, but there is a cheap way to built a hull. A cheap and an easy way. Cold molded plywood. No critical laminates. No vacuum needed. Easy to fair. Could be done alone. I built mine this way. I used cheap 3mm (1/8) lauwan or meranti door panels, covered inside outside with 200gr (6 ounces) glass epoxy. Weigth about 30 grs/sqf (1.1 lbs) for 3 layers: 10mm (3/8 inches) It makes a strong and stiff hull resistant to dents and print through. Add to that Mr. Donovan terrific foam and carbon structure designs and you have the best of both world. Voilà Christian.
  10. i550

    No, i mean the shaft/strut, connecting the lead bulp to the hull. ?? The blade internal structure is made of an aluminium plate with one half by six inches steel pieces on each side. The bulb weight 800 pounds and the blade something like 180. Overbuilt but bullet proof. Christian.
  11. i550

    Interesting, so how did you get the foam out of the glass shell...??? You cant say Acetone !!!! Worst, lacquer thinner. Next time, I will cut in half, take out the foam, glue and reglass the 2 parts. Christian Arrghhh... thats ugly Christian, but yearh.. next time make the mould in two parts.... How are you constructing your shaft..? You mean the pipes conducting the melted lead to the mold? They are filleted steel pipes. The loose last section can easily move down to the mold. Christian
  12. i550

    Interesting, so how did you get the foam out of the glass shell...??? You cant say Acetone !!!! Worst, lacquer thinner. Next time, I will cut in half, take out the foam, glue and reglass the 2 parts. Christian
  13. i550

    That's the "lost plug" type method or something like that. I thought the foam plug was left in and vaporized when you hit it with 600 degree lead. anyway, did you have a hollow center for the foil? Or are you bolting up from the bottom into or through the foil? Looks like a nice setup. I especially like the old jack as a support. FYI, a ladle can be found at most plumbing supply places for less then 20 bucks if you want to go that route. Cheers, Kevin. I have 1/4 inches aluminium plate in the center of the foil. I bolted squares to it and to the bulb. I have reshaped the top of the bulb with lead rip. Faired with body putty and epoxy glassed all over. Watertight. Christian