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  1. Auckland Boy

    Team NZ

    Hi all Lost my sky box with AC finals on it. Any links to finals races available? Thanks in Advance, Auckland Boy.
  2. Auckland Boy

    Team NZ

    They can sabotage the flag, but not the boat, petty politics.
  3. Auckland Boy

    Are Orifice Sandbagging?

    ORIFACE need to watch they don't add sandbags with their 'modifications'. I remember in the 1987 AC in Freemantle the NYYS entry did some mods for the final round robins where more points were on offer, it slowed the boat down.They went from 2/3 to abot 6th and missed out on the semis.
  4. Auckland Boy

    Team NZ

    Gilette, the best cyclor you can get.
  5. Auckland Boy

    Oracle Team USA

    Looks like a dog with some of those tacks.
  6. Auckland Boy

    Team NZ

    what time approx? What did he say?
  7. Auckland Boy

    Team NZ

    Which station was he on, ZB?
  8. Auckland Boy

    Live Racing Thread

    He knows the whole family, Jack, Dumb, Thick....