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  1. This past year? Which Island? Which Anchorage? Did the men have uniforms and identify them selves? "Armed men" in the Caribbean is pretty serious. That's the BucketLust bitches... they were down in Belize. Quite frankly I'm surprised they didn't get them disgustingly drunk and laid. The whole Kjartan release has a bit of additional twist to it. He was expat local and obviously has local friends; one of them is a "business man", "B". Remember this is a country where big rollers move about in armoured cash vans as limos, a hit can be bought for $100US and any off-track tourist hotels will have shotgun wielding doormen; I'd look askew at anyone successful in Phillipines. Story I'd heard... B was somewhat upset ("apoplectic" was the term that was used) that someone had the audacity to kidnap a friend of his. B had people on ground, located Kjartan, and started "negotiations" (offered to send the rest of his boys to visit if Kjartan was harmed) within a couple weeks of the whole incident. Level of influence I'm not sure of but Kjartan was the only foreigner to walk away; with out question there was some local politics going on.
  2. Too much stupid. To my understanding, Compulsory communications package, - Iridium phone in grab bag for emergency - Iridium self contained beacon for tracking and "OK" messaging - Iridium phone - Sat-C for safety and backup tracking and weather Except for the beacon, they can pull down weather data at varying speed and cost. RO's expect weather to come via data over Iridium and SI's clearly cover sending weather data via the Sat-C in the event of Iridium issue Everyone has FleetBB because it's a LOT faster data so they can start to do video conferencing, upload HD videos, grab every GRIB is existence, etc. Loss of FleetBB isn't really a huge deal, although jumping to the other thread of sponsorship dollars.... no media coming off the boat anymore.
  3. If you did the maths breaking one foil 20% into the race and having to sail 80% without a foil vs carrying a spare for 200KG but sailing the whole race with 2 foils I reckon the later would win, or you don't have a spare and you haven't broken a foil at all so none of this really matters? 3 scenarios possible. At 200KG how would he move it from one side to the other? You used the words "foiling" and "weight conservation" in the same sentence... This is more relevant for full lift but still applies. Weight conservation is about wetted surface area; these are (semi) foiling boats, wetted surface doesn't apply anymore, ergo, weight no longer matters. I'm doubtful that HB has a spare foil but the logistical argument holds more water than the weight issue for me.
  4. The only way I could see it working.... Patent pending... a foil which rotated in the horizontal plane to lay back beside/inside the boat. You have a hydraulic ram pushing the stump aft which has a pressure sensitive bypass dump so if it strikes anything it would fall back to the hull. Problems.... - Hinge pin which could rip the side of the boat out. - Unable to partially deploy foil (at least with out shifting centre of effort way back) What am I missing?
  5. I'm loving all this conversation of "What? Strike something.... no way.... excuse for a failure". Striking shit is an almost daily occurrence during ocean crossings, especially in the Atlantic. When you're bombing along at 8 knots most of it is meaningless beyond "bump....bump....bump" down the side and some paint damage. A lot of it would still be meaningless at 20 knots but I've seen a container, 30'x3' log, nets (as in a cubic meter of), machinery tyres (as in 6' diameter), an industrial fridge for fecks sake... any of that would happily destruct foils. I'd imagine that the foils are pretty well (fail safe) engineered for horizontal bending loads. The math should be pretty simple... let's impact surface area X into water at a speed of 40 knots... math done. No, the last thing I'm saying is foil design is simple, just loads in the horizontal bending forces are limited... loads in the vertical plane and compression/tension is where things get interesting (ignoring wing side of things). The foils have a fairly obvious ability to rip a decent size hole in the side of the boat, so it follows it's obvious to engineer the foils as a fail safe when it comes to horizontal bends (e.g. hitting shit). The question is how much structure can they put in the hull and cases and as a result where the fail point in the foil is? There's no question that they will hit stuff.
  6. Yes we'll find out how much of a Jackel Armel is as it seems Alex is not short of a speed advantage here and there? Alex has regained a couple of miles on Armel who was closing. Only 13% of the race completed and HB has already broken one record, I am sure the winner will beat the previous record when we are all said and done. All it takes is one catastrophic breakage to change all that for the front runners. Heaven forbid a non french person win this race? Ouch This is what scares me... "To finish first... ". The boat has proven it has the legs, AT's race history is black humour within the team. AT has proved he can send it time and time again; does he extend now and go to tactical in the south? This is what I was looking at yesterday.... I can see a massive fleet split and some big gains for the tail enders who get the St Helena shift timing right.
  7. I hope the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and Australian Navy are in the loop. (and the Kiwis too) The Southern Ocean is a lot of space to cover. And .... the French, see zone marked "Reunion" on your map which covers the early deep south leg. Not only this means that French MRCCs are used to cooperate with their "neighbours" Australia, but if you look at the "Race director" infos on the VG websites,you'll see that the race director has one person in charge of communication with MRCCs along the route and that pre-race coordination has been conducted. Having himself capsized off New-Zealand in a RTW record attempt, you can be sure that the Race Director is taking special interest in this. Thanks for that... very interesting. So French it hurts.
  8. I'm not sure this is a sketchy call and everyone else avoiding him. I think it might be routing and tactics decision. HB is a downwind rocket ship; routing says suffer through a bit more doldrums because it's not as painful for HB as everyone else. On the flip side he's gonna loose his speed advantage but will be heavily windward boat, able to run a bit deeper and have all the decisions to himself for the next couple days. St Helena could be fun, showing it moving well east by the end of the week, be interesting to see what the level of confidence in the modelling is. Could be some big gains for the back runners.
  9. Morning Lab Rats,good points about equipment suppliers remmie but there is no substitute for training in big seas . I know its to early in the race but it will be interesting to see how HB goes upwind with less beam compared to the French wide beamers on the last leg home if they get that far. Sorry, wasn't making performance excuses, was simply highlighting the extent of the Franco/Anglo divide with regards to HB being welcome at La Roch training camps. AT clearly feels that he's better off with a tweaked B&G system than an off-shelf NKE which isn't surprising considering the product gap isn't that big. HB upwind... he's gonna get raped... he knows it and he'll cover cover cover.
  10. First of all HB does not train in Port Le Foret because he is not invited. The offshore school in Port Le Foret is invite only, so much so that not even all the french teams are invited. They train for boat speed, sail handling, and tactics/routing not really for the local weather. HB is faster on some points of sail and that is a fact, because it was designed that way. HB chose to optimize one point of sail and the other teams decided some where in-between. For example his mast is the farthest aft, the J2 attaches very low on the mast and his foils have the most lateral plan, unlike all others that have a large vertical portion. All this means great downwind and reaching performance but we will see that when they have to sail upwind HB will suffer compared to all the other boats. Life is full of compromises... I'm sure that should Alex and HB wish to join the guys sailing/training in PLF they would welcome him with open arms. At the same time, Alex has his own schedule and training program. Keeping his dynamic boat and foil design hidden from the competition might have also given him the edge with the guys; being the 'unknown element'. HBs foils are no secret, he's on 1st gens after the 2nd gens went pop, everyone has been up close and personal with them. HB has always had an ethos of downwind speed, screw overall performance. I spent some time around the team in the lead up to the last edition and it was no secret that "Black/White" was a retired POS good for corporate sailing only, "Black" was a weapon of a boat all rounder, "Grey" was an Exocet downwind. They raced Grey with full knowledge that Black was the better boat because it's a downwind race. Alex was willing to sacrifice the top of the curve to stretch it down lower and believed it's the way to win VG. Based on the options ticked for the new boat doesn't look like that attitude has changed much. At a personal level I'm sure all the boys are friendly but at a national level the VG is a FRENCH race and the world will collapse when a non-Frenchman wins. Best example of this is look at Alex's instruments... B&G. My understanding is it's manufacturer support that's an issue, HB/AT ask for a software tweak or customisation then B&G deliver... NKE drag their feet.
  11. Not so much, only about 30 countries in the past 5 years. If our measure is how threatened and interrogated I personally felt by government enforcement (police, immigration, border protection, what ever)... then yah... America takes prize... Had three dealings with USCG in my travels, again this is superyachts.... First.... boat inspection onboard Dockwise.... blocked them from boarding with raised eyebrows looking at their boots.... "Sorry, we're not allowed to remove them... got any boot socks?" Bang, sorted. Rolled around the boat, ultrasounded shit (bitch please, it's 145' of boat... I want to hide something you ain't finding it) , talked crap at us for an hour trying to make us sweat (ok, that might have worked)... had a coffee, bitched at them I needed rum and told them to move their asses so I could go to bar (promptly blamed immigration for the delay in my rum supply). Nice bunch of guys doing their job, no issue. Everything else.... 2am in the morning... 30 miles from anything remotely close to any national waters (about 300 miles to any US controlled waters), copious ball scratching in progress... "Vessel at position X, this is CG 234...." Me : *snooze* "Vessel at position X, this is CG 234...." Me : STFU, oh wait, that's sort of near me (about 5 miles off but no lights in sight) "CG 234, this is vessel Y at position Z are you calling me?" "Y this is CG234, please advise your intentions" Me: (assumes AIS tracking) "Err, departed port of *blah*, destination *meh*". "Y this is CG234, we are on vessel on your starboard bow, please advise your intentions." Me: looks again, nothing. checks AIS targets, nothing. zoom radar out to 24m scan, pull a target at 16m "CG234 this is Y, errr... you mean 16 miles away from me, 20 green for me?" "Y this is CG234, correct, please advise your intentions..." Me: (staring to pay attention)"Ummm, at the moment maintain course of 285, monitor and alter course to starboard if required...?" (is this an exam?!?!?!) "Y this is CG234, negative we will pass green to green.... green to green." Me: "Umm, no, port to port if required, CG234" "Y this is CG234, we are a US enforcement vessel, we will pass green to green over" Me: "CG234, this is international waters, we are 15 miles apart, I can see no reason for avoidance and if required it WILL be red to red. Out" CG234 passes about 2.5 miles away, promptly 180s on to my ass and sets up a 1 mile shadow. "CG234 this is Y" No response. Try a few times over an hour, no response. Gets to the end of my watch and I'm getting bored.... "CG234, this is Y" No response. "CG234, you know.... stalking is just another way of saying you care." 60 seconds later they 180'ed back to original course. Passing well offshore of GitMo.... we get a cutter with it's RIB launched; both shadowing at about 5 miles... "Y this is CG123. What are your intentions?" "CG123, passing onroute to Cayo Largo, Cuba." "What is your nationality?" "Australian." "Austrian?" (old joke brought to reality, laughed my ass off) "Australian" "What's the nationality of all crew onboard?" "Errr.... Australian, Polish, Thailand, Belgium and German" "What's your passport number?" "Pardon?" "Your passport number sir" "Um, I'm not putting that on VHF, if you can provide a phone number I can confirm as USCG and I'll call it and provide" "Sir, you will provide your passport or you will be boarded" "Sir, you are NOT an immigration officer, but I will volunteer it, just not publicly, furthermore it's international waters and you have no right to board" "Sir, you will be boarded on suspicion of *blah blah blah*" "Sir, the last 20 seconds of the conversation and all further conversation are being recorded" (don't you love replay function on the new VHFs?) Basically this went on for 10 minutes, me asking for a number to call that I can confirm as USCG to provide passport, them threatening to board in international waters, me telling them to go fuck themselves... fucking farcical. Eventually I looked up USCG phone number, called it, spat my dummy at them, reported the USCG vessel, gave them my passport number and told them I wouldn't recognise their authority on international waters and anything further my government or flag state government could contact me on sat phone number (I was pissed off and making it up as I went along). 10 minutes later "Y this is CG123, please ensure you maintain 12 mile safety zone around GitMo during your passage... Out" In both cases, international waters and USCG trying to bully someone when they had no right. Dicks.
  12. AFAIK, we don't know that the exclusion zone was in play (timing), we don't know if SD2 was inside the exclusion zone, and as far as I can find there was nothing official (e.g. NtM or similar) for the exclusion zone. Not saying they shouldn't respect it but I don't think it's as relevant as everyone else seems to. Sorry, this is a confusing word... "constrained" in ColRegs only comes up with regards to draught and that's not in play. A sailing boat is stand by (rather than give way... no such thing as "right of way") for... Not Under Command Restricted Ability to Manoeuvre Engaged in Fishing That's it, and none of that applies to any of this. They shall not impede the (safe) passage of boats using narrow passage or TSS. There's no such thing as commercial status in reference to the rules. Overtaking and conditions (with reference to traffic density and safe speed) is where SD2 went massively wrong; but on the overtaking count, if they're deemed to be overtaking then the RIB is clearly at fault according to the rules. I just about edited that because the context was wrong, what I was trying to say was that if SD2 was overtaking then the speed was irrelevant with regards to the RIB was obliged to maintain course. Overtaking gives way, absolutely. Obligation is on overtaken vessel to maintain course which did NOT happen. No signals required, open water, signals for overtaking only apply to narrow channels. Absolutely. Overseeing authority? I haven't seen anything to suggest VOR have any authority (technicality I know, honour system should be followed), I haven't seen anything that shows SD2 was breaking any of the VOR exclusion "rules" No signal required See comments about restricted area and I'm willing to lay money there was no way that RIB was commercial, not that has an relevance on any of the rules. I'm not saying SD2 isn't in the wrong, and I don't think the 20/80% is accurate, in my mind it's more like 50/50. I'm just completely lost by the people laying the blame at SD2's doorstep and I'm making the point that the RIB has done a hell of a lot of things wrong.
  13. Plenty of room (and meds) on the spaceship so don't be shy... Really? That's all you got? FFS, talk about knife and gun fights (actually scratch that... sticks and stones more than knives). Where would I begin? You have left the door wide open and your arse exposed. Here is just one for starters. How about ColRegs forming only one measure for attributing liability, not the only thing as you bang on about. One of the first questions any one will ask of both parties when assessing risk avoidance/mitigation is "What was the intention behind you being on the water, what steps did you take to mitigate risk and what were you doing up to and at the time of the incident towards fulfilling that intent and mitigating risk?" Need I go on. Hence my comment about differences in decision of maritime v's civil court. Unless you're a French, or more specifically a French lawyer, arguing liability is a bit pointless; it's generally subjective to the state laws (we'll make the assumption both captains and boats were French and we're not getting additional layers here). My point was about international maritime rules. So yes you do, your failure to comprehend the written word does not determine my mental stability.
  14. Go.... http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=166583
  15. Are you fucking shitting me??? I shit you not. All it takes is an NtM? I had an (admittedly) quick superficial look and couldn't see one, hence my comment about the exclusion zone meaning jack shit. No matter which way it rolls I really don't think the exclusion zone really had much to do with it, it comes down to SD's speed (a big mistake) v's a bunch of mistakes by the RIB.