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  1. Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    Will give you a call tomorrow!
  2. Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    Just emailed you!
  3. Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    Who's your dad?
  4. Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    So he works for Ullman? Contact him via the Ullman site? Thanks!
  5. Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    Next on my list. Was hoping maybe to connect with people from there directly.
  6. Looking to race in Sarasota/St. Pete/Tampa

    Hey, thanks! Was down there today. Looking for some other options to investigate as well!
  7. Needing good shoes

    Looking to pick up a new pair of good boat shoes for racing primarily. I often do a lot of bow work so good grip and lightweight is essential. Have mostly used Sperry in the past but anything I have is worn out. Suggestions from any other racers who tend to wear out gear?
  8. New to the area (sort of) and looking to make connections with racers. I have experience on F40s, sleds, sport boats, lots of bow work that. Have sailed Transpac, Cabo, lots of OD fleet racing and PHRF. Any help with introductions would be appreciated.
  9. newbie bowman tips

    I leave the pole on the mast. It's best to keep things hooked up and ready to go as much as possible. While stowing the pole on the shroud, and thus more flush with the deck, may make it easier to get around on the bow, you never know when you need that extra few seconds because Fantasyland decides to have you do the Triple Lindy hoist with a half a boat length to the windward mark. Also, I generally go across the deck either around the front of the mast so I can help the jib around, or I go under the jib so I can skirt it quickly.
  10. newbie bowman tips

    thanks Tyler. I was trying to go over all the procedures *sure* I was missing something that would make clipping them separately a disaster. The last minute gybe set. That'll screw the pooch. I have seen jib sheets with j-locks come undone a few times. Rankles the hell out of the afterguard. We used electrical tape on them to keep 'em closed. Assuming you don't unhook the clews from the sheets/guys...and you shouldn't...you might try that if you're worried about the shackles giving out.
  11. newbie bowman tips

    i can see your point. does having it rigged that way pose any downside other than the inconvenience of having them separate?
  12. newbie bowman tips

    "Seventh buy lots of cheap sunglasses." i could have used that advice several hundred dollars ago. however, Native Eyewear and Smith Eyewear both have lifetime guarantees.
  13. newbie bowman tips

    some very sage advice in here. some additions: 1. GROW REALLY THICK SKIN* 2. you're doing this for fun 3. don't wear cotton from the waist down (except for perhaps your socks) 4. don't wear a hat unless you intend to lose it 5. always buy your mast and pit their first drink...unless they fuck up. then they buy all nite. 6. always keep a few beers squirreled away in the hatch bag 7. when talking to other bowmen or sailors who know more than you (and the best rule of thumb is to give the benefit of the doubt that they all do until they prove themselves shmucks) remember that you have 2 ears and only 1 mouth 8. GROW REALLY THICK SKIN* 9. politely thank anyone who helps rig the bow; then rerig it inconspicuously 10. the more you shut your mouth, the more you learn. the more you learn the better you get. the better you get the more invites come your way. the more invites that come your way the more compliments you receive. the more compliments you receive the more humble you become. the more humble you become the more you shut your mouth. oh yeah, I almost forgot. GROW REALLY THICK SKIN*! *-everyone ~thinks~ they have thick skin. working the bow teaches you how thin it really is, trust me.