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  1. @atoyot, if I could wind back the clock to view the things that initially seemed a bargain to embrace the "total" cost once done and in service I would be very unhappy with myself. I was looking to buy a forklift, and while the temptation to buy a very used one is hard to resist, the math points to a more expensive one being cheaper. Such a hard lesson to learn, and hard to retain. Ooo! Look at this on craigslist!
  2. Windward

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    I know we are chatting about state levels, but here at the local city level the governance is yearly trying to "raid" well managed programs to fill the coffers. How FL has managed to keep their sticky fingers out of a $4B pot is impressive from a certain perspective. So bravo to whomever managed to draft the language to keep the greedy buggers at bay. Just looking for the ray of sunshine here... Carry on.
  3. Windward

    Getting your boat outta there safely...

    Poor @zenmasterfred has apologized upstream in this thread and has been making amends for a few inebriated days now. I think he may be forgiven for the hasty post.
  4. Windward

    rich folk rule?

    Can they order their own private ventilators and personal 24-7 care? I'm thinking yes.
  5. No way to track Google Earth cameras. Hopefully you are not out skimming the pool when the satellite cruises overhead.
  6. Windward


    Tinfoil supplies running low again?
  7. Windward

    The Petri Dish Affect

    No kidding... Could this be where budding knuckleheads get a taste for governance?
  8. Windward


    The Galactic Overlord here at SA who has their finger on the button has way too much on his/her plate to deal with paltry-pesky tech upgrades like this. Radical thoughts like you propose may be punished. I urge caution friend Grrr
  9. Forgive my ignorance... What is this used for? If it is a HAM Radio setup, do you just chat with random folks? Sort of like SA?
  10. Windward

    Covid-19 Impact on Yacht Club Revenue and Financial Stability

    Sometimes that phoenix has the best of intentions, but without new ideas/blood in the governance it slips back into its old feathers and is the same... Best of luck! It will take a firm hand.
  11. Windward

    Viral Economic Depression

    And they drive a Jeep. They get an extra star for that as well.
  12. Windward

    Covid-19 Impact on Yacht Club Revenue and Financial Stability

    Skiing thing? Fancy club that one.
  13. I predict that Goodwill will be overwhelmed by stuff as this winds down. There is a huge pile messing up the garage already. Keeps growing. This is getting out of hand... I need to build a boat seat for the rowboat. Actually, do any of you have any bright ideas for a light weight rowboat seat setup? Fixed. It's just an 8 ft shell at the moment.
  14. Windward


    I like it. Well played indeed. So I liked every upstream post with no problem. Yup... its working.