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  1. Windward


    Not sure that I totally agree, but you have some quite compelling thoughts here... Why on earth do we keep creating more and more of these idiots/scumbags? Can we address the root cause of this epidemic before we as a species have reached the equivalent of "peak oil"? media? Too easy. education system? Ok, perhaps technology? I doubt it. values/morals/ethics? Yes. LONQR indeed.
  2. Windward

    Stuck at SFO all day

    But we don't know if BJ made it to a flight? This is the height of irresponsibility for him to build up this drama all to depart with all the noise of a dandelion fuzz in the wind... I bet his bag of sash weights make it to the destination before he does.
  3. Windward

    Stuck at SFO all day

    So does door closed = departed time? If so, here is your answer. Or at least the root cause of why you were told "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!".
  4. Windward

    Stuck at SFO all day

    Order a North Beach pizza to be delivered? Kidding obviously... Good luck getting in a nap. And the Los Hermanos burritos would be a better idea anyway.
  5. Windward

    Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

    Is congress and senate getting paid/benefits while this is going down? Seems like they shouldn't... nor back pay. They were elected (and paid) to govern. I say that each elected official who is party to this disgrace should be forced to pay for and pack lunches for the coasties. And none of that healthy vegan stuff. Bacon sammies and homemade brownies.
  6. Windward

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I have it on good authority that the sheep is named Lil’Murray.
  7. Windward

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Adds buoyancy Cheaper than teak-holly No pesky corners to bump into during mid afternoon romps with (fill in the blank here, since the stuffed sheep seems to be trying to escape) Won't attract mold as quickly Who doesn't admire furniture with pleating and decorative accoutrements. Built it with pool noodles! Everyone knows that you stuff your hubcaps with tinfoil to fool the cops. Here the headliner is doing double duty. Red color inspires passion Mirror doubles as a disco ball for night time fun. I could go on, but all you naysayers are missing the true genius at work here. I wonder what the safe word is?
  8. Windward

    jerry jone's new boat

    That thing looks large enough for 100 guests. Why so few at 20? Are the staterooms larger than my house? (Probably...)
  9. Windward


    Yes... a stunt. And a poorly executed one as well. Yet here I am paying attention to it! Ack...
  10. Windward

    Happy New Year to all you miserable SOBs!!

    The loose nut behind the wheel in my car causes all my problems/tickets.
  11. Windward

    Hailing ...a Benevolent Moderator Let this be a wakeup call for anyone still using this. Send a postcard to me at my work address at Compuserve if you need any help. Don't forget the stamp.
  12. Windward

    Happy New Year to all you miserable SOBs!!

    Hope it's not the brakes and windshield! I hope it is just a door ding and parking ticket. Best to identify them and get it over with.
  13. Windward

    Happy New Year to all you miserable SOBs!!

    Just another trip around the SA fishbowl. Keep clicking and buying advertiser's stuff. Good things happen when you do.
  14. Windward

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Don't we all subsidize this with every postage stamp on an email?
  15. Windward

    OMG!!! Breaking News!!!

    Alan Rickman as Snape was also really good.