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  1. At least the Germans managed to give Chrysler the up facing paper oil filter element. This is a fabulous system. So simple, no mess.
  2. Windward


    It is in chapter 9. You all will have to wait for the PB book a while longer. Sorry!
  3. Windward


    Seems like it would work great for sinking a narco sub. Drop it over the side at the right moment and done. Of course a large rock or a canon ball would work just as well, and be cheaper, but these poor guys have to work with the tools they have. Budget cuts and all that. Hatchety hammer thingie is for repelling boarders. I thought that was obvious. My only concern is guy with the hatchet is about to fall back into that open hatch. Not safe at all.
  4. Windward

    Pretty Bad Arrm

    Not nearly the level of juvenile trash talk here I was expecting to see.... is this forum growing up?
  5. I'll tender another question... Is there any vehicle that is new enough not to use a carb that is well designed?
  6. Looking at the local dim bulbs on city council, and the yo-yo's who have the time and inclination to participate in local government, I foresee this as a disaster. Seriously, some of the people who want to, and do participate in local government are out of touch completely. In their hearts they are helping and doing the right thing, but wow... some of the ideas, implementation and oversight is staggeringly bad. And what is interesting is that in the aftermath of a botched project, they will admit it was an abject failure, and with a gleam in their eyes they plunge into the next bad idea. The more money to spend the brighter the gleam.
  7. Windward

    Floriduh Man

    Like all "new" things... I hope that once the growing pains go away this sort of thing goes well.
  8. Windward


    Its stupid returns policies that have added to the ruin both personal ethics and small retail profitability. I place the blame squarely on Nordstroms and their awful corporate returns gimmicky schtick that albeit got them what they wanted, but at the cost to our society? Perhaps. Argg... this is such a deeper topic that warrants its own entire thread. I'm not articulating it well here, but think what that 12 yo thinks when it sees its parents using a product and returning it laughing. Not a good thing at all. Think of Amazon... 70% of their stuff is not sold by Amazon. People think they are sticking it to Amazon when they are returning stuff, but Amazon makes money either way. Their merchants, not so much. And lets pile on the environmental cost as well... I order a 500lb dumbell set, decide I don't want it since I can't lift 20lbs... returns are no cost to me, so screw it... back it goes. Amazon won't repackage, so it gets trucked 1000's of miles needlessly. Factory to merchant Merchant to Amazon Redistributed within Amazon Network (gotta try to fulfill the 2 day shipping) Trucked to customer Returned to Amazon Returned to Merchant Reboxed and repackaged and trucked back to Amazon. Rinse repeat. Horrible waste. All Nordstroms fault.
  9. Wasn't there a thread somewhere about automotive engineering insanity? Heater cores are a great example.
  10. Windward

    What's the worst word you can call someone

    a Sailing Anarchist
  11. Windward

    welding broken cast alum spreader base

    Bravo! Cabe guy indeed.
  12. Windward

    welding broken cast alum spreader base

    Yes, for sure, but I'd want to control the repair and process. I'm sure the crane operator has a killer set of tools. ;-)
  13. Windward

    The Two Best Days...

    What chaps my hide is watching folks muck up all my hard work as new owners of my sailboat. Painful it is. I have to walk away convincing myself to be pragmatic, but deep down inside there is always a sharp annoyance. I wish they would change the name at least...
  14. Windward

    Floriduh Man

    China tried a number of bike share solutions. Nobody liked the bikes that have a dock that they have to be returned to. Understandably. They also have the loose ones that are all over the place. love the idea. Sad that humans seem incapable of so much that should be simple. I place the blame on MTV and aqua net.