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  1. Windward

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Well in the killers girlfriends defense it was a really large order at $40. And it got refunded! Is that for one person or two in Florida? I'd say that the headlock and fight was pretty inappropriate. Shooting was not needed either, but that should be obvious.
  2. Windward

    US Postal Service USPS

    Hey @shaggy I think you are mixing up quotes. @Mismoyled Jiblet. didn't type what you seem to have referenced. MJ's disagreement is totally ok, but it is my quote.
  3. Windward

    US Postal Service USPS

    Err.... who in the sticks here was complaining? Seems like the general consensus is that scaling back the delivery days is quite a reasonable option to save money. Do I need the junk mail delivered 6 days a week? No. Do I need Sunday USPS package delivery? No. Perhaps you were looking at people complaining over in PA or elsewhere online? If so, I missed it. Carry on.
  4. Windward

    Stage 4 lock down-Victoria

    Something is wrong with this photo... Got it! Whats up with the door onto the lawn? Fire exit?
  5. Windward

    US Postal Service USPS

    I don't think there would be much support for the elimination of the Post Office. But there seems to be a zillion ways to make it better and more efficient. And not just raise rates. Oh... and since so many of you were kindly inquiring... we did get mail today. All catalogs and junk.
  6. Genius! Huawei is getting back at Canada for that extra long vacation they made princess whatzerface do.
  7. Windward

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Gonna need a bigger boat.
  8. Windward

    LONQR 2

    This is what I was thinking as well. The lower unit isn't even black. Although the lower is pretty large. I'm definitely going with a creative 9hp 2 stroke cobbled into something else. Good fun, and bravo.
  9. Windward

    US Postal Service USPS

    Hey, have any of you stopped getting mail? All of a sudden mail seems to have stopped. Even junk mail. Seems really strange. Yes I know that the USPS is having issues. They have cut overtime and slowing down. Seems really odd to not get ANY junk for 3 delivery days in a row. (no, it is not some "hold" or anything like that) I'm wondering if its like this across the country?
  10. Windward

    Onion Recall - This Shit Makes Me Crazy

    That's not how you do a scandal properly. Or is it?
  11. Windward

    SpaceX edited video?

    Probably manbun guy with camera waltzing around mission control.
  12. Windward

    LONQR 2

    Yes indeed... Mine goofed up badly. Too lazy for a redoo I guess.
  13. Windward

    PAY ME NOW OR PAY ME LATER !! (pick one)

    Did you buy both at the same time? Ambitious goals there Woodie! Have to get to first base at some point in your life. Wishing you the best of success! No photos please.
  14. Windward

    Stage 4 lock down-Victoria

    I hope you do a better job with a lockdown than we tried half halfheartedly here in the US (at least where I live) Socially we were not up to the challenge. Turns out everyone, except for government workers, was "essential". This pretty much ended the experiment.
  15. Windward

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    Were the mango any good?