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  1. Southern Spars ad

    My God I thought I was the only one that absolutely can not stand this frantic, obnoxious, stupid, and totally annoying video production "technique". It is in fact so obnoxious what I refuse to waste my time with it. I immediately hit "close" or "pause" and move on. It's not just used in promo vids, it's also everywhere in major film. For this reason i can no longer watch "action" movies.
  2. Chicago<>Port Huron Super Mac History?

    Found this. It mentions the "Mackinac Island to Sarnia" race. Heritage First Finisher In Mackinac Yacht Race AP Published: July 21, 1981 MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich., July 20— Heritage, a 63-foot yacht, became the first boat to finish the 74th annual Chicago-to-Mackinac Island yacht race, race officials said tonight. Skippered by its owner, Don Wildman of Chicago, Heritage reached Mackinac Island at 9:32 P.M. New York time. The yacht then began to travel the 239-mile course down Lake Huron to Sarnia, Ontario, in the Mackinac Island-to-Sarnia race. Heritage, out of the Chicago Yacht Club, was more than two hours ahead of 25 other yachts, which were expected to reach the island early tomorrow. The yacht completed the 333-mile trip, which began in Chicago on Saturday, in 53 hours 47 minutes.
  3. Chicago<>Port Huron Super Mac History?

    I've done two of the Chicago - Sarnia races. The first was on George and John Uznis' "Hotflash" (Mull 1-ton 27.5 IOR) in 1981. The second was on Bill Martin's "Stars & Stripes" (NM 1-ton 30.5 IOR) in 1983. The '81 race was a fast downwind ride from Mackinac and the '83 race was a drifter (we finished on Thursday). I recall that Martin also did the race in '85 with the IOR 2-ton "Stars & Stripes" but I was not on board. I don't see any mention of the '81 race above. Surely I'm not the only one to remember it.
  4. Bells Beer Bayview Mackinac

    The tranny story I heard starred JU. There's a Woodhouse tranny story?
  5. 2016 Canada's Cup

    '88 it was IOR 1-tons. The next one was MORC 30 footers. Then the F40.
  6. I does say "oops" on the main. Oh my bad, it says "ops". The main will shrink ffs!
  7. Team Vestas grounded

    It happens. A sailor was killed as a result of this famous collision into an underwater "reef".
  8. Team Vestas grounded

    ^^^ The data rate for Iridium is stupid slow and not worth the bother. Like the old analog modem speed. That's why they use Inmarsat.
  9. Rolex Wild Oats XI

    That boat would be a lot faster if it has a wider ass.
  10. ^^^ The only monohulls eligible for Barn Door are those that do not waive RRS 51 or 52. A manually powered keel is still moving ballast and would require a waiver to RRS 51. I guess if a canting keel was pinned in such a way to be "non-movable" then you'd be good. But then again, any boat designed with movable ballast is going to have a sail-plan to take advantage of the enhanced stability and that is going to be a different issue all-together (boat will be really tippy).
  11. ^^^ all the sails in front of the mast will be on furlers...
  12. The RIO mission is Barn Door. Just need max waterline and can't have movable ballast. She's the (potentially) fastest boat in the world now eligible for Barn Door.
  13. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Salad: Yes. I heard she ended up in WA somewhere and apparently still sailing.
  14. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    In the late 70's early 80's the IOR boats mainly were masthead with big kites and small mains. There was a lot of boat underwater and small little pinched sterns. These were the boats that rolled the best. Later on in the 80's most of the boats had much bigger mains and much smaller frac kites. Less boat underwater and wider sterns. These boats rolled much less, but they still rolled! Choking the sheet down near the chainplates helped with the rolling, but you could never really completely control the tendency. I remember one Cowes Week going downwind in a blow on a Frers 55 with the helmsman going lock to lock on the wheel for over 30 minutes before the boat wiped out in a spectacular Chinese jybe. A guy in the back of the boat nearly bit his tongue in half when the runner block came flying around and hit him in the face!
  15. Some of my old sailing photos 2

    The poles were high off the deck because if they were any lower they'ed be dragging in the water as the boat rolled downwind! I saw a few poles that broke and one that took a mast down when the pole and kite went in the water to windward.