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  1. ... and had a steering wheel ...
  2. the Burns Dovell has been sold to Adelaide, as i understand it
  3. DanimalNZ

    Relevance of T870s

    yeah - i recall that blue one also, was the name "Wot if", or something ?
  4. DanimalNZ

    transport across AU

    cheers guys
  5. DanimalNZ

    transport across AU

    36 ft, but the beam is a touch over 3.5 It sucks trying to buy on the west when the real market is east
  6. DanimalNZ

    Relevance of T870s

    If any one knows where Wot if is (of the owner), can they pm me, if a t870 is going I could be keen, thanks and cheers
  7. DanimalNZ

    transport across AU

    Hi dreardom - sounds good, please PM with dets, Cheers d
  8. DanimalNZ

    transport across AU

    Hi all, Has any one had a good experience transporting (keel) boats from Melb to Perth? Any good companies worth contacting first? Cheers, Dan
  9. DanimalNZ

    Any y88s in perth

    I know not a sprtbt, but sprtbt peeps seem to be more street Any Y88s in WA at all?
  10. DanimalNZ

    Relevance of T870s

  11. DanimalNZ

    Relevance of T870s

    Awesome Any word on where Wot If is now? Was for sale a while back, but then not. Anyone know if it got sold, or was it taken off the market?
  12. DanimalNZ

    Relevance of T870s

    Been a while since i've seen any discussion of the T870s. How are these going these days - still relevant? i see a T850 for sale in NZ (Waka), the cool T980 for sale in Vic.
  13. So, does the Explore Group own all of the ETNZ AC hulls sitting in wynard quarter? Or are some just being stored?
  14. DanimalNZ

    Cooksons contact?

    Does any one have a friendly contact at Cooksons I can get in touch with? Been trying on their office number and emails with no joy. Thanks and cheers Dnz
  15. DanimalNZ

    Yacht surveyor in Netherlands

    Wow - thanks heaps for the info - much appreciated and a good heads-up. cheers guys NZd