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  1. Rumbulls

    Do you trust Barr?

    So yes... Let's prosecute the POTUS for being pissed off about a 2yr investigation that found no coordination/collusion.... DERP Sounds like a good practice.
  2. Rumbulls

    Do you trust Barr?

    He specifically stated redacted.
  3. Rumbulls

    Do you trust Barr? an opinion piece of course, but an opinion I agree with....
  4. Rumbulls

    Do you trust Barr?

    Oye… what a shit show over nothing. 2yr investigation for nothing. Every post wasted on nothing. It really fires up those who believed in the big spaghetti monster, called collusion. All the hot air. What time are your therapist appointments today?
  5. Rumbulls

    Puerto Rico

    Living waaaay down upon a Suwanee River, you must not think it is important to read the study that everyone is talking about.... and just go off of media consumption and "Trump is a liar" mantra…. Let's just hope one day you'll understand that it is wise to read the source of the information, not the opinions of the source.
  6. Rumbulls

    Puerto Rico

    Read the study. your list of excuses don't apply. Puerto Rico's disaster plan was outdated to the tune of only being ready for a cat 1 hurricane. Being governed by a liberal... you'd think public safety would have been a top priority. (that and the fact they are geologically located in a hurricane highway)
  7. Rumbulls

    Puerto Rico

    So the Jones Act prevented Puerto Rico's government from having a competent disaster relief plan? it prevented the Government from having a proper death certification program? Did you read the study? It's pretty harsh on the Puerto Rico government planning and backs up FEMA's position on the relief efforts.
  8. Rumbulls

    Puerto Rico

    I'm not sure how the Jones act applies the lack of planning by the Puerto Rico government... but please continue.
  9. Rumbulls

    Puerto Rico

    The actual 'study'. It's apparent that most of you have NOT read it. I suggest you do. Facts are... (according to the report) Puerto Rico's government fail at: Death certificate procedures (which explains the FEMA funeral issues), Severely outdated emergency plans or lack there of, and had a poor infrastructure to begin with. To use the federal response as a political sword is sickening. To use an estimated number as ACTUAL and then call the POTUS a liar for saying the number is lower is... well... using deaths for political gain. Fact is, Puerto Rico's government failed in every aspect and their lack of planning and coordination of disaster relief is to blame (if there is one) for any and all deaths. FEMA is a clean up crew... when there is NO state/local government to assist... it's gonna suck. That's a fact.
  10. Rumbulls

    Random Pic of my Fareast 23R

    sexy! Race against any melges yet?
  11. Rumbulls

    Another Fox News Sex Scandal?
  12. Rumbulls

    Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    "them" as in using a church as a podium for political reasons? Oye... it's 10 to 5... not enough time. Maybe on Monday.
  13. Rumbulls

    Roy Moore 3rd rail?

    By all means. There are plenty of those types on both sides.
  14. Rumbulls

    Next up. Matt Lauer

    Is it common for those in power to have a button under the desk that locks the door?