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  1. Sailing the Mississippi

    OP is only providing general naval architecture advice and boatbuilding (remote) guidance at this point. Sailing/rowing/drifting will be up to others (including obviously neutral Swiss guys). As we are so far advanced by now and the departure date is nigh, I'll light the fuse on this one: Recycled Mississippi Facebook page
  2. US 577 and US 578 from the same moulds. Seems like Rolland designs have bad luck: #628
  3. Vendee Globe 2016?

    That's what I read. *cough* [/GermanMode]
  4. Boaty McBoatface

    Subsea vehicle onboard will be called a Boaty McBoatface instead. https://gcaptain.com/boaty-mcboatface-given-real-name-but-will-still-be-forever-known-as-boaty-mcboatface/
  5. 3D Printers...

    And then there's this one: https://markforged.com/mark-two/ Prints carbon fiber. You want it.
  6. un-&uck a forespar whisker pole

    I have a feeling you have German ancestors.
  7. un-&uck a forespar whisker pole

    Simple solution.
  8. whose quote? sounds clever. InNeedOfSomeRestraint's signature.
  9. Water in Rudder

    More serious answer: After the split in the trailing edge simply drilling a hole and letting it dry won't fix the water issue, at all. That's a major job. The core itself will have soaked up water and holds it even if dried out this way, then back in the water condensation and redistribution processes in the rudder will make it look like it took on more water again. It's most likely that it just never dried out fully again.
  10. Water in Rudder

    There, fixed it. Boatbuilder's reply to a serious question: No.
  11. New Mini 650 class rules

    Even #598 could become lighter
  12. Oregon coast in a sixty foot daysailor?

    "Solo's not here Man." Captain Solo should not be celebrated. http://www.zambiawatchdog.com/captain-solo-should-not-be-celebrated/
  13. New Mini 650 class rules

    Built in 1997 -> Won the MT. Mod in 1999 Bottom tanks (2 x 110l), new daggerboard, new boom and new daggerboard well. -> Won the MT. 1st to 10th place in any race entered between 1999 and 2004. 5th in MT 2005 Mod 2005/2006 New rotating mast, new floatation foam, elliptic track swing keel (extends when canted), optimized with the help of the University of Nantes. > This is probably what kept her majorly fast after the new generations of boats dropped. Also, Adrien Hardy is a damn good sailor. 1st in Les Sables - Azores - Les Sables 2006 6th in MT 2007 -> After dropping his rig and putting it back up again all in 12 hours. 27th in MT 2009 4th in Les Sables - Azores - Les Sables 2010 12th in MT 2011 Mod 2014 Banque Populaire foil test platform
  14. New Mini 650 class rules

    It very much is. And was for sale for "negotiable price" in "new configuration" last year. Still going strong: http://histoiredeshalfs.com/Histoire%20des%20Minis/198.htm