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  1. I think the first time was KZ-7 working with Kookaburra 3 in Fremantle. Michael Fay said something about ANZAC blood being thicker than water........
  2. Nope, that's the first Kookaburra, KA-11
  3. Worth saving Lexcens last 12 meters

    Thats Challenge 12 isn't it.
  4. Worth saving Lexcens last 12 meters

    Australia IV was about 45'6" on the waterline and had virtually no "bow bustle" or chin at the forward end of the waterline, I think nearly every other 12 did. She also had a large amount of tumblehome for more stability. If you look at recent pictures (when she is red) you can also see a strange upward curve in the sheer line at the aft measurement point near the transom which was not there when she was first built. I think the transom was bent up to shorten the measured "L" so she could carry more sail area. I believe Fremantle was a bit less windy in November than expected.
  5. Boat Design - What Would Watson Do?

    This just does my head in....
  6. Worth saving Lexcens last 12 meters

    It only takes one, if its the right one.
  7. Worth saving Lexcens last 12 meters

    If we rescue them without sailing them is it worth the effort? The way I see it is you need a goal, a target to work towards. I cant see too many people interested in getting the boats home just to sit in an Australian yard somewhere. If you have a proper goal like say the 2019 worlds it would be easier to attract backers. It would make a great story. Imagine Australia III, the 1986 world champion forgotten about for thirty years, rotting away in Miri, rescued and brought home, (cue montage music) refurbished, repainted with the boxing kangaroo on her bow, and off to take on the world at the 2019 12 meter world championships. Aussies love this stuff! There must be people out there who still remember 1983 with enough fondness to want to do it again. Seriously, someone like the late Bob Oatley, or maybe Dick Smith, or Gina Rinehart would like to be involved???
  8. Worth saving Lexcens last 12 meters

    I have been exploring the options to get one of the boats ready for the worlds in 2019. I've been trying to get any information on Australia III but had no luck yet. Someone bought the plans to her in the Americas cup auction last year. Hopefully they read this post!
  9. There were drawings for Aus3 and Aus4 sold in the auction. Did anyone on here buy them or know who did? I'm trying to get hold of as much information on these two boats as possible. Thanks
  10. Australia III & IV

    Thanks Jim So does anyone have contacts in that part of the world who might know who the owner is? Munners
  11. Australia III & IV

    The Googles seem to say "yes" https://www.google.com/maps/place/Miri+Marina/@4.3840549,113.9707112,136m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x6a7dcb869c5c1d62!8m2!3d4.3842598!4d113.9714009?hl=en Still very red as of 2012: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Miri+Marina/@4.3851179,113.970441,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1s-2sVgqG2wWe4%2FUNlYR5zuNdI%2FAAAAAAAACYo%2FvmBuD3ZvFj4WWb_i1OsJB33HL6oBt7Z8wCJkC!2e4!3e12!6s%2F%2Flh6.googleusercontent.com%2F-2sVgqG2wWe4%2FUNlYR5zuNdI%2FAAAAAAAACYo%2FvmBuD3ZvFj4WWb_i1OsJB33HL6oBt7Z8wCJkC%2Fs203-k-no%2F!7i2048!8i1366!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x6a7dcb869c5c1d62!8m2!3d4.3842598!4d113.9714009!6m1!1e1?hl=en Also found from a report in 2005: Thanks Matt but that's the problem. All the info I can find is at least 5 years old, they might have been chopped up last week! I was hoping there is someone local(ish) that can give an update. Its a long way to go just to visit an empty marina! Munners
  12. Australia III & IV

    I guess most people on here have seen the pictures of Australia III and Australia IV painted red and rotting away in Miri marina in Borneo. Does any body know if they are still there? And if they are, does anyone have contact details or at least a name of the current owner? Thanks Munners
  13. never fuckin' mind - the cartoon edition

    Ma, I nudged him and nudged him but he did not move...
  14. South Australia Restoration page https://12mryacht.wordpress.com/restoration/