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  1. Chuck D.

    Is it ok to call Republicans facists now?

    LOL. You're still a piss-poor excuse of a troll.
  2. Chuck D.

    Anyone wanna take a shot...

    Mueller closing in ?
  3. Chuck D.

    Republican Suicide

    bwah hah hah ha ha ha
  4. Chuck D.

    Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts

    That's what you got from that indictment? That 'telling the truth is a crime'? Damn dude, you really are a ways round the bend, ain't ya? I'll give you this, you are nothing if not consistent. And I have to compliment you because you've really helped me to spot specious crap and would-be arguments that are going nowhere alot quicker than I used to. You've made me something of an expert in dealing with horseshit to the point where I not only make it look easy, it actually IS easy.
  5. Chuck D.

    Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts

    Putting aside the fact that aborted fetuses are not born, most people feel it the responsibility of parents to rear their children, not the government. But this thread is about the selling of body parts. Try to keep up. So Nannygoat, since the thread is about selling body parts, what did the Grand Jury indict about, the selling of body parts? "But mainly you used the grand jury to indict people," Wolfe wrote, "and in the famous phrase of Sol Wachtler, chief judge of the State Court of Appeals, a grand jury would 'indict a ham sandwich,' if that's what you wanted."Nov 25, 2014 Still a pretty interesting outcome you'd have to admit, given their job was determine if PP was the ham sandwich, not the fuckstiks who, it appears, broke some federal laws in the course of running their smear campaign. No? Damned liberal juries, I guess.
  6. Chuck D.

    Planned Parenthood Selling Body Parts

    Whoops. Not to rub your nose in it yet again...but you and your Nanny got taken again. Hook line and sinker. Keep spreading the Malarkey and catapulting the propaganda. The Team needs you! Yeah, not to rub Dog's nose in his shit, but, uh, Dog, you're kind of a dummy.
  7. Chuck D.

    Hillary being a cunt on gun control

    When stupid PA threads co-mingle: Linky
  8. Well, you're the expert on that subject, so I'll defer to your superior knowledge.
  9. This, coming from someone who preaches hatred of anyone on the left. Happy Jack is, without question, psychotic. It is a complete disconnect with the reality of one's behavior, the likes of which I have never seen. He is stone cold fuck nuts. Damn dude, I thought you figured that out about 10 years ago. No?
  10. The photo is edited. Makes you wonder what, if any, part of that pic is real, dontit? Note: not saying Jack is a disingenuous cunt whose statements can't be believed, because, well, everybody already knows that.
  11. Chuck D.

    Workforce participation rate

    It will only become relevant if a republican becomes president. Then all the forgotten issues of the MSM will become grave concerns. Homeless, starving children, the misery index and people that are so down they have given up. Hell we will probably see stories about seniors that admit to living on cat food. All are set to make a comeback if the GOP has the audacity to win the presidency. Well sure, but only because if that were to happen the economy will get sent down the shitter so that those who were privatizing the profits can socialize the losses, and the misery index etc actually does reach new heights. You seem to think its all optics. It ain't. Republicans are bad for the economy. Fact.
  12. Chuck D.

    Sorry Kimmy You're a Idiot

    No, in the case of comparing the two, you got nothing. There is no lawsuit filed to ask a court to force anyone to act, and no court order forcing anyone to act. All there is, is your false equivalence. If you wish for it to be equivalent, file suit, and get an order compelling action. Otherwise, you are barking up the wrong tree. Again. I support compelling local officials to respect federal law. Do you? Of course. Mine do. If they didn't, I would weigh the cost/benefits of trying to compel them to do so. I support the effort to compel the Clerk in KY to follow the law. All you need is to find someone with standing to sue, and a gofundme page to bankroll their efforts. Go for it. Until then, you are left with nothing but a false equivalence and an effort to change the subject. Good... we are on the same page. Yep, we all are. The one where sol handed you your hat and showed you the door.
  13. Chuck D.

    Sorry Kimmy You're a Idiot

    Wow. Dat biatch ain't nuthin but a dirty ho.
  14. Chuck D.

    Sorry Kimmy You're a Idiot

    Seriously? I don't think you quite understand the 1st amendment (specifically the bit about respecting the establishment of a religion) as it relates to THOSE WHO WORK FOR THE GOVERNMENT.