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  1. Anyone wanna take a shot...

    Mueller closing in ?
  2. You're going to need a new excuse to live in denial ...
  3. Donnie is Ready For His Apology Tour on Day One

    Holy hell, what an idiot. The f'ing Serbs were absolute villains in those conflicts.
  4. I see only one way forward for Trump.

    Naw, man, all y'all just need to tweak your pre-processing algorithm a bit. Should be fine.
  5. It Could've Been Allergies

    Hey BJ, was the IP address in Russia by any chance?
  6. Trump Polling Third

    So much for unskewing the polls ... http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/08/14/breitbartgravis-poll-hillary-clinton-leads-donald-trump-42-to-37/
  7. Admit it. You all suspected this.

    If Trump has taught us anything, it's that the facts don't matter so much as what we think 'is going on'. I think you're a liar. Therefore, you are a liar. Suck it.
  8. 270toWin Maps! Show us yours!

    His 'big ego' is a reflection of his tiny spirit. He's more likely than not to bail before his brand becomes nothing more than "the biggest loser in modern memory."
  9. Admit it. You all suspected this.

    What, HappyJackOff be deliberately deceptive? Wow, I don't think anyone around here ever suspected that.
  10. How you ask? They'll only be flying by night, natch.
  11. Time for Americans to rally around Johnson

    Libertarians: Republicans who want to smoke pot and don't have a good understanding of economics.
  12. 2016 HJ Poll Average Begins Now

    What are we seeing here? In short, this ...
  13. 2016 HJ Poll Average Begins Now

    When the argument is lost, change the subject, eh JackWagon?
  14. LOL. So much stupid, so little time. Aside from the most obvious nonsense in this post (such as, that you believe you can divine the intentions of an entire electorate and distill it to that steaming pile of idiocy), that you would pick 'guilt' as a THE reason seems to me to be the same sort of nonsensical projection that the soon-to-be-loser is trying to catapult with his 'Hillary is unhinged' malarkey. God love you, dude, at least you're consistent.